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This will be my last post before we arrive at our new home in Tennessee and get an internet connection.  If we have online access at hotels along the way, I’ll check comments.  In the meantime, please be patient if your comments don’t show up for a few days.  I’ll get to them when I can.

The other option would be to let all comments go through unmoderated.  If you’ve ever had a blog, you already know why I won’t do that:  the comments section would be filled with ads for Viagra, male “enhancement” pills, and countless other junk products.

Some scam artists pushing these products try to be clever about it and use web crawlers that leave what appear to be genuine comments, with a web address for the user’s handle.  Some of the crawlers are even programmed to pick up the title or some phrases from the blog post.

So just for fun, before I shut down the computers and pack them, I thought I’d share some choice selections (including the spelling errors, but minus the web addresses; I’m not going to advertise for them), along with the title of the post or page where they showed up.  The comments are in italics; my comments on the comments aren’t.

(Jimmy Moore’s Blogiversary, Part Two) you got some good points, but i’m not truly convinced of this. and i got to much confusion in my life at this moment to spend longer on it. i’ll check back to see your postings….

I can see why you wouldn’t be truly convinced about Jimmy Moore’s blogiversary.  He puts out so much material, I’m not sure he’s actually human.  I plan to check his pulse when I finally meet him on the low-carb cruise next March.

(Stretching The Truth) Hi, I just got my third tattoo, it’s a dragon tattoo on my right arm. I took the design from a cool site. It is a tattoo gallery of more than 3 thousands tattoo designs. After a couple of days looking at the tattoos I finally decided on this red dragon. The design was really high quality and the artist tattooed me with no problems. My friends liked it and I thrilled with the outcome.

Yes, I know tattoos are all the rage right now, but here’s some advice: it’s not good to make your generation’s fashions permanent.  Imagine my limited career opportunities today if I’d had a pair of purple bell-bottoms bolted to my legs in high school.  You may look cool now, but when you’re 50, you’ll probably end up as a dishwasher on a shrimping boat.

(Health Prevention) I don’t follow what was just posted.

That’s because it was clear and to the point.  I didn’t realize we had government employees reading the blog.

(Jane Brody’s Cholesterol Headache)  Can you get a hangover when your awake?

If you had a hangover and you weren’t awake, how would you know?   Jane Brody may have a theory about that, but trust me, it will be wrong.

(Weekend Bonus:  King Corn) I’m not sure if i agree with the Rex non potest peccare “Blog Archive.” This topic conslusion, there are so many opinions ..which to beleive?

Well, as a libertarian, here’s my opinion:  The king most definitely can do wrong.  If the king isn’t sleeping, he probably is doing wrong.  The idea that “the king can do no wrong” brings up bad memories of Richard Nixon and his “If the president does it, it’s not a crime” defense.

(Jimmy Moore Interview With Dr. Malcolm Kendrick) You were given some good points, but i’m not really convinced of this. and i got to much confusion in my life at this moment to spend some more time on it. i’ll check back to see your postings.

I’m not convinced Jimmy Moore actually interviewed Dr. Malcolm Kendrick either.  The whole thing sounded too smooth, too informative, too fun to be real.  Dangit, now I’m confused.

(2Blowhards Interview) This is absolutely perfect. Thanks a lot, I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time.

I suspect you’re just one of thousands who spent a lot of time looking for something like my interview with 2Blowhards.  There’s a huge worldwide demand for interviews with unknown rookie filmmakers on arts-and-politics web sites, but sadly, very little supply.

(Calorie-Count Menu Laws – A Load Of Bologna) Hi, I’m from Italy and I have published, it is about pizza bologna, check it.

My wife and I spent our honeymoon in Rome, and we couldn’t find pizza bologna anywhere.  Man, were we disappointed.  I raised hell with our travel agent about it.  I hope your book inspires the Italian chefs to get their act together and start putting bologna in all their creations.

(Fried Food Is Tasteless) I want to say thank you to the post author. I have found this information interesting and very useful, because a have common problems with fungal infection and this way i may solve my problem with health. Thanks again, God bless you!  Best Regards, Kelly.

I knew foods fried in vegetable oils are bland and can cause inflammation, but I didn’t know they cause fungal infections.  Glad I could help.

(And the Lap Band Played On) Yep – I would agree with that.. Thanks for the line.

Feel free to use my line about lap-band surgery any time.  Chicks will find you irresistible.  I’m married, so I’m glad someone will get some use out of it.

(Real Food by the Well Done Chef)  I don’t buy what you just said.

I understand.  Jason warned me that that his recipe for chicken stock is highly controversial.  His in-laws haven’t spoken to him in years, ever since he proposed the recipe at a family reunion.

(Michael Jackson) I am making a report on hiv testing men. Your topic Fat Head Michael Jackson helps me a lot. I have been looking for the information last Saturday but cannot find any.

I could’ve sworn I deleted the paragraphs about HIV testing in my Michael Jackson post.  I should stop my habit of posting after midnight; my editing skills decline pretty seriously.

(Stretching the Truth) är jag helt överens med mig själv.

Strange coincidence … that’s exactly what I said the first time I drank bourbon.  I was 15, and a friend of mine had a key to his neighbors’ house to water the plants while they were out of town.  We stole some bourbon from his mother’s liquor cabinet, let ourselves into the neighbors’ house around midnight, and drank the entire bottle on their screened-in back patio.  After my friend managed to extinguish a fire I ignited on my pant leg when I dropped a cigarette onto the exact spot where I’d slopped some bourbon, I tried to say something like, “I love you, man, in a strictly heterosexual way, of course,” but it came out “är jag helt överens med mig själv.” He said he understood and felt the same way about me.  Then he threw up.

(A Swat at PETA) I want to say thank you to the post author. I have found this information interesting and very useful, because a have common problems with fungal infection and this way i may solve my problem with health. Thanks again, God bless you!  Best Regards, Kelly.

Well, I can see where the vegan diet PETA pushes might cause a fungal infection, but I really thought you had it nailed with the fried-foods connection.  I hope the remission is permanent this time.

(Michael Jackson) When looking for an online dental insurance finder, it is always a good idea to approach companies that have a good reputation and track record in the dental benefits industry. Doing this can ensure that you obtain a reputable dental insurance service.

That was actually my first thought when Michael Jackson died: maybe he didn’t have good dental insurance and was seeing an inferior dentist.  A good dentist would have looked inside his mouth and said, “It looks like you’ve been eating a lot of biscuits.  That’s really bad for you.  Hey, did you know your dark fillings all turned white?  How did that happen?” If only …

(Weekend Bonus:  King Corn) You were given some good points, but i’m not really convinced of this. and i got to much confusion in my life at this moment to spend some more time on it. i’ll check back to see your postings.

I’ll try to clarify: my wife and I watched this movie and I liked it.  You’re just going to have to believe me on that one.  In the meantime, I’d suggest you take a few days off, go somewhere quiet, and try to work through all that confusion.

(Real Food by the Well Done Chef) Hi there, I found your blog via Google while searching for first aid for a chicken coop and your post looks very interesting for me.

My articles about first aid for a chicken coop draw unbelievable traffic.  I’m thinking of starting a separate blog dedicated to all the ways a chicken coop can be injured, how to distinguish between serious and non-serious chicken coop injuries, how to apply a tourniquet to a chicken coop, and when you should take a chicken coop to the hospital.

(Bonus Footage:  Frankenstein Fats) On the injured, not mean successful? Why yourself Ask, to da computerman Best Answer of, importance of this.With the federal-aid Phuket Properties, to its popularity consume relatively a.closed shoulders.

I tried to warn you that eating too many processed vegetable oils is bad for your brain.  You’ve got no one to blame but yourself.

(Michael Jackson) I want to say thank you to the post author. I have found this information interesting and very useful, because a have common problems with fungal infection and this way i may solve my problem with health. Thanks again, God bless you!  Best Regards, Kelly.

Kelly, I’m no doctor, but I seriously doubt my opinions about Michael Jackson will have any therapeutic effect at all.  You really should stop reading my blog and go get that fungus looked at by a professional.

Before I go, I want to mention how much fun I’ve been having with this blog.  After finishing the film and taking a much-needed breather, I realized there was still so much I wanted say, so I’m saying it.  Plus I look forward to reading the comments and insights from all of you.  You’re the conversation I enjoy with my morning coffee.

See y’all in Tennessee.  (I have to get used to saying that.)


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19 thoughts on “Parting Comments About Comments

  1. Anand Srivastava

    It seems that you have been attacked by the blog posting AIs.

    I get 20 or 30 a day, including today.

  2. Ellen Ussery

    I howled! Best wishes for a smooth move….no maybe that’s not the way to say what I mean. But I hope for both our sakes that it all goes well and you get settled soon. I love your blog!!

    We’re in the final throes of packing, but I’ve still got the laptop wired. Thanks for the good wishes.

  3. Amy Dungan

    ROFL! This was great Tom! I can’t believe how many idiotic comments a blog can get sometimes. I moderate for the same reason. That, and a few hateful comments from peta nutjobs. (Wow – Do those peta people kiss their mama’s with that mouth?)

    Search terms are fun to blog about too. I should do that soon, it’s been a while since I discovered that people look for “low-carb dog bananas” when they find my site.

    If you feed a dog bananas, they should be the low-carb variety.

  4. Chris

    Watched the movie last night and ordered a copy for my 85-year old mother a moment ago. She is a skinny diabetic. My father had a stroke in the mid-90s and they cut out all burgers, steaks, eggs, bacon, butter and all of the other “bad” fats. It was fat that gave him a stroke, right? It couldn’t have been the 40 years of inhaling pipe tobacco. He wasn’t just puffing thoughtfully on the pipe. He was sucking down all of that unfiltered smoke.

    Anyway, Mother now starts every morning with a “healthy” breakfast of cereal with fruit and some toast and oleo. Eggs are a no-no. And she would never buy deadly butter.

    I’m hoping that your movie will get through to her and start to undo 40-some years of government brainwashing.

    My hope of your being able to reach her is tempered by the fact she voted for George McGovern for President.

    Whether you save her or not, thanks for the movie, the blog and the powerful message you have made so accessible and easy to understand.

    Maybe we can convince your mom the low-fat diet theory was Nixon’s idea. Glad you enjoyed the film.

  5. Slowe

    Thanks for this post. I almost choked on my lunch I was laughing so hard.

    Yikes. I hope for laughs, but not for any fatalities.

  6. Susan Dawn Wake

    Hope your move goes smoothly. If enough sane minded libertarians move to Tenn. we might join you. In the meantime, I want to take this opportunity to say my husband and I loved Fat Head and have bought many copies for friends and family. Some still think we are crazy for eating the way we do, but at least they got a good laugh (and maybe some food for thought) watching it. I’m tempted to give my doctor a copy at my next visit. Also I really enjoy your blogs; I read both regularly.

    I appreciate the support. See you in Tennessee someday.

  7. Nancy LC

    Wow! You’re the guy with the cure for fungal infections? Can I make an appt today? 🙂

    Thanks for the laughs.

  8. Gabi

    Best wishes and good luck with your move to Tennessee. Gonna miss reading your blog.

    “är jag helt överens med mig själv.” Is swedish BTW and means “Am I in agreement with myself?”

    Now it make sense. My drunk friend was agreeing that I was agreeing with myself.

  9. Tinamemphis5

    Come on Tom, let the comments go unmoderated, it will be fun! Welcome to Tennessee.

    Fun, yes, but some of them are explicit to the point of qualifying as appetite control.

  10. JudithNZ

    Splort! There goes another keyboard! Thanks for the laughs, and for all the information. I love your blogs (I read both of them.) Best wishes for your move – I hope it goes well.

  11. Vin - NaturalBias

    Hi Tom, good luck with your move!

    I love how you used those spam posts! Very creative and entertaining! I was going to share a few of mine, but none of the ones in my queue for today are entertaining. Oh well. Besides, about a quarter of them are in Russian and I have no idea what they are saying.

    If you’re not already using the Akisment plugin, it’s tremendously helpful. I’m getting over 50 spam comments per day now, and having them automatically go into the spam folder is quite nice.

    In closing, “I’ll be taking your feed.” 🙂 (one of the most common lines in my spam comments)

    I’m checking comments on a laptop in a motel. I just deleted about 30 comments in Russian. They’re relentless.

  12. D

    Much thanks for the laughs.

    Have an uneventful, safe move. BTW, the first few times we drove through Tennessee on our trips between Ohio and Texas, it poured rain, it came down in buckets, made it hard to drive. I actually wondered if they ever had sunshine in Tennessee! I hope you get plenty of sunshine for your move.

    We’ll keep the light on for your return.

    After 12 years in Southern California, I actually miss thunderstorms. But I’m willing to wait until after move-in day.

  13. Laurie

    Hypothesis: This was driving me nuts but I think I’ve figured some of it out.
    In ‘The Great Cholesterol Con’, by Kendrick, I was intrigued by a couple of statements. One is that the visceral (abdominal, belly) fat behaves in an almost completely opposite fashion to the skeletal (peripheral) fat. In that we store these 2 types under different (oppositional) conditions. The other statement boils down to the thesis of his book, eating while stressed causes weight gain by the action of cortisol. If we eat (the ‘rest and digest’ phase) while we’re stressed (the ‘fight or flight’ stage) those two competing stages wreck havoc. But where was the mechanism of all this??? I asked as a good little chemist! What was the action of cortisol on belly fat vs. peripheral fat?
    Cortisol I think causes the mobilization and dump into the circulation of skeletally derived fatty acids, glucose and protein to treat and fuel an immediate’ threat’. If we’re chronically stress eating at the same time and the mixed message of rest and digest is present concurrently, when the acute ‘danger’ passes, there is all this dietary fat, and additional mobilized skeletal fat now needing to be dispatched. Then, for complicated reasons, this circulating fat is stored in the belly!!! It isn’t burned and it isn’t returned to the original, skeletal fat depot from whence it came. So we’ve now succeeded in converting peripheral fat into belly fat AND any ingested fat (or sugar which can be converted to fat!) into belly fat! What a whammy.
    My husband has been low-carb since November. I kept hounding him with the ‘Cliff-Notes’ on Taubes, and he finally succumbed. But to his frustration, he’s lost some weight, but it’s noticeably mostly just be re-apportioned on his body- and focused more on his mid-section. We pinpointed a possible cause in that he has tremendous work stress and while he eats low-carb, in the evenings he can nibble for HOURS. And of course the chronic stress must mean he’s in a high cortisol state and with constant incoming nutrients, he’s never resting and digesting. He’s just always converting peripheral fat into abdominal fat. I was resistant to this visible reality until I just hit on the possible mechanism for it. Seeing isn’t believing. Believing is seeing.

  14. Kim Birch

    Thanks for the Monday morning laugh, Tom. I’m in the Valley and sorry we’re losing you to Tennessee! Oh well, we’ll always have your blog.

    Have a safe trip!

    If the state keeps falling apart, you may be following us …

  15. Dale Dietrich

    As a fellow WordPress blogger I have to ask you why aren’t you using the akismet plugin? It will weed’s out spam by the truck-loads. I’d say only 1 in 500 spam comments get through.

    I enjoyed your movie last night by the way. I think you were a bit hard on Spurlock, but I understand why. I think your movie could have stood alone quite well without the rather sharp attacks. Did you feel you needed to debunk his film in order to get your message of low carbs out?

    Whatever the reason, I enjoyed your movie. Found it quite entertaining and educational. I look forward to Spurlock’s reply. If he ever provides one I hope you’ll post it here.


    I’ll check out the plug-in after I get my internet access installed in the new house. I appreciate the tip.

    Fat Head actually started out as a reply to Super Size Me. It was only during research that I realized how wrong the anti-fat, pro-carb recommendations are. My beef with Spurlock, besides the issue with apparently not following his rules, is that he doesn’t seem to be much of a fan of personal responsibility, which I take pretty seriously. I also believe you can’t solve a problem by blaming the wrong cause, and pinning the obesity epidemic on McDonald’s is definitely blaming the wrong cause.

    By the time the film was finished, I definitely believed the dietary science I presented was the most important part.

  16. Dana

    Aw, you get the fun spam. I get trackbacks to spammy websites. 🙁

    Definitely give Akismet a try though. You’ll have to get an API key through, but that’s easy.

  17. Sarah

    Hi Tom! Totally hear ya about the blog spam. I use a spam filter called Spam Karma ( which kills most of mine at a blog I run. So maybe that would help minimise the spammage 🙂

    What I am really commenting for is to say thank you for making a trememdously informative, interesting and entertaining film. It really opened my eyes! Since watching your film on the Documentary Channel here in New Zealand a few months ago I have taken the plunge and gone low carb, now being low carb for 5 weeks.

    I am significantly overweight, and though I had lost 20kg in the last year just doing the whole low fat thing, all the while feeling miserable while doing so – for what are now very obvious reasons, low carbing has been somewhat of a revelation to me. Your film really made me look at how my body was working, let me know what the hell all this sugar starch was doing to me, how depriving myself of fat was getting me almost nowhere, and since being on low carb I am just a different person. I am so much more concious of what goes in, and if more people just took notice of what they were eating, switched to clean, whole foods that they prepare themselves (ok, so its ok to indulge in a burger now and then, sure – no buns of course, lol), I just know their quality of life would improve almost immesurably.

    I know myself (and my partner) are now enjoying weight loss (3kg in 4 weeks for me!), our bloating and gassiness is all but gone, we have energy to BURN and I just feel like this is what “normal” eating and living should be. So thank you for opening my eyes, Tom.

    I’m always pleased to hear the film is leading to positive changes for people. Isn’t it delightful to know you can eat the fat your body craves and actually be healthier for it?

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