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I may have to watch Multiplicity again to see if I should clone myself … although I remember something about never making a copy of a copy.

Anyway … yeah, it’s that crazy-busy time of year again.  I love autumn, but the occasions come at us so quickly … Chareva’s birthday, fall break from school for the girls, Halloween, Sara’s birthday, my birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas.  Now toss in working full time.  Now toss in being responsible for the girls, the dogs and chickens for a few days while Chareva was out of town at a Peace Corps reunion.  Now toss in writing a new and improved version of my Diet, Health and the Wisdom of Crowds speech, which I’ll be delivering at the Weston A. Price annual conference in Baltimore in just over three weeks.

So I haven’t had much time for posting.  However, I was a guest recently on the Wise Traditions podcast, which was hosted by Hilda Labrada Gore, otherwise known as Holistic Hilda.  It was kind of a preview talk about my upcoming speech.  You can listen to the episode here.



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8 thoughts on “On The Wise Traditions Podcast

  1. Firebird7478

    Like you, I didn’t see the contrary evidence at the time, either. I have quoted and mentioned Vince Gironda several times here. Back in the 80s and early 90s, I would read his articles and browse through his books and thought the guy was off his rocker. He was recommending steak, eggs, heavy cream, butter for fat loss! At the time, some of his clients were top notch bodybuilders and movie stars (He trained Carl Weathers in preparation for the “Rocky” movies). He was getting tremendous results and had for decades but a lot of us could not get past the recommendations and see those results when he was right all along.

  2. Galina Lebedev

    Tom, you are getting a wider audience. I also tried to make my contribution to your fame 🙂 . The first chapter is translated by me and published now in Russian language on my blog and recommended for attention to the whole FB group where I am one of admins. There are nearly 12 000 people there. I recommended to buy the book in English for the children who learn English.

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