Nashville Fat Head Event

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I know from comments and mailing addresses on the DVDs we send out that we have readers in the Nashville area, so I thought I’d announce an upcoming local event in case any of you want to attend.

On Thursday, March 7th, a Nashville-area group called Liberty on the Rocks will be showing Fat Head at the Green Hills library.  I’ll be there for a Q & A afterwards.  I believe the plan is to head out for dinner and drinks after the event.

Here’s the information online if you want to attend.

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6 thoughts on “Nashville Fat Head Event

  1. Denise Graja

    Will YOU be going out for dinner and drinks afterwards, or just the presenters and attendees? How far does Jimmy Moore live from you? Can we get him there too!?

    I’ll definitely be going out afterwards and hanging around with the group. Jimmy lives about a seven-hour drive from me. I don’t think he’ll be showing up, especially since it’s not good weather for disc golf right now.

  2. bernardo

    Hi Tom,

    This is completely off topic but I’ll post it here since it’s not too crowded. I had two suggestions I’d like to give you:

    1. Would you be interested in doing a movie/speech about science in general? Like that “Science for Smart People” but more developed and maybe less directed to nutrition. I just feel you have the talent to give people the confidence they need to face the experts and realize that not all science is out of reach for normal folks. Most science can be generaly understood by someone with a secondary degree, at least to a certain extent. Observational studies, funding, variables, media spin. A “Read your science 101” thing. I think it would be great!

    2. I had an idea about a t-shirt, very simple. The representation of a brain and the following quote : “Correlation does not imply causation” or something equivalent. That would be very fat-headish.


    I’d happily give that speech someday … if I ever have time to write it. I appreciate the compliment and the shirt suggestion.

  3. Bear

    Do you have enough fans outside of Nashville to warrant going on a speaking tour? Some of your followers may be able to put organize some nice crowds in various cities.

    Possibly, but organizing a speaking tour myself isn’t on the agenda for now. Too much else to do.

  4. Lyndsey

    I hope you can throw another one of these! 🙂 I’m in Atlanta, and I’d be willing to attend Fat Head Con next year! (I need a vacation!)

    Maybe we’ll throw a Fat Head Con when I turn 55 in November.

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