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I was recently a guest on the Decoding Superhuman podcast with Boomer Anderson.  Boomer asked great questions and obviously watched Fat Head Kids before the interview.

You can listen to the episode here.  Check out the other episodes as well.  Boomer has had some terrific guests, and I know from my experience he’s an excellent interviewer.

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6 thoughts on “On The Decoding Superhuman Podcast

  1. Walter

    The other trouble with BMI is that many people not tagged with obesity by BMI have metabolic syndrome. In fact the majority of people with metabolic syndrome have BMI in the non obesity zone.

    This is serious because while obese people know they have a problem those non obese people with metabolic syndrome are told they are fine, until they are not.

  2. ben

    Regarding avoiding fruits due to the fructose.. It sounds like you are interested in science, but perhaps just as dogmatic as those you are against.. just on the another team.

    For example, I don’t think anyone says that a sugar diet is ideal.. however, the notion that fructose is another boogyman is the same kind of scare tactics that you says vegans do with meat.

    Dr. Robert Lustig is probably the most recognized name in popularizing that fructose is uniquely harmful.. this post is as close as it gets to an honest debate!

    In general, I tend to agree with less black-and-white approaches.. the nutrition diva is a good example
    https://www.quickanddirtytips.com/health-fitness/healthy-eating/are-some-fruits-more-fattening-than-others (see 8m8s)

    1. Tom Naughton Post author

      I’m not opposed to eating whole fruits. I’m opposed to squeezing out the juice and dumping a big load of fructose into the system that our bodies weren’t designed to handle, exactly as the Nutrition Diva believes. A glass of orange juice contains as much fructose ounce per ounce as a Coca-Cola.

      I also don’t think it’s a good idea to load up on fruits that were specifically bred to minimize the fiber content and increase the fructose. Those are not the fruits our ancestors consumed.

      1. chris c

        Yes like most everything it’s a J curve/U curve, some is good, or at least not bad, until you cross that threshold, then it’s a disaster. Ask my glucometer what happens with a “diabetic breakfast” of a bowl of oatmeal with lowfat milk and a banana, a slice of toast with low fat spread and no-sugar-added marmalade and a glass of no-sugar-added orange juice. I kid you not, that was in my leaflet, sponsored by Takeda. I can get away with blueberries or strawberries in the evening, with clotted cream, ground flaxseed and brandy, or the occasional half an apple. Generally fruit are not my friend, especially not the ones I used to like, bananas and melons and especially not orange juice.

        Will be interesting to see how “nondiabetics” do with fruit and fruit juice when they use a CGM, that would be a game changer

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