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I seem to be one of the few paleo/low-carb filmmakers who didn’t use crowd funding to cover the expenses ahead of time. For both Fat Head and Fat Head Kids, I was a crowd of one, doing as much of the work myself as possible and paying the production costs myself as they came up.

Well, maybe I should have thought that one through a little better …

We recently had some late and unexpected bills show up for Fat Head Kids. I was sitting there grinding my teeth and thinking, Damnit, I should have started a GoFundMe campaign to cover stuff like this when we were working on the film.… and then I thought, Well, who says I can’t start one after the fact?

So do me a favor and think of it as the official campaign to get Fat Head Kids produced — only the guy in charge was disorganized and filed the paperwork very, very late. Let’s hope he doesn’t do that with his taxes.

Here’s the donation page.


If you enjoy my posts, please consider a small donation to the Fat Head Kids GoFundMe campaign.

5 thoughts on “Go Fund Me

  1. Dianne

    Tom, I tried clicking on your regular “donate” button, which has worked for me before using PayPal, but it isn’t working now. Will that be fixed soon?

    1. Tom Naughton Post author

      Didn’t know it wasn’t working. I’ll check it.

      I pasted in a new PayPal button. Works for me in IE and Safari, but I’m still getting an error if I try it in Firefox.

  2. Dianne

    Thanks Tom — it worked. I’m on a desk-top computer, using Google, but not Chrome — the older one.

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