Let The Games Continue, Day Five

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10:55 AM
Tom: -8
Christine: -4
Jimmy: -3

Jimmy is still playing with a painful stitch in his side, probably a muscle strain resulting from trying to throw a 600-foot drive a couple of days ago.  His driving distance has gone down, so he’s relying on long approach shots (and he’s very good at those) to stay competitive.

1:30 PM
Jimmy: -4
Tom: -4

Jimmy discovered an important lesson.  Thanks to the stitch in his side, he’s not trying to kill his drives.  So in throwing drives that felt  to him like maybe 60% of full power, he tied his best score of the week.  His drives aren’t sailing quite as far, but they’re consistently down the middle.   When he throws too hard, he usually hurts his score with two or three wild drives per round.  Meanwhile, I missed a birdie putt on 18 because I was so close to the basket (about 10 feet), I didn’t think I could miss and got way too casual about lining up.  That’s my lesson for the day: always line it up.

3:30 PM
Tom: -7
Christine: -3
Jimmy: +1

 6:30 PM
Tom: -3
Jimmy: -1

Okay, I admit it:  we’re both starting to wilt a bit in the heat and humidity.  Not much zip on our throws.  Tomorrow is supposed to be in the 70s, so that should help.

8:15 PM
Tom: -8
Jimmy: -1

Dinner, some rest, and shade in the pastures as the sun dipped behind the trees helped.

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