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Michael Blowhard, of the brilliant and eclectic site 2Blowhards.com, posted an interview with me today.  This was a follow-up to the interview he conducted while I was still producing Fat Head.  That interview was published as Part One and Part Two back in January 2008.

Michael is also a filmmaker, so many of his questions were about the filmmaking process.  If you’ve ever wondered how little indie films get made, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this one.

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1 thought on “2Blowhards Interview

  1. Erin in Flagstaff

    Great interview, and I enjoyed your learning process. But….

    Ha. As one of those socialistic liberals, I don’t know if I like being maligned. Of course, I was a vegetarian for years, and would have pushed that diet on our country. Now I eat more paleo/low-carb and I’d push that on the rest of the citizens. Hey, I like joining cults! 😉

    Hmmm…like you, I do worry about government mandates on how we eat, but education is important. Unfortunately, we’ve all had the education about “low-fat, high-carbs” being healthy. If we could change that mindset, I’d love a government program that pushed “quality fats, quality meats, lots of veggies” on everyone, using funding opportunities and education to get the message across. People would eventually internalize that message, businesses would start selling more items like that fit that paradigm. And sad to say, for many people — my mom included — they rely on the “experts” to know what is a healthy diet.

    Of course, I don’t want any experts telling that I can never eat ice cream. I like ice cream occasionally and I don’t want ice cream to go away — I need my high fat, high sugar, lots of eggs ice cream once in a while!

    I think educating people about what’s good works nicely. Your interviews in Fat Head showed that people understand what they’re eating when they eat fast food. I think those same people could understand the dangers of refined carbs once the government began to press that message and improve their diets somewhat. Doctors would be more likely to recommend this kind of diet too. Unfortunately, low carb has to battle the old paradigm of low-fat, and it’s hard to get people to pay attention to your message until the old paradigm is spouted by a few old, cranky scientists.

    Anyway, I don’t have the answers. I do think government has a role (agricultural subsidies, anyone?). I don’t like the idea that they will designate anything as illegal. Shoot, I’m all for legalizing drugs and I don’t even use drugs and think they’re dangerous. I just want the government to make money off of them and provide education and treatment instead of drug cartels making all the big bucks.

    As for diet, It’s just battling the old and getting the new in place that takes time and effort. It can be done, but it takes reaching critical mass to get there.

    I don’t think most liberals like the idea of the government dictating our food choices. It’s just that the few people who do all seem to be on the left. The few white supremecists in the country are right-wingers, but most conservatives think they’re a bunch of loons.

    Education, yes. That’s the key.

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