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I was recently a guest on The Adventures of Keto Woman podcast with Daisy Brackenhall — a woman with a lovely English accent who lives in France.  (Perhaps it’s easier to get good butter there.)

We had great time talking about Fat Head Kids, wacky Wikipedia editors, the origin of Fat Head pizza, and dealing with naysayers.  You can listen to the episode here.  I love the cartoon graphics Daisy uses for her episodes, by the way:


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14 thoughts on “On The Adventures Of Keto Woman Podcast

    1. Tom Naughton Post author

      When I was in high school, there were commercials on TV showing French chefs switching to margarine because there’s “no difference” (heavy French accent) in the flavor. I assume real people in France don’t agree.

    2. chris c

      I get President butter (French) in the UK and alternate between that, Kerrygold (from Ireland) and Anchor which used to be from New Zealand but is now from western England.

      I wonder if these will still be available after Brexit.

      1. EST

        Ireland won’t be affected by Brexit, as it’s a separate country and has shown no intention of leaving the EU anytime soon.

      2. Stephen T

        My local supermarket is in a poorer part of the UK and has at least ten quality butters on sale. English, Scottish, Irish, French — take your pick. I buy goat’s butter from a local farm. I’ve noticed that margerine is in decline and people seem to know that it’s chemical rubbish.

        I’m not losing any sleep about Brexit. I think the Irish might still want to sell us their butter and much else.

    1. Tom Naughton Post author

      I don’t any criticisms seriously when they come from a woman whose methods have been shown to permanently damage the metabolisms of the poor suckers who tried them.

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