Weekend Bonus: Jimmy Moore Is Real

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Jimmy Moore and his wife Christine attended a wedding in Nashville this weekend and spent Friday and Saturday nights at our house in Franklin.  It was hard to believe it’s the first time I’ve met Jimmy in person.  For nearly two years now, I’ve listened to his podcasts and read his blog.  We’ve spoken on the phone, exchanged a lot of emails, and made a few connections for each other.  He, of course, has also seen Fat Head, interviewed me for a podcast, and reads my blog.

Consequently, it felt more like a meeting of old friends than a first get-together.  Jimmy and Christine are both intelligent, affable people, and we enjoyed their company very much.  The only downside is that I’m reasonably sure Jimmy drove home this morning with a few bruises, courtesy of my daughters jumping on him.

In an earlier post, I promised my readers I’d check Jimmy’s pulse to make sure he’s real.  After all, this is a guy with a family history of heart disease who lives on a very high-fat diet and refuses to take statins for his high cholesterol, but recently scored a zero on a calcium test.  According to those who worship at the altar of the Lipid Hypothesis, he’s not supposed to exist.  Or as his doctor put it when reading the results, “That’s not possible.”

It is possible.  My careful lab tests, conducted in our kitchen, provide conclusive evidence that Jimmy is human and doing quite well, thank you.

The Wedding Crashers?

The Wedding Crashers?

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7 thoughts on “Weekend Bonus: Jimmy Moore Is Real

  1. Jimmy Moore


    Thank you for opening your home to us this weekend. You have a beautiful family and we were so privileged to spend time with you guys this weekend. I can honestly say that you were exactly as I imagined you to be…and that’s a good thing. I look forward to seeing you again on the low-carb cruise to the Bahamas in March. Bring it! 😀

    We were delighted to have you and Christine come by, Jimmy. Stop in any ol’ time. Maybe the Vols will win next time we watch.

  2. ethyl d

    His name doesn’t sound like it, but Jimmy Moore must be French, oui? Isn’t he a paradox the doctors can’t explain?

    He must have some French blood. I wasn’t sure how to do that test while still being a good host.

  3. Susan

    Yay! I love these pictures! Thanks for confirming the life status of Mr. Moore for the rest of us. 😛

    It was in the interest of science.

  4. Dr.LaTino

    lol, wow, that’s amazing material. His face during the kitchen “heart check” – priceless. Hopefully he’s not too injured by your daughters. =P XD

    By the way, I’ve been meaning to ask both of you (fat eaters) a question for a bit now: what types of fat do you recommend eating in one sitting. I usually have digestive problems so I can’t tell whether mixing certain fats in one meal hurts me or not – it’s all the same hurt in my stomach -. Would you, for example, say having 1 tbsp of Olive oil, 1 tbsp of butter, and 1 tbsp of Coconut oil together would give us problems?

    I mix them within a meal all the time, doesn’t seem to have any negative effects. The only thing I’ve noticed is that big load of coconut oil can mean I’m going to spend some time catching up on my reading pretty soon.

  5. Maxx

    >He must have some French blood. I wasn’t sure how to do that test while still being a good host.

    Shoot off some fireworks. If he surrenders, he’s French.

  6. Matt R.

    It’s great to see you both together in the same room. I enjoy your blogs and hope to one day make it aboard Jimmy’s cruise.

    I hope you make it someday too. This will be my first.

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