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Wes Bertrand and Kevin Koskella, creators of the excellent blog Healthy Mind/Fit Body, conducted an interview with me last week and posted it on their site yesterday.  You can listen to the interview on this page, or download it into iTunes.  You’ll also find links to other podcasts and informative articles on their site.

Enjoy.  I certainly did.

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3 thoughts on “Interviewed On Healthy Mind / Fit Body

  1. Nick

    I’ve watched Fat Head a couple of times now (including a screening with the relatives over Christmas) and I don’t think I’d heard the figure you gave in the interview about Spurlock eating a pound of sugar a day, and that’ll make anyone fat and give them liver disease. Pretty impressive and shocking, but as I was mopping up the last 50 pages of GCBC last night, I was reminded that on average we already eat around a half pound of sugar a day on average (I believe that just counts HFCS and sucrose). The diabetes rate is not really surprising, in that context.

    I believe Mike Eades brought up that figure in the bonus interview track. He was annoyed (to put it mildly) that Spurlock’s doctor blamed his fatty liver on the fat.

  2. Amy Dungan

    Great interview Tom! Will share with my readers today.

    Thanks, Amy. Your mention of Fat Head on their show is what brought this about, so thanks for that too.

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