Epic Meals

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You may have seen the amazingly popular Epic Meals videos on YouTube.  If not, here’s a sample:

Awesome stuff. As over-the-top as a meal can get. But why should the vegans be left out of the fun? They shouldn’t. Here’s one for them:

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54 thoughts on “Epic Meals

  1. Rahul

    Btw i dont think that vegan group are linked or related to the EpicMealTime guys that make all the bacon videos coz the originalt EMTs always has the beard guy as their speaker for all videos, and he’d hav probably put bacon in the vegan dish as well……

  2. Carol Bardelli

    How can Edward the vampire be pale because he’s a vegan? Blood is an animal product. Vampires are pale because they avoid daylight. Ha! Both videos are funny.

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