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A couple of years ago, the girls became interested in trapeze and aerial silks. They began taking lessons at Expression City in nearby Brentwood.  Sara eventually lost interest, but Alana stuck with it, which makes me happy because it’s good exercise. (Sara prefers lifting weights at the gym with Dad.)

After driving the girls to classes for more than a year, Chareva decided what the heck, maybe she’d take some classes herself. She eventually signed up for aerial silks, trapeze and something called a lyra – a big hoop.

She’s talked about her classes, but I didn’t have much of a clue what kind of routines she was practicing. I just noticed her arm and back muscles, which were already pretty well-defined, became more defined and a bit bigger as well.

The school puts on two showcases per year, and a couple of weeks ago I finally got to see what Chareva has been doing in those classes. Pardon me for bragging on my wife, but I was more than a little impressed with her strength and agility. (I was also a little scared, because I don’t like heights and the performances are up high. Please don’t fall please don’t fall please don’t fall …)

Chareva is 46 years old — the oldest student in her classes. She’s doing some of these routines with women who are decades younger. Yes, it helps that she inherited jock genes from her father. But we’ve all seen people who inherited jock genes become schlubs by age 40 because of bad lifestyle choices. Chareva has kept herself in shape by eating well, working on the farm, and hitting the gym with me.

Anyway, here’s a sample of the three routines she performed at the showcase:

Alana had two impressive performances as well, but being a full-fledged teenager, she doesn’t want the world watching her on video. Maybe next year.

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26 thoughts on “Cirque du Chareva


    Holy moly! I didn’t realize Chareva was younger than my oldest kiddo! That’s my first reaction….but the second is: WOW. What a great job she did and I can tell she was really enjoying it a lot.

    To Chareva: “hang” in there…you are doing great and obviously it’s not hurting you any! Tom, clearly you have good reason to be proud! Would love to see Alana’s performance too. Maybe eventually she’ll be more comfortable with letting people see her.

  2. Nicola Liddicoat

    Hats thrown in the air and thunderous applause. Fantastic performance and thanks for sharing.

  3. Kathy from Maine

    GEEZUM CROW!!!!! So beautiful! And strong and powerful! And then there’s me, who gets winded DRIVING more than a block.

    1. Tom Naughton Post author

      I’m not that easily winded, but I sure couldn’t pull myself up on those silks.

  4. DebC

    Whoa, that is awesome! I remember, as a teenage, climbing up a rope to the gym ceiling, some 20-30 feet up in the air, and thinking nothing much of it, but of course I was young and immortal back then. Now, even if I were fit enough to attempt something like this you would NEVER get me up there, Kudos to Chareva.

    1. Tom Naughton Post author

      I couldn’t climb the rope in gym class as a kid, much less haul myself up a silk now.

    1. Tom Naughton Post author

      I’m afraid anyone who’s seen me attempt to dance can attest to the truth of that remark.

  5. Stephen T

    Blimey, I’m giving up grains!

    Remarkable. Chareva has every right to be proud of an athletic and elegant performance.

  6. Jason K

    Greetings Tom,

    All I can say is…WOW!…what a performance. I watched it 4 times all the way through. Your wife’s thighs are meaty haunches of goodness. Her core ab muscles look tighter than a snare drum. That and a cute lil’ pancake butt to go along with it 😛 ok ok i’ll stop now Tom, let me just tell you though that you are one LUCKY man!


  7. Elenor

    My first, middle, and last thoughts were: WOWOWOWOW!! and Chareva is SO much more graceful than the kids! I know it’s typical teen awkwardness for them — but no old-lady (sorry Chareva! Just by comparison) awkwardness or stiffness from your wife!


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