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I’ll won’t have internet service at home for a few days because our home is changing again.  I’ll also be tied up this week with moving and then unpacking.  I’ll check comments when I can, but probably won’t be posting.

For those of you who sent me emails over the past couple of days, I’m not ignoring you.  I just don’t have time to answer them right now.

The reason for the move (which will be followed by another move around three months from now) is exciting, at least to us.  I’ll write more about it soon, but for now, it’s time to pack up the computers.

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54 thoughts on “Moving …

  1. Graybull

    If you are moving to Wyoming……I’ll organize a welcoming committee…..sorry….make that a welcoming party….,,would you settle for one friendly face and a loyal dog?

    I’m always up for meeting a kind person and a loyal dog, but we’ll still be in Tennessee.

  2. mike.t

    I am still trying to figure out”I’ll won’t have internet service at home ” WTF??

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