On The Livin’ La Vida Low Carb Show … And Two Others

Happy 2019.  I hope you all had a pleasant end-of-the-year break.  I spent much of my break relaxing, watching football and nipping at the bottle of single-malt Irish whiskey I received from my in-laws.  Since I live much of my life in slightly-too-busy mode, I was happy to decompress for a while.  Now I’m ready to return to normal life and normal dietary habits.

While I was on vacation, a few podcast interviews I’d recorded earlier were released:

On The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore, we of course talked about the Fat Head Kids film, and the book as well.

Waaaay back in December, I was a guest on The Keto Lifestyle podcast with Jessica Tye.  Jessica has kids herself, so diet and health for youngsters is a topic near and dear to her heart.

Also back in December, I was a guest on The Fitness Confidential podcast with Vinnie Tortorich.  Vinnie just finished post-production on his upcoming documentary Fat, so he hadn’t yet seen Fat Head Kids when we conducted the interview.  (I’ve lived through post-production twice now.  It’s a pedal-to-the-metal process.)  But as always, talking with Vinnie was way big fun.  He’s a take-no-prisoners sort of guy.



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17 thoughts on “On The Livin’ La Vida Low Carb Show … And Two Others

  1. Firebird7478

    “…nipping at the bottle of single-malt Irish whiskey I received from my in-laws. ”

    There are so many schools of thought on alcohol on a low carb/keto diet. The Carnivores all but dismiss it. Some flat out call it poison. Others see no harm in a shot or glass of wine on even a daily basis. Maybe there is a blog in that somewhere down the line.

    1. Tom Naughton Post author

      I won’t try to argue that alcohol is good for us. Maybe a little is, maybe not. But as I’ve said many times, I’m not a purist … or as we put in the Fat Head Kids book and film, it’s perfectly good to be good instead of perfect. I sincerely doubt I cause myself any lasting damage with my end-of-the-year indulgence in some laziness and single-malt whiskey.

      1. Walter

        RE: Vinnie’s interview

        People guessed high on the calories from fast food. Perhaps posting the calories might lead them to eat more?! It would be the way it works.

      1. Firebird7478

        Says who? There are plenty of studies that show the medicinal value of alcoholic beverages. A friend of mine drinks 4 oz. of red wine per night. 55 years old. No health issues. BF% under 10%.

        Another friend, a nutritionist and personal trainer, 58, drinks a shot of whiskey or bourbon every night before bed. No health problems (just got a clean bill of health from his doctor), 155-160 lbs. (maintained that weight range for almost 40 yrs.), 7% BF. He’s in better shape than men half his age.

        He’s LCHF but says the same thing about LCHF/KETO/Carnivores that he says about vegans — there are some that are so regimented in their belief system that it hasn’t become a way of life but a religion and just refuse to see beyond what they’ve been led to believe. There are a lot of people who drink alcohol who are low carb and do fine.

        1. chris c

          Yes I suspect like most things it’s a U curve or J curve. I have a glass or two of red wine with my meal most (but not all) evenings, preferably Chilean Carmenere or Argentinian Malbec and I’m still alive. I even had brandy on my small portion of Christmas pudding with clotted cream and ground flaxseed and survived. Six pints of beer a night, probably not.

          1. Cameron Hidalgo

            I think its about 12 grams of alcohol per standard unit. So 4 servings of wine to match the carbs in a bagel.

  2. Jeanne Shepard

    A bit off topic, but I was wondering, are you still doing the Slow Burn program for strength?

    1. Tom Naughton Post author

      Still doing that, yes. I do compound exercises on the machines on the gym: rowing machine, leg press, chest press, tricep dip. I gave up the curl machine after the bicep surgery last year. Not worth risking ripping the re-attached tendon from the bone.

  3. Ulfric Douglas

    This rang a bell with me ;
    “Now I’m ready to return to normal life and normal dietary habits.”
    I might even restrict my awful boozing to weekends!
    I agree with Walter that alcohol is/seems to be as bad as sugar and taking too much of it certainly wrecks the potential benefits of my eating habits.

    1. Tom Naughton Post author

      Hard to say. Too much of anything is toxic. Is a glass of wine per day as bad for health as a can of Coke per day? I suspect not, but certainly have no data on the matter.

      1. Cameron Hidalgo

        I’ve said the same thing about cigarettes. I hold that the 1 can of soda is worse than 1 cigarette. Its just that most soda drinkers don’t drink 20-40 cans a day. And those that do, usually show the standard symptoms of metabolic disorder, IE obesity.

    1. Tom Naughton Post author

      Jonathan Haidt’s comment pretty much says it all. It’s a sad time for academia when only the “correct” ideas can be expressed without fear of being mobbed.

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