Cameron J. English Reviews ‘Fat Head Kids’

Last month I was a guest on the Cameron J. English podcast show.  We of course talked about the book, but I don’t believe Cameron had a copy at the time.

He has a copy now, and he wrote a review that provides an excellent summary of the book, both the content and the tone.  Here’s a quote:

The quality I like most about this book is that the Naughtons don’t condescend to their young audience. To be sure, there are colorful graphics and helpful characters (like Mr. Spot and Dr. Fishbones, the science officer and medical officer of the Nautilus, respectively) who help make the subject of the book more comprehensible. But as a science writer, I say without hesitation that the nutrition and food chemistry covered in Fat Head Kids is more comprehensive than anything you’d read in a typical New York Times editorial about obesity–or even many undergraduate nutrition textbooks.

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4 thoughts on “Cameron J. English Reviews ‘Fat Head Kids’

  1. Firebird7478

    I printed out the book’s page on Amazon and gave it to my osteopathic physician yesterday. I explained to her the background of the book and that Fat Head is available on YouTube and Netflix. She’s going to look into it and perhaps put a copy in her waiting room.

    1. Tom Naughton Post author

      That would be very cool. Osteopaths seem more open to the idea that the standard advice is wrong.

      1. Firebird7478

        I had to explain to her a bit about the movie. She wondered why your rules were different than Spurlock’s. I suggested she watch the movie to learn more.

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