Speaking At The 2018 Wise Traditions Conference

I’ll be giving the keynote address at the 2018 Wise Traditions Conference put on by the Weston A. Price Foundation.  The conference takes place November 16-19 in at the Baltimore Hilton in (surprise) Baltimore.

As you know, Sally Fallon Morell, the president of WAP, appeared in Fat Head.  I was a novice filmmaker when I got in touch with her, and she didn’t know me from Adam.  But she and Dr. Mary Enig were very accommodating and spent an entire day talking to me on camera.

Sally recently wrote a nice review of Fat Head Kids, which is probably why she thought to invite me to speak.  Whatever the reason, I’m delighted.

I’ll be giving a new and improved version of my speech Diet, Health and the Wisdom of Crowds.  After all, the Weston A. Price Foundation is all about the dietary wisdom that was gathered over the generations.

For information about the conference, you can visit their Facebook page or the official website.


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18 thoughts on “Speaking At The 2018 Wise Traditions Conference

  1. Kathy in OK

    I’m a serious home-body and only travel when family demands it, but if I could afford it, I’d be all over this event. Can’t wait for the new and improved version of your Wisdom of Crowds presentation and anything you’re able to pass on from all the other presenters. Will you be there all three days? So many smart people in one place!

  2. Elenor


    You’ve been climbing upstream against this river of garbage for a looooong time! And here’s an island of like-minds where you can rest and recreate! (Even if it does leave the wee-chickies in someone else’s hands for a week?)


  3. Desmond

    You may have to wear a disguise for this but… Vaccaro’s in Little Italy (about a mile from the Hilton) offers an all-you-can-eat dessert and coffee special Monday’s from 6pm–9pm for $20. Once won’t kill you. The other days you can enjoy the low-carb king of Baltimore… the Chesapeake blue crab!

    1. Tom Naughton Post author

      Fortunately, I’m never tempted by desserts. Haven’t had a sweet tooth since I was a teen.

      1. Desmond

        I don’t have a sweet tooth either, and most desserts fall into my “no interest category,” but cannoli from an old-school Italian bakery are an exception. Particularly paired with great coffee. ☕

        1. Tom Naughton Post author

          Hmmm, probably best not to try it for the same reason I never tried cocaine: I’m afraid I’d like it.

          1. Walter

            I had a friend who blew his left brain out with cocaine, by stroke. Not that pretty, not that pretty at all. This, of course left him paralyzed on his right side which was his dominate side.

            Apparently it’s protocol to test you for cocaine if you present with a stoke. Just saying.

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