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It’s been ages since I posted a viewer email.  This one arrived yesterday and relates in part to a recent post, so here it is:


Hey Tom,

Just wanted to write you a thank you for the things you do. You have helped me and my family.

I recently bought Fat Head Kids, mainly for myself (I’m a 28 year old dad with two daughters) and the advice has really helped! I’ve been losing weight, I feel better and I definitely look better!

That’s not all though. Not even close. I have lived my whole life with awful eczema, asthma, and lactose intolerance. My eczema can get so bad it has lead to depression in the past, something I’m not prone to. I once had it so bad that when I would turn my neck the skin would crack and bleed. The few times it’s improved is when I’ve been in tropical climates for awhile, but unfortunately I live in a dry desert.

While switching my diet didn’t heal it, it remarkably improved a ton! In fact I had a bit of breaded chicken from the store the other day and almost immediately my skin flared up. I couldn’t believe I never noticed this before! I think it’s a combination of getting rid of polyunsaturated fats as well as grains. I’ve gotten rid of just grains and sugars before but never had this improvement. I think the fats are a big difference.

I wanted to share an experience with you though. Years ago I lived in Mexico for a little while. My family is from Sweden so I have rather fair skin. In fact when I first moved to Mexico the locals called me “transparent” as a nickname because they said I definitely wasn’t white.

Anyway, I spent most of my time outside in Mexico and eating with the Mexican people. To my surprise I never burned, not once, my skin was at its best but I attributed that to the climate.

Most of my meals there were soups with chicken legs, or cow stomach, also beef, fruits, vegetables. The only thing we had often that wouldn’t be allowed with my current diet is of course the corn tortillas. Almost all food was cooked in lard from a local butcher shop.

When I moved back to the states I can remember thinking “Oh good my skin doesn’t burn now that I’m older” and being in for a nasty surprise when my first summer back I ended up completely sunburned. I was stunned, why was the Mexican sun so different?

Well, I recently read your post on sunscreen and now it makes sense. This summer since switching my diet I no longer burn. I can’t believe it was this easy. You honestly have probably saved me from skin cancer.

I’m still looking at ways to improve my health. I’ll likely follow the Undoctored protocol after reading your recent posts on that. I wonder if that is a big part of my eczema.

But I just wanted to say thanks, I never realized my body and life in turn could be so great.

Hope you’re having a good day on your farm.



So glad to hear your eczema has improved, Nils. I’ve been in the Tennessee summer sun for two-hour stretches several times recently without turning red at all, so yes, I believe consuming natural fats makes a huge difference.

I’d definitely give the Undoctored protocol a shot. My recent experiences have reminded me that if the gut microbiome is messed up, all kind of health problems can flare up.

I’m also glad to hear you bought Fat Head Kids for yourself as much as for your kids. We’ve had several adults tells us they learned quite a bit from it.  Best to you and your family.


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10 thoughts on “Letters From Viewers

  1. Don

    I have spent a great deal of time in the sun this year, more than I have in years.
    No burns whatsoever. Also my wife, who is very fair skinned and usually burns, is actually getting a tan this year. So there is definitely something to this. There are probably contributing factors, as I’ve read lycopene and Omega 3s help. Also we’ve been taking vitamin d regularly.

    1. Tom Naughton Post author

      Now that you mention it, I didn’t take vitamin D back in the day when I burned more easily either.

      1. Firebird7479

        I’ve been going for walks during peak sun hours. I cannot get color on me for the life of me. Not as dark as I use to. I’ve even gone to a local park and laid out on a towel in the middle of a soccer field for 1/2 hour with no results. Years ago, that would have had me burnt and peeling.

      2. Cameron Hidalgo

        Now I am curious about our ancestors’ consumption of vitamin D versus modern day. Especially for the lighter skinned portions of the world.

        1. Tom Naughton Post author

          Our ancestors ran around half-naked for a good portion of the year and would have gotten their vitamin D the old-fashioned way. Lighter skin was of course an adaptation to moving farther from the equator.

  2. Dianne

    I suspect that for every Nils who writes to you, there are dozens who do not but who still appreciate what you’ve done for them. You’ve changed my whole way of viewing food and nutrition, and I’m much the better off for it. Many thanks.

  3. Morten Andersson




    In 12,8 million Korean adults, total cholesterol between 210 and 250 is best for longevity:

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