Let The Games Continue, Day Three

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Sorry for the slow replies to comments.  Our internet has been off-and-on (mostly off) for several days.  The cable guy will be here tomorrow to check it out.

Jimmy and I both had errands to run today, plus it was beastly hot, so we only got in three rounds.  But the good news is, he finally beat me.  Now that he’s crossed that hurdle, I predict he’ll do it again without waiting another 13 rounds.

11:00 AM
Tom: -6
Jimmy: -2
Christine: even par

3:00 PM
Tom: -9
Jimmy: -2

8:00 PM
Jimmy: -4
Tom: -3
Christine: -1

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2 thoughts on “Let The Games Continue, Day Three

  1. Merlin

    You guys have inspired us! We decided to celebrate Canada Day by going diac golfing for the first time at the new course in town. Very enjoyable, even in the windy conditions.

    1. Tom Naughton Post author

      It’s a great game for casual players. Learning to hit a golf ball in the air can take a long time, but pretty much anyone who ever owned a Frisbee can throw a disc right away.

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