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  1. Danielle

    Thanks for responding! I really loved your documentary and am currently reading Good Calories Bad Calories, very interesting.

    I am not necessarily trying to loose weight, I actually lost some weight this past year and I’m looking more at maintaining and ensuring I wont gain it back. The problem is a lot of my daly consumption is fruits and veggies that have carbs. I have already tried to reduce high starch fruits and veggies like bananas and potatoes and stick to lower ones or limiting the quantity/picking smaller portions.

    I still find it hard to eat more fat, since I been trying to lower my fat intake for the past couple of years. I have been trying to eat more nuts, meat, cheese and oils (olive and canola) . Any other fats you would suggest? Is there such thing as too much fat in ones diet?

    As long as you’re consuming natural fats — olive oil, coconut oil, avocados, animal fats — there’s no reason to worry about them. When you reduce carbs, you need fat for energy. I’d stay away from processed vegetable oils. Those were never part of the human diet until quite recently.

  2. leticia

    i watched Fat Head last night…and today i’m so confused!…
    but i hate that animals are mass produced and mass slaughtered and mass made to produce (milk eggs)… makes me not want to eat all that … to its junk…

    i am all for eating healthy and naturally…including meats…animal products…
    (i have a goal / dream of owning my own farm to live off of…)
    for now seriously thinking of moving to another country…like guatemala and start it out there…

    i’m vegetarian and only cause i do’nt want to contribute to the mass production of animal products…i thinks its distgusting…

    i loved your documentary and have made up my mind to cut out those foods that are actually bad for us…going to look around for the “natural” alternatives…

    thank you…

    maybe i am not so confused

  3. harrison

    what oils should i fry with. like for fried chicken, fries, or a turkey.

    Coconut oil or lard. Peanut oil is okay, but a bit high in omega 6 fats.

  4. cub

    I am going to start a low carb diet. I plan on 50-100 grams of carbs per day.

    If I include some starches and sugars in my carbohydrates would I still lose weight and improve my lipid profiles?

    Carb tolerance is individual. Get a glucose meter and see how to you react to your meals. Check your blood sugar one hour after eating. If it’s above 120, cut back on the starches and sugars.

  5. Tracey S.

    Hello again Tom,

    I wrote to you in the Spring after seeing your documentary and reading Why We Get Fat by G. Taubes. I had about 50lbs to lose and started eating low carb (25 grams or less a day). I also turned my boss onto eating this way and he read the book as well. By August, he had lost 45 lbs. I, on the other had, as of today have lost 16lbs. The scale has not budged and I am so discouraged. I’ve been trying to be patient, but I think 16lbs in five months is not cutting it. I’ve researched why I may have stalled and implemented all the “fixes” that were recommended. I’ve even added exercise thinking maybe that would help but…nope. I’ve increased my water consumption and cut portion sizes just to try to jump start the weight loss again. I was wondering do you have any insight into what I might be doing wrong? Thank you for your time.

    There could be a number of causes. Rather than try to list them all here, I’ll refer you to podcast episodes of experts on the subject addressing what causes stalls:



  6. Olivia

    I’ve now watched Fat Head several times and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was tough at first to adjust my mindset, as it probably is for most people. I have lost 30 lbs to date following Weight Watchers, and then stalled. As Gary Taubes points out in “Why We Get Fat,” I attribute that to the fact that carbs were limited along with everything else, and now my body has stalled because I need to go further. I have to say the first week has been interesting – bacon and eggs for breakfast after I had gotten used to fat-free yogurt and maybe some egg whites with whole wheat toast (of course).

    I just wanted to thank you for the work you’ve done and giving me a kick in the behind to get going.

    All the best!

    All the best to you too.

  7. harrison

    i have just watched a movie called FORKS OVER KNIVES. and they want you to stay away from animal base foods such as—meats, and dairy. they want you to eat a whole food/plant base diet. after watching that movie and yours, i feel torn between them. i have been on the high fat diet to lose weight and raise my ketone levels, that i got from a book by DR. ANDREAS. i have lost weight, about 17 lbs and i am only in my 5th-week. i feel good, and have good energy. when i use to do low carb diets, i would have bad headaches with in a week. on this diet i do not. all my friends and family think that i am crazy, and doing long term damage to myself or going to get cancer from this diet. iam going to have some blood work done , but i going to wait until my 8th-week. and still see if i am loosing weight and feel good. did you ever see that movie i am talking about, and what are your thoughts?

    Forks Over Knives is based on cherry-picked observational garbage:


  8. Hannah

    I read the article that David linked above. The funny thing is the salmon/nut/veggies in olive oil sounded pretty darn fatty, and yummy. Something I would eat as a low carber. Which of course did not cause any problems. The hamburger with bun did cause restriction. The conclusion, it was the “whopping 50 grams of fat” in the burger that were villified. And yet the text of the article doesn’t support that fact and does seem to support LC. Funny how people can twist things to suit them.
    Thanks David, good info even though the writer has a few issues with fat.

    Of course; they always blame the fat.

  9. Leon

    Hi Tom. I just watched your movie. The part that struck me the strongest was your diet. You lost twelve pounds in a month, apparently by reducing your carb intake two thirds of average, to about 100 grams. I always thought one had to go way lower than that to achieve results. I have been on and off low carb diets for literally decades. I think my problem is that like everyone else, I make it too strict and un-doable, reducing my carbohydrate intake to 20 grams or less. Even at my fattest, my lipid profile has always been normal. Blood sugar, A1C, cholesterol, triglycerides – all normal. But very overweight all my life. Low carb eating has always worked, but has never been sustainable. I am going to try what you did – do a lowish carb program but not a ketogenic diet. I am so tired of the whole “induction” thing.

    Carb tolerance is individual. It’s not just the total grams per day that matters, but the type of carbs consumed. I find low-carb living to be sustainable, but that’s me.

  10. j


    So it’s been a over year since I saw Fat Head and since then I’ve tried many things as far as changing my diet goes. I did go on low carb for about 6 months but unfortunately I got very little results. My goal has always been to lose fat (not necesarily weight) especially around the midsection, and I saw very little results on various diets including low carb, moderate carb, high fat, low fat.

    That being said, it took me some time to figure out what works for me and what works for me (so far) might not align with everything that’s relayed on this site. What seems to be working for me has been going on a fairly low calorie diet (about 1000-1500 spaced out throughout the day). I also strength train 3 times a week and try to do 30 minutes of low to moderate intensity cardio 4 times per week. The strength training isn’t so much for weight or fat loss. It is more to build and maintain muscle mass. So I find it an integral part. However, the bulk of my fat/weight loss stems from my diet. I was at 180 lbs with a fairly huge gut and within about a month’s time I’m down to 170 and noticeably losing fat in my gut as well as other areas.

    Now I’m NOT trying to advocate low calorie diets (especially without medical supervision) or any specific diet for that matter. I guess I’m merely implying that different diets work for different people. I still make it a point to try to eat as natural as possible but I do include some whole grains. I definitely don’t shy away from meat, or eggs (I eat 2 a day). I do try to limit fat to a degree, if I can help it.

    I guess what I want to stress is that regardless of what diet you favor, most if not all can agree that eliminating sugar and processed carbs from your diet is a great way to go. If you choose to eat carbs, stick with nutritious vegetables, some fruits, and (dare I say it) maybe some very low sugar whole grains. This is what I try to do along with limiting my calorie intake.

    Finally, I want to say that I did learn a lot from watching Fat Head and find it highly informational. I’d recommend it any day over watching Super Size Me.

    Thank you.

    Thank you for watching.

  11. Janice

    Hello, I just watched your film and thought it very informative. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes just over a month ago and have started reading and posting on a diabetes forum. Most of the people there do a low carb high fat diet and are very pleased with the results. I was not entirely convinced that is was healthy. They directed to your film and its making more sense now.


    Good luck controlling the diabetes. I wish you the best. You may want to order a copy of Dr. Bernstein’s book on controlling diabetes:


  12. Bob Herrell

    Thanks so much for making this film. I learned about it on Jimmy Moore’s program where he was interviewing you. I am now living a low carb, hi fat lifestyle and have shed 49 pounds so far. I started at 410 and am down to 360 in about 2 months. I am also 69 years old.

    Where can I find the song you used in the rolling credits at the end of the movie?


    Tom Monahan (who wrote most of the music) and I plan to release all the songs eventually. We both got distracted with other projects, but we will get ’em done. I’ll make an announcement on the blog when they’re available.

  13. Paul

    I really think the American food industry and all the extra crap that comes with it is the problem. If you study diets of people around the world, you will find that some of the healthiest people eat high carb & high fat, or low carb, high fat & high protein with virtually no signs of heart disease.

    Also I want to address the fallacy that stems from the paleo diet that our ancestors never ate grain. Well this is nothing short than a lie. Anthropologists, have found wild grains in ancient humans around the world. Ancient humans ate whatever was available in their geographical location. So we can’t assume that they all ate nothing but meat, fruits and veggies on a global scale.

    Humans ate some wild grass seeds, but didn’t farm and make grains the staple of their diets until the advent of agriculture. Wild grains, like other wild plants, are only edible for a brief period of the year. The grains back then were also nothing like the grains we eat today. Today’s wheat has only been around since the 1970s.

  14. Arne

    I just watched your movie last night. At first I was skeptical, but now I’m really fascinated. There’s so much to take in. I am currently on a juice diet (morning and lunch) followed by a sensible meal that includes fish or chicken. I really got excited about the “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” movie and have followed that path. Now I feel dimly enlightened and confused…but it does make sense what you say. Is there a resource you could guide me to that lists the simple do’s and don’t’s of what foods (fats, carbs, etc.) to eat or not eat? I need to simplify this for my little fatty brain! BTW, what’s your take on that movie I mentioned?

    Great work, love this stuff (60 Minutes needs to do a story on you/this problem.)

    I think the best introduction to the how-to’s and benefits of a primal/paleo low-carb diet is Mark Sisson’s book The Primal Blueprint:


    People who follow the advice in “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” give up sugar, white flour, processed vegetable oils and processed foods in general. That’s where the benefits come from. A primal/paleo diet will provide the same benefits, but with a lot more enjoyment.

  15. harrison

    Hey Tom, i have been on the low carb high fat diet for 12 weeks now, and lost 40 lbs so far. looking and felling great. my brother was interested in the diet that i am on. i told him the specifics of the diet. he talked to his doctor about it and said it would cause him problems because he had his gallbladder taken out. and to much fat would cause a problem. also my brother has diverticulitis and to much protein would stop him up. what are your thoughts on this issue.

    The diet we aim for is high-fat, low-carb, with adequate protein. It’s not a “high protein” diet, though that’s how it’s often portrayed in the media. I have read that digesting fat without a gallbladder can be difficult, so I’d say your brother should listen to the doc on that one.

    In my opinion, diverticulitis is more likely to be triggered by wheat (which can punch holes in the digestive tract) than meat or eggs, so at the very least, I hope your brother stops eating bread and other wheat products.

  16. Christopher

    Hey Tom! Awesome documentary, I plan on showing it to all my family. This really needs to spread.

    I’m wondering, does it matter how much of my total carbs come from sugars? Is it okay to consume a lot of sugar as long as my total carb intake is low?

    No, sugar is worse. Fructose (the sweet part of sugars) is metabolized in your liver and too much of it can certainly cause fatty liver and perhaps directly induce insulin resistance in the liver. Starches (preferably not the processed kind) don’t have the same effect on the liver.

    I’d recommend giving up wheat either way. I ate hamburger buns in Fat Head, but I don’t anymore.

  17. Rick

    My wife and I saw your documentary on New Years eve. We had just watched “Forks over knives” and wanted to see your information. We have been utilizing different diet programs pretty much our entire adult lives. These depended on our activity level, time of year, and location (You tend to try staying toned in the Florida Keys more than say in the mid west. Something to do with amount of clothing.) I tend to find so many eating programs to be sold as the one that will do it for you similar to a religion. Your documentary in my opinion was more along the lines of, here’s what I found out, here’s what I’m trying, and here are the results. We are setting our eating rules today, our activity guidelines, and in 30 days I’ll re-post with the results.

    Great, let me know.

  18. Christopher

    Hey Tom, thanks for answering! I was wondering, is Yogurt alright? I mean it’s usually high in sugar, but I find it the best way to fullfill my sweet tooth. If not, what’s the healthiest “sweet” food I could eat (except for fruit)?

    Anything with sugar in it is something you want to avoid. My girls like full-fat yogurt (no sugar added) with some berries stirred in. If we want to make it sweeter for them, we add some liquid Stevia.

  19. Christopher

    By the way, I just told my vegan brother to watch your movie. The reason he’s vegan is because these days meat can be extremely processed. Also two last questions:

    -Do you think it is good for a teenager to adopt this high-fat, low-carb diet?
    -Do you ever miss carbs? Like get cravings for sugar, bread?

    Yes, I think a high-fat, low-carb diet is great for teens and everyone else. We have record levels of diabetes among teens. That’s got to stop. Metabolically healthy teens don’t have to go low-carb, of course, but they should at least give up sugar and grains if they want to stay that way.

    I don’t get cravings for sugar or bread. I indulge on very rare occasions, but I never crave them.

  20. Tom K

    Hey Tom I was wondering what you thought about red palm oil from the red palm fruit? My wife caught the end of DR. Oz show and said there was another DR. on there saying to eat that as well as coconut oil and stay away from vegetable oils. I did not see it but she got the impression DR. Ozzie was iffy about it and had to put his two cents in about low fat diet. so any way I googled red palm oil and came across coconut research center that Promotes it and has a link to big fat fiasco and a Gary Taubes link soft science of dietary fat , but I could not find any thing on your site about it, so i was wondering what your thoughts were about it. Thank you…

    I’ve never looked into red palm oil, but if it’s a natural oil that isn’t chemically extracted, it’s probably fine. I don’t look to Dr. Oz for advice because he’s always jumping on the next trendy super-cure.

  21. Christopher

    One last thig, would be interested in having “Fat Head” with French or even Spanish subtitles?

    We don’t have those available, sorry to say.

  22. Christopher

    I could try and make myself the subtitles for Fat Head in French if you would like to. By the way I’ve been feeling great eating more fat and less carbs! Now I understand why I was depressed some months ago.

    I’m not sure how I’d import those into Fat Head.

  23. Mel

    Hi I tried downloading your Fat Head Video via Itunes and Amazon but both wouldn’t take credit cards outside of the Unitied States ( I live in New Zealand). As I have minimal patience I was hoping to get my Fat Head fix tonight but alas no deal. Do you have a place where I can purchase it to watch rather than get the physical DVD itself. Thanking you.

    Stay tuned. I just finished producing an updated version, partly to get away from our lying-sack-of-@#$% international “distributor” who has done nothing to make it available overseas but won’t let go of the rights. The new version will be distributed very soon worldwide by Gravitas, the same company that put it on iTunes, Amazon, Netflix, etc. in the U.S. They told me they believe they already have it sold in Australia.

  24. Darrin

    I am in pesticide and fertilizer sales. This is the last place you would find someone that has recently learned to eat less carbs and vegetable oil. Where are subsidies for berries, low carb grains and leafy greens? I have lost almost 15 pounds in 6 weeks and a feel better. Watched the movie lbs. on Netflix the same day as Fathead.

  25. Adam

    I have begun a ketogenic diet. Is this what you’re aspousing? When you write to another commenter, “When you reduce carbs, you need fat for energy,” I somewhat assumed this is what you’re referring to. That being said, and in all seriousness, have you found any trouble with your bowel movements with this type of lifestyle? I find that I’m having some issues with solidity of such and am not sure if I’m doing something wrong here.

    Low-carb isn’t necessarily ketogenic, but can be. You certainly want to train your body to burn fat and not depend on constant infusions of glucose.

    If you mean constipation, you can eat almonds, lots of green vegetables, more oil (not processed vegetable oils) or take magnesium. Salty broth also helps. So does cutting back on cheeses, especially the highly processed variety. If you mean loose stools, you can try cutting back on the lean protein a bit or add more cheeses to your diet.

  26. ken

    hello is rice good? I eat it a lot.

    Good for you. If you are diabetic or sensitive to carbs and get big glucose spikes from rice, not a good idea.

  27. Mary

    I just watched your video on hulu and I have to say thank you! You have made things a lot simpler than even talking to my doctors. I am 29 weeks pregnant and have never had blood sugar issues although I have been obese for the majority of my life. Due to negligence on the part of my OBGYN, I took two glucose tests while on steriod pills for a viral lung infection. After they both came back high, I protested their advice to start a “diabetic” diet which consists of me eating 11 servings of carbs a day (which is way more than I am doing currently). After having a very frustrating time with my OBGYN, I’ve petitioned to take another glucose test in a few day (now that I’m off the steroids). What I’d really like to know from you is how you calculated how many carbs, calories, fats, etc. to eat per day. I don’t want to starve my baby by any means, but I want to kick this gestational diabetes in the butt with a smart diet. Not just a carb loaded diet to keep my blood sugar steady. If I have a glucose issue in the first place. Sorry if that was too much information, I just want to do what’s best for me and my baby.

    I read labels or looked up information online to get carb counts. 100 grams per day was the limit I set for myself, but I consume fewer than that now.

    You might be interested in Jimmy Moore’s interview with Dr. Michael Fox, who has found that low-carb diets helps women avoid many of the problems associated with pregnancy:


    Here he is another interview as well:


    Best of luck to you and your baby.

  28. ken

    🙁 I see I will stop eating rice then. I have high blood sugar and high cholesterol I did not know the rice was the culprit. Thank you

    is there any list of things you think are good to eat and bad to eat? thanks
    excellent movie btw.

    That would be a long list. I eat meats, vegetables, a bit of low-sugar fruit, eggs, seafood, nuts, olives and some full-fat dairy. No sugar and no grains, very limited starchy vegetables.

  29. Kevan

    Here in the UK I have yet to see your video, but have read plenty, so “get the idea” and understand the logic behind it all. Like some others the obvious reaction is to be sceptical from years of indoctrination, but once over that and seeing the many successes here then it’s much easier to get behind the plan. Do any of you though have thoughts/opinions on intermittent fasting? Britain has recently (after a very good BBC documentary) been gripped by the 5:2 diet, ie fasting for 2 days a week and eating pretty much whatever you want the other 5 although it does I believe err on the side of less carbs.
    Was really just wondering what if anything you knew about this as lots of the data was drawn from US studies and more importantly, your thoughts!

    I think it has been benefits, but I’d go low-carb for awhile first so you’re not depending on regular infusions of glucose for energy. I couldn’t go 24 hours without eating when I was living on “healthy” whole grains. Now I can. I usually pick one or two days per week and go 24 hours, which for me is supper one day to supper the next. Tonight’s dinner was, in fact, my first meal of the day.

  30. Bob

    Saw your documentary. You looked like a graceless, soulless shill for the fast food industry.

    Yes, they loved me for pointing out all the metabolic damage caused by sugar and refined starches. I get thank-you letters from them every day.

  31. Jillian


    I watched Fat Head recently after seeing it recommended on Dr. Eades blog, and I must say, you are my hero. I have been trying to live a low carb lifestyle for the longest time and my husband will look at my bacon and eggs and say, “Doesn’t all the grease hurt your heart?” I made him watch your documentary with me a few days ago, now he understands, and welcomes the low carb, high fat meals I prepare. Thank you for making such an eye-opening, entertaining form of information. I wish you could make the whole world watch it. One thing that I didn’t know before watching it (mainly because I never really thought about it before) was that corn and soybean oil are so bad for us, and cause cancer. I just threw everything away that had those ingredients from my kitchen 🙂 I love what LC does for me and I know I’ll live a nice long healthy life. Thanks again for all of the great info Tom! Take care!

    Thank you for watching, and enjoy that bacon.

  32. Ivan

    Hello! i watched ur movie a few nights ago… i used to think supersize me pointed out a lot of interesting things. but now that u busted most of them i guess that movie wasnt honest at all.So in a lchf diet… do u still have to stay within a reasonible amount of calories per day?? lets say that they say i need 2800 calories to keep my weight… how many would u take in to lose weight? i got no time to exercise as well. but my work is very physical and walk some there too. thanks!!! and hope to see more documentaries from u in the future!!! 🙂

    To burn off body fat, you need two conditions:
    1. The need to burn stored fat.
    2. The ability to burn stored fat.

    A calorie deficit creates the need, yes. Dropping your intake by 500 calories is a good goal. The low-carb diet lowers insulin so you can release stored fat more easily, which means you’re less likely to become hungry and give up.

  33. Ivan

    thanks a lot for ur reply i really appreciate u take ur time to answer this!. Is there any apps on android or ebooks or something like that that would aid me on starting my lchf diet? how do u keep track of ur intake of calories a day? again thanks so much.

    I don’t own an android, so I’m not sure on that one. A Google search will probably turn up something.

  34. ivan

    theres something that nobody has pointed out… Salt.
    can u trow some salt on ur steak?? hot sauces???on veggies??? can u put some lime and salt on some cooked veggies???
    what do u think???

    Only a small fraction of the population is sensitive to salt, and a low-carb diet encourages your body to excrete sodium anyway. I salt my food quite liberally.

    1. Walter Bushell

      And one night I woke up with severe leg cramps. I looked in vain for my potassium supplements, but gave up and took regular salt. That worked and I was able in minutes to go back to sleep.

      Salt tastes bad when you’ve had too much and too much salt is usually cased by processed foods. Have to do something to make that stuff taste good.

  35. Dave


    I have been a supporter of the low-carb lifestyle for a number of years. At age 18, I did a low carb diet and lost 45 lbs in 4 months. After nearly 10 years, the weight has come back, been lost, and come back, and then some. I agreed to try my girlfriend’s mother diet of whole grains, and low fat. While some weight was lost, I find myself feeling unsatisfied and hungry on an alomst constant basis. When I try to explain the low-carb/high protein diet, I receive the ignorant respone of cholestrol is bad for you and it’s going to kill you.

    My father who works in the laboratory at the local hospital agreed to take my blood to test for HDL and LDL levels. I am going to do 30 days of nearly no carbohydrates, starches or sugars, to test this theory for myself. I will also get a glucose meter to monitor my blood sugar throughout the process.

    I have one question for you. Will I get the same results in terms of weight loss if eat leaner animal protein such as Chicken and Fish, instead of Pork and Beef, while still consuming only low starch vegetables?

    If you’re seriously restricting carbohydrates, going low-fat at the same time is a prescription for failure. You can burn carbs or fat for energy. Don’t deprive your body of both. If you begin starving at the cellular level, your body will rebel and either slow your metabolism, cannibalize muscle protein to make glucose, or both.

  36. lane

    Just looked at your movie on netflix. Have you looked at Carb backloading? Very similar “basic methodology” he recommends eating your carbs at night due to your bodies inability to store it as fat as easily as in the AM. Again its dependent on the carb tolerance of the person, and difference in sexes. However interesting to see your take on it.

    I prefer to avoid dense carbohydrates most of the time. Usually for dinner on one of the weekend nights, I eat more starch –but not from wheat.

  37. Janson

    hey tom, i would like to say i love your movie and have watches it several times. I just have one question. If you’re on a low carb diet do you still have to count your calories?

    For me personally, no. I counted calories on my fast-food diet and lost weight, so clearly that can work for me. However, I don’t calories or carbohydrates or anything else anymore, and yet I’m significantly leaner than when I finished making the original Fat Head. I stick with meals I know are low in carbohydrates (meats, eggs, fish, non-starchy vegetables, nuts, berries, some full-fat dairy, plus perhaps half a sweet potato here and there) and let my appetite tell me how much to eat. I never walk away from the table hungry.

    To me, that’s the ideal situation: eat high-quality food, eat until you’re satisfied, don’t worry about calories, let your appetite take care of itself. That being said, if I were still 30 pounds overweight and not losing fat anymore, I’d try to adopt some form of portion control if — and it’s a big if — I could do that without feeling hungry all the time. If you’re hungry all the time, your body is going to rebel.

  38. Alex

    Hey Tom, im amazed You moved from LA to Tennessee and breeding your own chickens. Wasn’t it hard for your family to make that change? Anyway I wish you and your family the best of lucks I’m so happy your daughters won’t turn into californian materialistic numbnut girls haha.


    It was an adjustment, but a happy one. My wife misses her California friends, but we don’t miss California.

  39. Susan

    Tom……I just read the Wheat Belly book by Dr. Davis and then heard about Fathead and watched that today. I was so impressed with your film that I’m going to make my 78 year old mother watch it when she visits next month. I already have her reading Wheat Belly and your documentary will be the icing on the cake. The information you provided will hopefully get her on my healthier eating bandwagon.

    Thank you. I hope your mother enjoys it.

  40. Singh

    Love, Love, Love your documentary! Not only love all the knowledge you have provided but love your delivery, your sense of humour as well! I wish I knew you in real life – I really can’t thank you enough for taking so much time, energy, your money and so much research to produce it. THANK YOU from Canada! Also, a best friend forced me to watch Forks Over Knives. Could you very kindly, write an article or a blogpost detailing why it is “bologna”. Please and thank you! Would be really grateful to you for that!

    I haven’t watched it, but the always-impressive Denise Minger did:


  41. Paladin13

    Dr. Marc Siegel said on Fox News on 02/07/13 that “no saturated fat is good for your heart.” He slammed the substitution of butter by restaurants for trans-fats. He’s currently on Sunday Fox News talking about reducing salt intake about 40% and substituting grains, fruits and vegetables for soups, bread, cereals, less process foods so we would live much longer. He also says that “salt has been associated directly with heart disease, with high blood pressure, with strokes, with bad outcomes.” However, another doctor said the studies are confusing.

    I cut out salt when I was a teenager and developed high blood pressure in my 20’s while I jogged 3 times per week, was slim and active. I finally went back to using salt on food a few years ago and there was no change in my blood pressure.

    Here’s the link to Dr. Siegel’s comments on 02/07/13. The more I hear these so called health experts, the less confidence I have in the medical and dietary professions.


    I see him on Fox now and then. He preaches the same old garbage.

  42. ym

    The Sardinians – the longest-lived people on the planet – have a diet of wine, cheese, bread, seafood, occasional meat, nuts, fruits, fava beans and vegetables.


    What is your opinion of this diet? Can it be considered low carb?

    It’s more of a whole-food diet, I’d say. I believe the Sardinians were also isolated for much of history and ended up with a genetic advantage for longevity.

  43. geoffrey

    I watch your documentary and there is a lot of truth in it. since I stopped eating anything whole wheat or multi grain my energy and weight have not been an issue.

  44. brady

    hey tom, I was just wonder if you think things like precooked frozen sausage, lunch meats, and hotdogs are ok for a low-carbish paleo diet.

    It depends on how much of a purist you want to be. I don’t eat hot dogs, but we keep bacon, sausage and lunchmeat in the fridge. Pretty much everything else we eat is unprocessed, so I figure I can get away with some processed sausage.

  45. Tim

    I am on a cyclical ketogenic diet and have lost 25 lbs in 6 weeks. I know I can lose weight on it, but my question is – how healthy is it?

    I have discovered that my belly can’t hole nearly as much food as it used to – before I started this diet.

    My goal is to move from 20-35 grms of carbs (not including alcohol sugars) to about 100 grms. I can tell you that I am terrified that the weight will come back fast. What are yout thoughts?

    One more thing… I want my entire family to adopt this but my wife does very badly on fats. She tends to have bad stomach cramps and does feed of carbs, she has been like this forever. She is thin and has not had any kind of metabolic problems (sugar levels).



    A cyclical ketogenic diet is perfectly fine. If the weight start to come back, scale back on the carbs.

    Your wife should listen to her body. Check what kind of fats she’s consuming, though. Make sure they’re natural fats, not industrial frankenfats.

  46. Judith

    Have you looked into creating a Fat Head App for phones? I would definitely be interested in purchasing. Something that kept track of all the things you eat, that lists foods and how much of a wheat/sugar/carb hazard they are, and lots of simple recipe ideas.

    Also, wondering your thoughts on diet sodas? Does aspertame or any of the other ingredients do anything to restrict fat loss? I’ve researched a bit, but have come away even more confused.

    No, I haven’t looked into a Fat Head app. I don’t own an iPod, iPad, iPhone or any other tablet or smart-phone thingie, so it’s not an area of interest for me. Not yet anyway.

    I haven’t seen anything conclusive on diet sodas one way or another. I lost weight while drinking them, but they’re obviously not a good choice for the purists.


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