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  1. chainey

    I’m impressed that you know “Kiwi” is an adjective (and a noun) referring to New Zealand(ers) and not a kind of fruit (In my youth they were called Chinese Gooseberries).

    Alas I have no Sky and no TV, but I will put a word in with the local DVD rental shop (I can play DVDs on the computer) to see if they’ll get it in.

    I picked up a few words in comments after the film was aired there the first time. My favorite is still “gobsmacked.”

  2. Shelley

    Aah, yes, kiwi slang is a beautiful thing lol! Can’t wait to see your movie as I missed it when it was on earlier in the year.
    Just curious – how often do you slip ‘gobsmacked’ into your conversations?!

    I can’t say I slip it into many conversations here in the U.S. Guess I’ll have to visit NZ to make real use of it.

  3. April

    Hello, this is really random, but my boyfriend got the series A Haunting on DVD for Christmas, and in the first two seasons (all we have watched so far), it said that the executive producer was “Tom Naughton”. I just had to know if that was you or some other “Tom Naughton”… It’s a really well-done show, so if it is you kudos! 🙂

    There’s a documentary producer named Tom Naughton who’s done quite a bit for Discovery, The History Channel, etc. Unfortunately, our credits are mixed up on IMDB and we can’t seem to straighten them out.

  4. Johnnyv

    Great movie saw it last night,already knew basically all the science but knew nothing at all about the politics which was a real eye opener.
    Gotta laugh at the heart foundation tick when the heart prefers burning fatty acids for energy rather than glucose. Although with how easily the body converts carbs into fat they could be on to something ;).


    Turns out we can convert fiber to fat as well.

  5. Chris

    Just finished watching “Fat Head” – just awesome!! Very interesting (I am involved in Paramedicine) and am concerned about this myth that has (and still is) being perpetuated by the so called food/nutritionalist scientists. The way you have put the facts makes total sense. Well done.

    Glad you enjoyed it, thanks.

  6. Tim

    Really annoyed at how much emphasis is put on diet which in my opinion is a means to an end rather than on using energy which is the cause.

    people should be considering both factors, I see so many people who sit at a computer 9-5 and then wonder why they get fat… go into any office building and look at the number of people overweight compared to people who get movement in their job

    Need a movie that highlights the importance of using energy rather than not producing it.. I personally believe its the only way to freedom, if you monitor the input you are always going to be restricted by what you can eat… if you monitor the output you can eat whatever you want…

    you are free from food.

    That was the hardest belief for me to give up — that exercise is the key to weight loss. But it isn’t. The actual research is quite clear on that. If you exercise but don’t lower your insulin level to allow your body to use stored fat for fuel, you’ll simply get hungrier. Ignore the hunger, and your body will slow your metabolism. People have trained for and run marathons without losing weight.

    There are plenty of fat manual laborers in the world, and plenty of lean office workers too. The movers who spent all day hauling thousands of pounds of furniture and boxes out of my house and into my new house were fat, and they do two or three big moves per week.

    Exercise is important for health. But it doesn’t have nearly the influence on weight loss people think it does.

  7. HaleyNZ

    Hi Tom,

    Just finished watching Fat Head for the third time. Just wanted to say you did such a great job with it, it’s so easy to follow and watch. My parents watched it and were amazed, they have changed some of their eating habits.

    My partner watched it (after telling me that I’m going to get fat eating all that fat and can’t explain how I’m losing weight) and decided that all of it was nonsense. Some people just love to deny facts. I think he doesn’t want to admit I’m right. He’s lucky I’m the one that cooks his meals.

    It’s tough to give up those cherished beliefs. But if you keep filling him up with quality food, he may come around when he feels the difference in himself.

  8. Amy

    By chance happened upon Fat Head whilst channel hopping last night – great movie! Definitely feeling gobsmacked now :O And motivated to do some more reading/investigation.

    Lots of links on this site to get you started.

  9. Larry

    Gidday Tom
    I loved your movie. I want a copy!! I’m a teacher and Fathead would be a really effective way to help spread the word to my students. However here in NZ we use PAL and over there in the good old USA you’re on NTSC. If I buy through Amazon I get a copy of a movie that I can’t play. Are you aware of any way I can get a PAL copy of your gobsmacking movie?? Thank you.

    I’ve been passing those requests to our distributor. No luck so far, but I’ll keep up the effort, thanks.

  10. gallier2

    There is no PAL / NTSC encoding on DVD. The DVD stream is encoded in MPEG2 which is digital. PAL/NTSC/SECAM are analogic formats.
    Here a quote from wikipedia:
    The term PAL is often used informally to refer to a 625-line/50 Hz (576i), television system, and to differentiate from a 525-line/60 Hz (480i) NTSC system. Accordingly, DVDs are labelled as either PAL or NTSC (referring informally to the line count and frame rate) even though technically the discs do not have either PAL or NTSC composite colour. The line count and frame rate are defined as EIA 525/60 or CCIR 625/50. PAL and NTSC are only the method of the colour transmission used.

    So it’s only the difference in line frequency that is given, and the modern equipment can handle the 50Hz/60Hz and 525/625 line difference.
    This said, the Fat Head DVD I got had no zone code (that was a good idea Tom) and played without problem on my €25 DVD player and normal European TV.

    Interesting. I’m not up on the all the technology, but the distributor did require PAL and NTSC digital linear tapes.

  11. Neil Fraser-Smith

    I bought it on Amazon from the US. It works fine in Australia. We use PAL same as NZ.

    Now I’m confused. Some lady in England trashed the film on Amazon solely because it wouldn’t play in her DVD machine.

    Wasn’t the shipping cost more than the film itself?

  12. Jacqui

    I was lucky enough to get an email telling me about your documentary on NZ TV. Have now watched it myself, then sat my husband down and watched it with him too.

    THANK YOU… it was really good and made a lot of sense. I will do a lot more reading now and see if I can find out how to lower my insulin level. I’m one of those people that successfully lost around 50lbs a couple of years ago as did my husband, but have now put it all back on again and am desperate to try and stop the slide into a fat old age!

    Well done, really enjoyed the film.

    Best of luck on the diet. You’ll find it’s MUCH easier to lose those pounds if you keep your insulin down.

  13. Jillian

    Hi Tom, Happy New Year ! We watched your movie the other night for the fourth time ! There’s so much to learn with each veiwing that we also bought the dvd from Amazon. It plays in NZ absolutely fine. You are right though, the shipping was way more than the dvd.A good investment, I would say. We’ve been doing this for 6 months and we both feel great.Even my 85 year old Mother in Law has decided to try it. Wow, hope I’m still that open minded at 85.
    My son in London and two sisters are all on board, It’s fantastic to see peoples lives change for the better.
    Thanks Tom, when we watched the other night we felt like we were visiting with an old friend.
    All the best to you and your family.

    Happy New Year to you and yours as well. I’m delighted to know the film has had a positive impact.

  14. andy

    Fat Head…brilliant! Atkins challenged me to accept what my brain already had hard wired but I couldn’t convince and convert the myths in my head!
    Trouble was he just didn’t communicate it that well…Fat Head does…it leaves few stones unturned and provides simple, clear arguments that ring true for me and many others.

    Appreciate your outstanding effort and look forward to reading more in the coming months and making some changes.

    Happy New Year

    Thanks for the comments. Let us know how the changes work out for you.

  15. Trina

    I watched it for the first time (by accident in passing ;)) and it had me hooked. I am now keen to find out more and adapt our eating. My husband had type 2 diabetes and I’ve been talking to him about it. I think I’ll have to buy the DVD. I recently bought some US DVDs for Xmas for our daughter and they worked fine.

    Many thanks for a totally thought provoking movie.

    Thanks for the comments. I’m working on getting Fat Head into digital-download services such as iTunes so people who want a (legal) copy don’t have to pay to ship a DVD across the globe.

  16. Brent

    My dad and I saw Fat Head a few days ago when it aired in NZ as well and it was one of the best documentaries we’ve ever seen. It was great to see actual no-bologna facts supporting your theories, rather than the usual propaganda which low-fat diet proponents use.

    I’m 18 and I’ve always been slim – coincidentally I don’t consume that many carbs (except for the odd beer) as I just don’t enjoy sugary foods/drink. I’ll definitely be sticking with your advice to stay slim and fit in the future.

    Thanks Tom, great work!

    It’s good that you’re learning this now. Some of my old chums from high school who were really lean back then have blown up like balloons since.

  17. joe omalley

    Hey there:)
    Have just watched your doc on tv and loved every minute of it.I do have a question for you ,What is your opinion of the whole diet/lifestyle espoused by the Kellogs empire ?

    Their mission is to sell grains. I tried that low-fat, grain-based diet. Never worked for me. Cereals just make me hungry.

  18. David Ireland

    WOW! I saw the title in the listings and thought “Another film about some skinny @#$% telling us we’re too fat!” Well f**k me! Someone speaking the truth with factual data instead of the propaganda BS we usually get. Thank you Tom.

    Glad you enjoyed it, thanks.

  19. Barbara

    I saw your film (by accident, channel surfing out of boredom) from about the halfway mark…it was enough to make us seriously think about what we’re eating….I’ve seen alot of info coming out of the Weston A Price Foundation on various food blogs and internet sites I read, but your film has got to be the best explanation so far of how it all works together and how well we’ve been sucked into the whole low fat thing…I’ve just bought Nourishing Traditions by two of the women who appeared in your film and am looking forward to reading more about it and putting it into practise! The best thing is now my partner agrees with it all and he’s getting involved in helping change how we eat!

    I’m pleased to know you’re reading the books as well. A film can only present a fraction of the information out there. Let us know how you both feel as you adjust your diet.

  20. Carroll

    I’m from NZ but missed the screening of Fat Head on TV. I’m interested in buying the movie when it is available for digital download. Please keep my email for this purpose.

    I’ll let everyone know when we work it out.

  21. Shelley

    I got to see your film just before New Year’s, and thought it was brilliant. I was shocked at just how much politicking was involved in determining ‘healthy’ eating guidelines (I guess I was a bit naive!) and in keeping the nay-sayers silent. To find that the so-called healthy food pyramid was based on the deliberately fudged findings of a scientist, and a politician who figured the new diet he was on was the way everyone should eat, was well, totally gobsmacking!

    And I am so pleased you addressed the maddening ‘fat people and poor people are dumb’ undercurrent of Spurlock’s film. That really pissed me off when I saw Supersize Me. He is one of those arrogant self-appointed “saviour’s of the world” who believe that man-kind is doomed without his interference, as clearly he knows what is best for everybody. Anyone making a choice not in keeping with his beliefs is clearly too stupid to know what they are doing. I mean, please!!

    Anyway, thanks for making such an amazing film, I really enjoyed it!

    When you really examine the nanny-state attitude, that’s what you find at the core: racism and class snobbery … Oh sure, I can make smart decisions for myself, but THOSE people need help.

    When I point that out to my big-government-loving friends (yes, I have a few of those), they undergo major cognitive dissonance.

  22. Chris McDermott

    Hi Tom, I’m from NZ and was gobsmacked to read that I missed the rerun on Dec 30. I emailed The Documentary Channel this week, and they advised me that Fat Heat is currently scheduled to be shown again on March 28 at 6:30pm NZT. Great work mate, keep up the good fight!


    That’ll be close to the year anniversary of the first showing, if I’m not mistaken. Remind me when we’re close, and I’ll post the listing.

  23. Sean

    Hey Tom, saw the film for the second time on the 30th just wanted to say you did a great job with it. I’ve been following a diet I think you would approve of and have lost weight although that wasn’t my intention. I certainly proved to my parents that it worked they were baffled as to how i could lose fat while eating more of it.

    Anyway just wanted to thank you for the flim.

    My pleasure, and thanks for letting me know.

  24. Nicki

    Your documentary was an eye opener…makes you think about the rubbish we have been fed.
    I agree that no one forces anyone to eat fast food and we are certainly not the idiots they think we are. We all have a choice.
    Thank you for putting your documentary out there.
    The only thing I am not too sure of, is if we eat meat like the cave men, their life expectancy was pretty dismal. Don’t quote me, but good old Google has them at an average age of sixteen.
    We all need more protein and to cut out carbs, but if it is all in balance, maybe this might be a contributing factor to us living longer than they did?

    Glad you rubbished the stupid Super Size me doco. What a load of rubbish.

    Great work.

    The overall life expectancy figures throughout history are skewed by infant deaths, deaths by accident and violence, and deaths by disease. No emergency rooms, no antibiotics, no working in a safe, comfy office, etc.

    In the U.S., for example, males born in 1850 had an average life expectancy of 38 years. But males who were already 30 years old in 1850 had a life expectancy of 64 years. They’d survived the accidents and diseases that killed boys and young men.

  25. Jono

    Kia Ora Tom,

    Having recently turned 30, and living with muscular back pain from a sporting injury, I decided I needed to lose some weight so I was intrigued to chance upon and watch Fat Head on the Documentary Channel here in New Zealand, just before New Years.

    Thru my conditioning to the food pyramid theory of eating, I have to admit that after watching the doco I thought you were presenting fuzzy logic. Eat juicy steak and lose weight! Come on! Too good to be true! However, being a ‘give it a go’ kind of bloke I thought, why not, and jumped onto a low sugar, low carb diet.

    I will say that I have lost weight before doing a low fat, low calorie diet. It took me 6 months to lose 15kg, however I was always hungry and grumpy as hell, and over the span of a few years I put it all back on.

    So I gave low carb and low sugar a go – it has been 18 days since the doco aired and I have dropped from 104kg to 95kg in that time – that’s 9kg, so around half a kg per day. My mood is great and as the weight comes off I feel better and better. The best part is that I can use walking for my exercise, which is relatively low impact on my back and other joints. It will be interesting to see what my weight eventually settles on.

    So I just wanted to thank you for the good work with the documentary film and encourage others to listen to this good man Tom, watch Fat Head and learn some truth.

    Cheers and blessings,

    Auckland, New Zealand.

    The first time I heard about Atkins, I thought he was probably a nut too. Nothing like proving it to yourself, eh? Let us know how you progress.

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