On The Serious Growth Podcast with Leo Costa, Jr.

I was recently a guest on the Serious Growth Podcast with Leo Costa, Jr.  It was one of the most enjoyable conversations I’ve had in a long time.  I’m pretty sure if we lived near each other, we’d be good friends and hang out together.  We talked about diets and Fat Head, of course, but also comedy, being good vs. being perfect, life in general, etc.

The audio version is here.

The YouTube version (which allows you to see my bald glowing under my studio light) is below.

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5 thoughts on “On The Serious Growth Podcast with Leo Costa, Jr.

  1. Firebird7479

    Not for Naughton…but I just love the idea that I can click “Watch Later” on your website then turn on my TV and watch this on my Roku or Fire Stick.

  2. Firebird7479

    Good talk. I actually purchased on of Leo Costa’s books on Bulgarian weight lifting way back in 1990. Mauro DiPasquale is sort of a legend in bodybuilding circles and one of my regrets was not buying in to what he was selling back then.

  3. Bret

    Downloaded it this morning. Looking forward to listening on my next drive to work!

    Off topic, Tom I have to thank you for introducing Mike Malaska & Shawn Clement. I have filled up my Watch Later queue with their videos and am reentering my golf obsession.

    I am grateful for the traditional titans like David Leadbetter and think their advice is still valuable, but as you mentioned they tend to overemphasize details and lose the forest for the trees. Without the big picture, you can’t put those details into play. Clement & Malaska do a fantastic job of putting the right emphasis on the big picture.

    1. Tom Naughton Post author

      I’m not sure you should thank me for reigniting your golf obsession. But once obsessed, Clement and Malaska are absolute gems as far as I’m concerned. Thinking in terms of a task instead of trying to manipulate body parts has led to a huge improvement in my case.

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