Another podcast about the book for kids: I was recently interviewed on the Cameron J. English podcast show.

Cameron writes blog posts and does podcasts about science, public policy and politics.  He’s a very bright and well-read guy with libertarian leanings, so of course I’m a fan of his work.

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  1. Jeffrey says:

    Really good conversation with Cameron. And of course, all about FatHead!!

  2. Firebird7478 says:

    The only issue I had with Sisson selling his products is that some of them contained ingredients that were not paleo. He may have changed the formula but I recall his protein powders (which our ancestors did not drink) contained malto-dextrin. I found that to be a little shady.

    • Tom Naughton says:

      I don’t recall seeing malto-dextrin in the bars we got recently.

      • Firebird7478 says:

        I’m going back a couple of years. I think a few people made comment of that and they changed the formula.

      • Bob Niland says:

        re: I don’t recall seeing malto-dextrin in the bars we got recently.

        I don’t ever recall seeing maltodextrin in the PK bars (never tried the powder). Some bars might have a bit of honey, but that’s about it for sugars. As far as I can tell, they are the most benign bars on the market. Even Westman’s have an emulsifier.

        In other news, our copy of FHK arrived; looks great. Did all the pop culture allusions pass peer review with your resident target-age focus group?

  3. Firebird7478 says:

    You were talking about Wisdom of Crowds — My 18 year old nephew is heading off to college this fall. He’s played ice hockey most of his life and even then, though skinny as a rail, noticed he started to get a little puffy around the middle recently. He finally took up weight training and has become serious about his eating habits. I took him to ShopRite to teach him about “good” shopping. I frequent this particular store and as we were going through the produce section I saw for the first time freshly made zoodles and riced cauliflower.

    It is picking up.

    Also, Walmart finally added Halo Top Ice Cream for appx. $1.50 cheaper than the competitors.

  4. Watsong says:

    Dear Tom,

    I was wondering whether you would be able to offer any advice on vegetable consumption, based on the pages found on “NutraWiki”.

    Their page, here, writes in favour of saturated fat:

    A quote: “It is now understood that saturated fats do not create high cholesterol, do not contribute to heart disease, are not cancer-causing, do not draw from the body’s reserves of antioxidants, and do not clog arteries.”

    But against it here:

    A quote: “The American Heart Association recommends aiming for a dietary pattern that achieves 5% to 6% of calories from saturated fat. That means, for example, if you need about 2,000 calories a day, no more than 120 of them should come from saturated fats. That’s about 13 grams of saturated fats a day.”

    So I read this page here, and certain parts of it made me unsure about leafy vegetable consumption. How much should such vegetables be part of a diet?:

    Quotes: “Vegetable cellulose is a kind of fiber, […] you can’t digest it, and it contains no calories.”
    “You may experience side effects such as gas, bloating and diarrhea when you consume too much cellulose…”
    “Without sufficient fluids, high amounts of cellulose may block your intestine.”

    Thank you for any response that you are able to offer.

    • Tom Naughton says:

      The American Heart Association advice is nonsense, of course. It was never based on real science, and now they can’t back away from it without embarrassing themselves.

      I think it’s unlikely you’ll overdo the cellulose from eating green and colorful vegetables. I think they’re important in the diet because we need the micronutrients.

  5. JillOz says:

    Well, here is the Australian heart Foundation’s “advice” re grains – 4 to 6 serves a day! – right above a notice for a women’s heart disease conference!

    Sounds about right!

  6. anonymous says:

    I don’t like Cameron’s site. It relays way too much on javascript. Too much fanfare. I can’t listen to any audio or read any post without disabling my beloved (very beloved) noscript. That’s not usable at all!
    Man, I just don’t get Internet these days. Everything is so clean that you cannot interact with it. It feels like they don’t want you to read their web pages. I miss the old days of plain html and news groups. I’m definitely getting too old for this stuff.
    I love your site, Tom. So nifty. Good ol’ rss never fails.

    • Tom Naughton says:

      I just use a WordPress template because my limited experience with web programming convinced me I don’t want to be a web programmer.

    • Thomas E. says:

      I contacted Cameron. He is trying to hit critical mass and get his podcast into the iTunes and other podcast ecosystems.

      You can hear his podcasts at

      As far as web-monkey work, that is what my wife has done for over 20 years now. It is funny, I’ve helped her when she has gotten into some interesting database stuff in wordpress and one or 2 other places. It was kinda funny, I am a real-time/embedded/embedded Linux programmer, so I was like how do I create a thread here, how do I do all of these high level java-script/wordpress things, and she was how to do I do the data base stuff.

      At the end of the day, programming is programming, and if you understand how OS/Languages work, you can figure out anything, but, it is whether you want to make the investment to figure out the various new higher level bits 😀

    • Cameron says:

      You might try downloading the Soundcloud app, which should make listening easier. Thomas is right, though, I’m going through some growing pains as I prepare to submit the podcast to outlets like iTunes and Spotify.

      Thanks for listening despite the trouble.

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