Interviewed by The Fat-Burning Man

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I was recently interviewed by Abel James on his popular Fat-Burning Man podcast show.  It was a fun, hour-long conversation in which we covered a variety of topics.

You can listen to the interview here.

By the way, Abel’s book Intro to Paleo reached #1 on Amazon in the Weight Loss Diets category.  Pretty darned good for a self-published work.   That’s one of the many things I love about the digital age:  Abel didn’t have to convince some gatekeeper to take an interest in his book.  He wrote it and put it out there, and his large fan base responded.

That’s one of the topics we covered in the interview:   how the digital age has enabled content creators to bypass the gatekeepers and go directly to the public.

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4 thoughts on “Interviewed by The Fat-Burning Man

  1. Zachary W

    Great interview, and quite a pleasant interviewer. Can’t get enough of these!

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