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Pardon the absence.  I was gone for a few days to attend The Older Brother’s Oldest Son’s wedding, but mostly I’ve been busy working on this:

If you share my sentiments about the bed-wetters, please pass it around.  The song is also available on iTunes and Apple Music.

The wedding was in Illinois, so the wedding party was limited to 50 people.  How’s this for bed-wetter logic?  The outdoor facility could have legally hosted two weddings with 50 people per tent, but they weren’t allowed to split a single wedding party with 100 people into two tents.  So The Oldest Son and his fiancee had to tell dozens of people not to attend.  Welcome to Bed-Wetter Land, otherwise known as America in 2020.

Bed-wetter issues aside, it was a lovely outdoor wedding and reception.  It was nice to see people happily sharing a bar, a dining area and a dance floor without wearing masks.  I tweeted about that, and of course the bed-wetters jumped in to tell me how irresponsible the event was.

Yeah, I guess the three doctors attending the wedding should have warned us about our suicidal behavior … but they were too busy enjoying themselves.

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40 thoughts on “Corona Bed-Wetters Song

      1. Firebird7479

        The episode with Sam Neil as the doctor with the dog fetish is great. I also loved the story line where Cleaver runs for office just to defeat his own sister with no platform whatsoever… and wins.

        If you’re into Aussie TV, Dr. Blake Mysteries, 800 Words, Harrow and Packed to the Rafters are excellent viewing.

        1. Tom Naughton Post author

          I loved the one where he got into a fight with a guy who pushed the WALK button after Cleaver had already pressed it. Don’t know why, but it annoys the hell out of me when people do that.

          I’ll write those down. I’ve watched Wentworth, Secret City, and a few other Aussie series. Good stuff.

          1. JillOz

            Tom, if you’d like a fun series about two best buddies with NO politics, watch the Aussie comedy series Rosehaven. Delightful and good fun.
            Stars several stand up comedians in the title roles and elsewhere.

          2. Firebird7479

            The traffic light storyline is incredible. Richard Roxburgh reminds me of Simon Baker, another Aussie actor (The Mentalist).

            They do TV right down there. I think the daughters will enjoy 800 Words and Packed to the Rafters.

  1. mrfreddy

    I’ve tried unsubscribing several times but I keep getting Bed Wetter emails. Could you fix that please?

    1. Bret

      Mrfreddy, set up an auto delete filter in your email. You can search it on YouTube if you don’t know how.

      Welcome to year 2020.

  2. Dianne

    Thanks, Tom. This whole situation is frustrating as all get-out, but you might as well laugh — it beats banging your head against a wall.

    Mind you, I know the virus is very serious for some people As an almost-78-year-old with a mild heart condition, I’m careful — I wear a mask in public (I do that for others, and hope they’ll do it for me), I haven’t had a hug since March, and I haven’t eaten in a restaurant or attended mass in about the same amount of time. But why should so many people lose their livelihoods, and so many children be denied classroom schooling, and so many healthy people be denied church attendance, because I’m somewhat vulnerable? I’m a big girl with fairly good sense. And, as I say, I’m also nearly 78 years of age. If normal precautions can’t keep me safe, well — something’s gonna get me sooner or later, and I don’t want everybody around me to stop living on my account.

    1. Tom Naughton Post author

      Glad you chimed in. I suspect (and certainly hope) a lot of people in your situation feel likewise. My mom died last spring at age 84 of a stroke. Given her age, she was worried about COVID, but I can promise if anyone had suggested destroying the livelihoods of working adults and turning her grandchildren and great-grandchildren into stressed, mask-wearing germaphobes to slightly reduce her chances of being exposed to the virus, she would have uttered some choice words in response.

    2. JillOz

      My immune system is not great so I try to be careful too.
      But to shut down society for a stupid virus?
      Negates the entire history of human ingenuity doesn’t it?

      Sadly there’s a more poisonous agenda at play.

    3. Kathy in OK

      ” If normal precautions can’t keep me safe, well — something’s gonna get me sooner or later, and I don’t want everybody around me to stop living on my account.”

      My sentiments exactly and I’m just short of 73.

      1. Tom Naughton Post author

        Since the median age of people dying “with COVID” is north of 80, you’d think the media would show interviews with people in that age group, asking them if they want us to shut down the world so they can possibly live an extra year or two. If that happened, I suspect most of the octogenarians would share your viewpoint.

        1. JillOz

          In Australia, a lady of 100 (or 101) years of age caught Covid and recovered very well. It was on the news ONCE!

  3. j

    Tom, this authoritarianism has the chance of continuing or at least repeating itself in the future if we continue behaving like children.
    What do I mean?
    When children are told to do something they don’t like, they may get angry or complain. But in the end, they will comply because they’re afraid of the potential consequences.

    This would all end very quickly if everyone or mostly everyone grew up and stopped complying.

    1. Tom Naughton Post author

      Yup. The cure is massive civil disobedience. On a positive note, I recently went to our local grocery store, which of course has a “masks required” sign posted on the doors. For the first time, I noticed that perhaps a third of the customer weren’t wearing them and nobody was saying anything.

    2. Bret

      This ordeal has made me much more disdainful & contemptuous of my fellow citizens than the elites in the govt & media.

      The rich & powerful always have an incentive to abuse the lay public. That doesn’t mean we have to tolerate it. But millions of citizens exhibit no impulse to question what they are told. If some news goon calls it “expert advice,” then it is unquestionable godspeak.

      This is a huge problem for out future, & I can only hope our people are learning broader lessons as this virus panic narrative continues to crumble.

      1. Tom Naughton Post author

        The big surprise for me is seeing the number of low-carbers who fully understand how the government lied (or at least was hugely mistaken) on saturated fats, grains, salt, statins, sunscreens, etc., … oh, but we should believe everything the government tells us about lockdowns and masks.

  4. Firebird7479

    From their Twitter page:

    By mid-October, only six U.S. counties reported being COVID-free. This week, as the virus rages toward a third peak, with new infections concentrated in the Midwest and upwards of 50,000 cases a day nationwide, that number shrunk to four.

    “Rages”? “Third Peak”?

    And King Murphy is telling us to limit Thanksgiving activities:

    1. Tom Naughton Post author

      A virus that’s sooooo awful, most people who test positive don’t even know they have it … and it’s “raging.” That’s our modern media.

        1. Lori Miller

          We have a member in Dr. Davis’s Inner Circle group who lives in Pennsylvania and goes to West Virginia for lab tests. It has nothing to do with coronavirus–you can’t get lab tests on your own in PA.

          I see Gov. Whitmer has been smacked down twice now by the Michigan Supreme Court.

  5. Bret

    Bravo on the video, Tom. I literally LOL’d at Great Great Great Great Grandma’s 300th birthday party, haha.

    (Sorry if this is a duplicate; my browser spun for a long time on 1st attempt, & I assumed it didn’t go through)

  6. James

    Great video Tom! You should have had a lyric about how having crowds is bad, unless your message is something the left-wing, the mainstream media, and the anointed, but I repeat myself, agree with.

  7. tony grenier

    great video….at least something made me smile today….i’ll bet it was more difficult/time consuming to make, than you thought….didn’t know you could sing too…

    1. Tom Naughton Post author

      A full music video is a lot of work, but the tools these days are awesome.

      I wrote and sang the closing theme songs for Fat Head and Fat Head Kids.

  8. Firebird7479

    I just heard that Newark, NJ is heading into a lockdown starting tomorrow. The problem is, nobody wants to go to Newark. The issue is getting out!

    Yeah…the masks and the lockdowns worked so well the first time. The Anointed jilted lovers who just won’t let the relationship die.

    1. Bret

      Looking at NJ’s covid data via Google, there has been a clear uptick in daily “cases” (with all the necessary caveats) since the beginning of September. Switching over to daily deaths, the chart is TOTALLY FLAT.

      ****Note to the technologically impaired: to see this info, you just go to Google and search “[location] covid stats” (inserting the name of a country or US state in lieu of [location] — e.g. “arizona covid stats”)****

      I sampled several other random US states. Some followed the exact same scenario. The rest showed DECREASES in the daily death rate.

      In several randomly sampled European countries (UK, Germany, Spain, France, Italy), you see a large, obvious increase in “cases” starting around mid-July/early August, with daily death rate barely ticking up at all relative to the size of the case increase ——– after three months.

      Interestingly, both New York (state) and the nation of Sweden still have stubbornly flat daily death rates — not only flat, but virtually zero.

      And yet, in spite of this obvious good news (lots of people are “popping positive” but hardly anyone is dying), we have millions of braindead excuses for citizens running for their plastic bubbles at the direction of their Democrat governors & mayors.

      I still cannot fathom how, in this age of ubiquitous information at our fingertips, we are still plagued with so many useless specimens who are content to get their information (& opinions) from fearmonger tabloids, rather than looking at some data themselves & applying even the most superficial layer of critical thinking. What in the HELL is wrong with us?

  9. Deb

    Thanks for the song and the smile, Tom! I echo what others have said about this. And mask-wearing is not only counterproductive, but unfortunately, a political ploy to get citizens to incrementally give up their rights for the sake of fear. I am one of those “vulnerable” ones due to a health condition, but feel more death and damage aredone by mask mandates and lockdowns (depression, suicide) than would be caused by the virus at this point.

    1. Tom Naughton Post author

      Agreed. I think the mask mandates are largely about keeping people frightened until the billion-dollar vaccine comes along.

  10. Jerica

    If this was the project you mentioned, didn’t see it until after my last comment. ROFL I am sharing EVERYWHERE.

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