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Just for kicks, here’s a video Jimmy’s wife Christine shot of one of our disc golf rounds.  We’ve managed to squeeze in at least four rounds per day, five rounds on most the days.  If Mark Sisson is correct about the health benefits of enthusiastic play, Jimmy and I may both live forever after this week.

My knee is holding up quite well.  I started wearing a brace as a precaution on the second day, but other than a little stiffness in my legs when I wake up, the six miles or so we’ve been walking every day hasn’t caused any pain.

It’s Saturday morning as I write, the Moores are leaving town tomorrow, and Jimmy will pretty much have to win every round today to bypass me in the victory column.  That explains why I detect a steely look in his eyes.

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2 thoughts on “Fat Head Open Video

  1. Nina

    Completely off topic, but Denmark has just abolished its fat tax. Yeah!

    Sanity prevails for a change.

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