Busy Week Ahead

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I’ll be tied up this week, but thankfully not with work.  Weather permitting, I’ll be spending most of my days playing multiple rounds of disc golf against this character as part of what has become an annual tradition.

Jimmy threatened to “whomp” me on Twitter before leaving South Carolina this morning.  Some weeks ago, he tried to intimidate me by posting pictures of his pretty new drivers and trash-talking.  Unafraid of engaging in an arms race, I also ordered some pretty new drivers, but chose not to tip my hand by posting pictures.

One practice round down already.  Many more rounds to go, since Jimmy and Christine will be here for a week.  I’ll check comments, maybe write a post, but mostly I plan to be out in the front pastures slinging discs.

Oh, and for the deluded types out there who were trading rumors online that I skipped this year’s low-carb cruise because I want to “distance” myself from Jimmy… well, you’ve got a point.  As you can see from the picture, I kept a distance of nearly six inches between us.  In last year’s pre-tournament photo, it was only four inches.

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