On The WTF (What The Fat) Podcast With Dr. Ryan Lowery

The fun part of appearing on all these podcasts is that each interviewer asks different questions.

Anyway, I was recently a guest on the WTF (What The Fat) show with Dr. Ryan Lowery.  Love the title he chose for the episode: If I’d Known This, My Whole Life Would Have Been Different.

That is, of course, the message in Fat Head Kids:

Too late for me to go back and be a lean and healthy kid, but you can make that choice now, my young friend.  Here’s what you need to know …

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6 thoughts on “On The WTF (What The Fat) Podcast With Dr. Ryan Lowery

  1. Firebird7478

    Listening to this reminds me of my grandmother. Tiny, Lithuanian born, lived in a row home in Philadelphia. Grew her own vegetables in a garden in the back yard of that home (you could mow the lawn with a weed whacker). Use egg shells and coffee grinds for fertilizer.

    What she didn’t eat off the vine, she canned, which makes me shutter when people in the LCHF, KETO community frown upon canned vegetables.

  2. Walter

    “Now for something completely different.” was how Rocky announced an upcoming commercial.

    The thing I remember best was a commercial for Cheerios with Bulwinkle J Moose as Casey at the bat. He struck out, but the narrator saying “But Cheerios didn’t let our hero down; they gave him strength and energy to get him out of town.” With Casey being chased by an irate mob of bettors on the home team.

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