Let The Games Continue – Day Two

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Tough loss for Jimmy.  The forecast is for rain all day, so we accepted that we’d get wet and went out to play.

I have an advantage on windy days.  I tend to throw line drives with a mostly-flat trajectory that isn’t affected too much by wind.  Jimmy throws high drives that curve left then right, and the wind can knock those shots in crazy directions.

On the other hand, Jimmy has an advantage in the rain.  I throw backhand, which means most of my grip pressure is on top of the disc — which of course is catching raindrops even as I wind up.  If I grip a wet disc normally, it squirts out to the left.  If I grip it hard enough to prevent that from happening, I lose a lot of distance.  Jimmy throws sidearm, so most of his grip pressure is on underside of the disc, protected from raindrops.  (The picture below is from yesterday, when it wasn’t raining.)

So after 12 holes, as my drives were landing short or squirting off left, he was up -3 to even par.  Then the rain stopped, and my drives picked up steam.  I ran off five birdies over the last six holes.  I had warned Jimmy I was going to make an Arnold-Palmer-style dramatic comeback, but I thought I was kidding.

10:45 AM
Tom: -5
Jimmy -3

12:15 PM
Tom: -9
Jimmy: even par

2:00 PM
Tom: -5
Jimmy: -3
Christine: -1

4:40 PM
Tom: -5
Jimmy: -1

6:30 PM
Tom: -7
Jimmy: -2

(For the record, I’m rooting for Jimmy to have a put-it-all-together round and beat me.  But since he’s a man with some pride, I’m under orders not to throw anything but my best shots out there.)

8:15 PM
Tom: -6
Jimmy -3

The forecast was wrong.  It didn’t rain all day.  In fact, we only played one round in the rain, and the sun was out for part of the afternoon.

Jimmy and I have played 12 rounds including the practice round, which means we’ve both walked 12 miles so far.


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8 thoughts on “Let The Games Continue – Day Two

  1. B35

    Good game. Looks like you are really proficient at the game we all know as disc golf. Ever made a hole in one?

  2. B35

    Good game. Looks like you are really proficient at the game we all know as disc golf. Ever made a hole in one?

    1. Tom Naughton Post author

      I’ve made three, on three different holes, but never with a witness.

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