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Sort of a good news/bad news day.  The bad news is that I’ve spent most of the afternoon trying to remove a nasty Trojan Horse from my wife’s computer.  I think it may be gone now, but we’ll see.

The good news is that Fat Head finally showed up on Netflix as an instant-play option.  I’ve already received emails from people who had never heard of it before, but found it and enjoyed it.  I suspect I’ll also soon receive another round of nasty reviews from Spurlock’s diehard fans … happens every time the film finds a new market.  Fortunately, there are always plenty of good reviews to offset them.

Here’s a link to the Netflix page.  I’m not sure if the instant play version is available outside the U.S., but my guess would be no.  If the film turns out to be popular here, perhaps we can fix that.

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74 thoughts on “Fat Head On Netflix

  1. Amy Dungan

    Yay! I just went to the link and the negative reviews are cracking me up. Tom, McDonalds owes you some money because it’s “obvious” they funded the film. 🙂 If they only knew, huh?

    If McDonald’s had funded the film, I’d own a big house now. Honestly, can anyone with a functioning brain look at the shoestring-budget production values and still believe corporate money was behind this thing?

  2. Drew @ How To Cook Like Your Grandmother

    I’m sure they won’t care what you have to say about it — after all, you’re only the filmmaker — but you might want to ask them about this line:

    He’d show that you could lose weight on a diet of burgers and fries.

    Umm, yeah, except without the fries. That’s kind of the whole point of your movie.

    Yup, unfortunately the various distributors write their own copy.

  3. Lori

    A review from a self-described dietitian: “I see many people in the hospital for mismangement of their health problems, including, but not limited to diabetes, hypertension, the list is endless.” Yeah, many of them are on the staff, if the fact that most doctors and nurses are 50 pounds overweight is any indication.

  4. Dave

    Good job, this is the easiest way to get my family to watch it. The negative reviews were pretty funny so I said they were “Not Helpful.”

    Thank you.

  5. Jackie

    That’s so great! I am telling all my friends to watch it! I am kicking myself for buying it now….tee hee 😉

    Two words: bonus track.

  6. Danny

    I find Dr. Web the best free software for removal of malware, FWIW…

    I’ll have to give that a look. The danged Trojan Horse wasn’t removed like I thought.

  7. Burt Polson

    I just watched on Netflix…great movie! I posted on my Facebook account suggesting my family and friends who think I am crazy for limiting refined carbs in my diet to watch.

    Thank you.

  8. cindy

    watching it right now 😀 If we watch it over and over does it make you more money?

    I appreciate the thought, but no, there’s no per-view royalty. Netflix negotiates a licensing fee to put the film in their catalogue.

  9. js290

    Hmm, it can be easily asked who’s paying for the negative comments to be posted? Who actually has a horse in this race?

  10. Don

    Congrats, Tom, movin’ on up!

    As for your trojan issue, I am a computer tech and my usual MO is:

    1. Do a system restore (Start > All Programs > System Tools) to the previous week as soon as you notice the infection. This isn’t always possible as some malware disables this feature but if you get lucky and can do a restore then you’ll be dealing with a dormant virus instead of an active one and it’s a lot easier to kill it. Since you’ve already tried some other solutions this may not be an option this time but file it away for future reference.

    2. Scan with GMER

    3. Scan with SuperAntiSpyware Portable (Silly name I know, but it’s a fantastic utility. Make sure you run the update before scanning.)

    4. Online scan with TrendMicro House Call. They will try their best to get you to buy their full software but you don’t need it, just stick with the House Call online scan.

    All of these utilities are free and if you run them all in that order you’ve got a good shot of beating this thing. I’ll tell you though, they are getting harder and harder to remove and it takes a few hours to run all the scans. If you’ve got a restore disc you might be better off just backing up your documents and starting over from scratch. It only takes a little longer and your computer will run like a champ with a clean install of Windows. It’s your call either way. Let me know if you have any questions or need any help, I’d be more than happy to assist.

    I appreciate the suggestions.

  11. Caitlin

    On some general-purpose (and very large) message boards I belong to, we’re beginning to see threads starting, “I’ve just seen this movie called Fat Head…” asking about the science you present. You’ve got fans and defenders here and there, Tom! The questioning tendrils are creeping out and may yet choke the dragon of conventional wisdom, that while yet formidable, won’t stand forever.

    I’m delighted to know the word is getting around. After nearly two years, I thought perhaps we’d had our run, but Hulu and Netflix seem to have given the film a big second wind.

  12. tracker

    Best probably just to back up all important files and wipe her hard drive. Much faster than trying to bang your head against a stubborn trojan. I’m always paranoid too that I’ve missed removing something of them.

    Anyway, glad to hear your film is on netflix… maybe I can get a couple of pig-headed people I know to watch it LOL I don’t think they really believe or understand any of this.

    We may have to wipe out the drive. It’s a stubborn little @#$%.

  13. Laurie D.

    My high school Anatomy classes love your movie! I had several ask me where to buy it (now I can tell them to go to Netflix as well). Two comments this past week were “I’m going to become a nutritionist because of this class and this movie and I’m going to give people the right advice” and “I am completely shocked!” – said at the end with a look of complete shock and awe. This is a great film for a high school audience – they have all been bombarded with SuperSize Me in “health” classes and this is a great foil to that production. Get ’em early!


  14. Sarah

    Congrats Tom! Getting more mainstream everyday!

    I remember once in one of your interviews you talking about a math equation that you called “Real BMI” since the original BMI is a math flop. Could you tell me what that was again?

    I’m not familiar with it. Perhaps it was in an interview with someone else.

  15. Katie

    I’ve had this movie in my queue forever and didn’t notice that it’s now in instant play. I know what I’m watching tonight with my dinner of pork chops with a side of pork chop!

    That’s my kind of meal.

  16. Ailu

    Yay, finally back on Netflix!

    About the Trojan, had a difficult Trojan a couple of years ago on my husbands computer – tried everything to no avail. Then downloaded a freebee called Malware Bytes (http://www.malwarebytes.org) and it finally got rid of it. I’ve been using it to clean up computers ever since, the program is awesome. Very unintrusive, you can use it even though you have another anti-virus installed. I’ve never had it fail me.

    If it doesn’t run well afterwards, another free program that fixes malfunctioning WinXP machines is called Combofix. Works great.)

    Hope that helps! 🙂

    Good suggestion. I happened to find that one this morning, and it finally cleared the Trojan Horse. Two others didn’t.

  17. Lisa Lamberty

    Watched and really loved your film! Good Job, Tom …Like most women in the U.S.A i tried all kinds of diets. Honestly i was afraid to eat meat after watching FOOD INC. and to eat fast food after watching SuperSize Me. If i would start a low-carb diet what book should I go with? After your movie i was thinking geez i LOVE BREAD,BREAD and more bread. Can a bread lover like me live on a low-carb diet plus i love fruit on occasion.

    I’d recommend these:

    A New Atkins For a New You (Dr. Eric Westman)
    The Primal Blueprint (Mark Sisson)

    I managed to keep my carb count relatively low while still eating some hamburger buns during the fast-food diet, but I pretty much skip grains entirely now. Once you get away from them, you probably won’t miss them.

  18. Allison

    Not available in Canada yet. 🙁

    Lisa, same with me, I was a bread lover too. I caught myself eating an entire loaf of white bread while on the phone with a friend. YUM!
    But, I don’t miss it at all anymore. You’ll feel better, and once it’s not a part of your diet all the time, you’ll realize how shitty you feel when you do happen to have some bread.

  19. Laurie

    Lisa L. When I first read Gary Taubes’, GC,BC I felt your pain about loving carbs and the thought of having to leave them. That dawning realization was uncomfortable in the beginning. And in his new book WWGF, Taubes says there will have to be some sacrifice. Vegetarians sacrifice eating tasty, filling, brain and heart supplying, supporting animal fat and essential cholesterol. Fat-phobes and low-cal-ers sacrifice feeling full, hale and hearty. Low-carbers sacrifice carbage, bread and cereal grains. Millions of the disinformed eat the SAD and are obese, diabetic, cancerous, and their kids are autistic, etc. I do feel your discomfort, but before Taubes and all this information I now have, I had no choice and frankly no freedom to make a choice about which of these things I would sacrifice. I have made my decision and I forgo the carbs and the sweets and the wheat and grains. I have not looked back in 2.5 years, nor will I ever go back and eat the way I used to before I even learned that I had a choice. Because I felt lousy, hungry and grumpy on the SAD, low-fat, high carb diet of before. Information is power. No decision is ever made with all the information that exists at your disposal- , so you make the best choice you can today with all the available information you have at this moment. If you have found this site and watched ‘Fat Head’, you are charmed, and very, very, very fortunate in my opinion!

  20. Drew @ How To Cook Like Your Grandmother

    That’s one thing that’s still hard for me. I like sandwiches. I use to make one for breakfast, which I’d eat while driving to work, and another to bring for lunch.

    Sure, I can get up 10 minutes earlier and make something to eat off a plate. But I miss that convenience.

    I rarely miss bread, but when I do, it’s the memory of bacon and eggs with toast just this side of burnt.

  21. Greg

    I’m not an expert at all but what seems to work for me is to do a clone backup of the C drive as often as I can stand, weekly hopefully. (And back up documents separately too to be safe, or keep them in a Dropbox.com folder.) Then on the occasion that I have a virus or something goes wonky, I can just wipe the drive, restore the whole thing from the backup and basically turn the clock back. Large external drives are so cheap now you can easily keep a few backups and have options. There are numerous freeware solutions for such backups – I’ve been using Paragon Backup and Recovery free version and it seems to work just fine.

    Also, glad Fathead’s up on Netflix. And there’s a surprising number of thoughtful reviews up there, even some of the negative ones. (Funny how the one-star reviews often seem to have been written without the reviewer having actually watched your film, though…McDonald’s blah blah blah “Adkins” Blah Blah Etc.)

    I’ve been meaning to look into Dropbox. This may motivate me.

  22. Jason

    Found it on Netflix last night….never heard of it. Perfectly pointed out all the things I found annoying in Super Size Me.

    There was much to be annoyed about.

  23. Bobby A.

    I watched this movie on NetFlix last night. I am glad this movie explains some of the chemistry of how things break down and work in your body along with debunking some fast food myths. You have done an great job making this movie fun and educational.

    Thank you.

  24. Anthony DiSante

    Glad to hear that Fat Head is on Netflix streaming! It’s the movie that got me started learning the truth about diet and health — which is to say, UN-learning all the BS I’ve been taught — and it sounds like I’m not alone in having Fat Head as my jumping-off point.

    Regarding the virus/malware, Microsoft Security Essentials is always my first line of defense. It just makes sense to me that I’d use the anti-malware product that’s made by the same company that makes the operating system. Even so, with today’s malware being as clever and evil as it is, once a system is infected, I think there’s pretty much no choice but to wipe it clean. I just don’t see trusting a system with any kind of potentially-sensitive stuff (banking, email, etc) after that system has been compromised.

    I agree that wiping it out may be the smartest move.

  25. ThatGirl153

    I saw the movie the other day….TWICE! After I watched it the first time, I had to have my husband watch it with me. I had been trying to explain to him the theory behind the low carb diet (which I recently started) and was having a hard time getting the point across. The movie said it all and more! Loved it! I too really appreciated the animated diagrams of how fat and insulin work in the blood stream. Great movie! thank you!

    Thank you for watching.

  26. Lori

    A friend/coworker watched Fathead this morning after I loaned her my copy. She said it was funny and informative, and her favorite part was “when he stood outside the restaurants and nobody made him go in and eat the bad food.”

    Funny how that bit draws such varies reactions. People in the anti-McDonald’s crowd all seem to hate that scene.

  27. Cristy

    I watched Food Matters first on Netflix, then, Fat Head. My brain hurts…information overload!!! Thanks for your hard work in providing us with this valuable information!!!!

    Eat some natural fat, and I promise your brain will recover. Glad you enjoyed the film.

  28. SuzyG

    Just saw it on netflix! I LOVED it!! Thank you so much for telling the truth and being so funny about it. Loved the interviews with Sears, Fallon, Enig and all the rest. I’m more motivated to give up my drugs/carbs. Great job. Loved it all

    Thank you for watching.

  29. Brian

    Congrats about the Netflix instant viewing. I hope it brings you many sales/readers.

    About the virus…
    For what it’s worth, I’ve fixed more computers than most techs. The best way I’ve found to remove a nasty virus is…

    1) Get an external enclosure.

    2) Place the infected hard drive (HDD) into the enclosure. You now have a USB HDD.

    3) Plug the USB HDD into a clean computer with an updated antivirus.

    4) Scan the infected HDD twice. Yes – twice

    This will completely remove the virus.

    Do not open any files on the USB HDD before scanning/cleaning

    If the virus infected the core OS files, you will not simply be able to reverse the steps and have a working computer. You’ll have to backup the user’s data and reinstall the OS.

    If you attempt to clean the virus using other (easier) methods, you are much more likely to miss parts of the infection(s) and it will return.

    Good luck.

    Thank you for the advice.

  30. anand srivastava

    I expect the Windows to get infected, so I don’t run any virus scanners. I simply keep two partitions one for the data and one for the Windows. I also keep a disk with all the software that I use.

    If I get a problem with the system, I simply format the partition and reinstall. No headaches that way. Doesn’t take too long either, a couple of hours.

    Also since I don’t run any virus scanner on my machine it runs faster than if I did.

    I believe that I lose more productivity with the scanner than just doing a reinstall.

    I rarely need to reinstall more than twice a year. The last one lasted two years. recently did the reinstall.

    I think that just keeping an eye on malware sites help. Google extra helpfully point them out.

    Also the current trend in the Virus industry (I call it a industry) is to use them for creating our PCs zombies. The manufacturers don’t want the system to be reinstalled and thereby they lose the system, so they try to be as discrete as possible. They only sometimes use the network bandwidth to hammer on a site when somebody refuses to pay up on their ransom.

    This is the price of the ubiquity of a Windows System. I would much prefer to move to Linux, but it doesn’t feel very easy for my wife.

    I’ll probably keep using anti-virus software (Avast doesn’t seem to slow the computer down much), but keeping all the data on another drive is a good idea.

  31. Jackie

    I’ve been watching your film on Netflix, I love all the fat acceptance points you’ve been making. The minute I saw the first clip of MeMe Roth I literally was yelling, “No NO NOT HER!” it’s been more than a year, and I still have the same visceral reaction to her, that I do towards Freddy Kruger. At least Freddy is funny.

    If you haven’t already seen it, you’ll probably enjoy this post about MeMe:


  32. Cindy Anderson

    Just watched the movie last night! It was great!

    Quick anecdote – I teach 6th grade science and in class yesterday we were discussing various types of government mandated information that’s easily available for consumers to help make decisions (started with California requiring smog/greenhouse gas emissions to be listed on cars in our air quality unit). Anyway, we ended up discussing nutritional information and I told the kids that many people want fast food places to print their nutritional information right on the packaging (as McDonalds is now already doing).

    One of my 12-year-old students made the most brilliant observation:
    “Wait – it’s on the packaging? But then, when you see it, you’ve already bought it. Who’s gonna not eat something they already bought?”

    Children make things so delightfully simple sometimes.

    Anywho – great work and thanks for an enjoyable evening at home (watching your movie… that sounded a bit awkward 🙂


    That’s a smart 12-year-old. Glad you enjoyed the film.

  33. Jay Aristide

    As everyone here is home sick today with the flu, my son, my wife and myself watched this movie today. It was a real eye-opener, and readily explained the issues I’m currently having with my physical and mental health. I’ve been waking up every single day for about the past 4 years with pretty serious stomach discomfort, and I’ve been feeding myself a lot of bread and ramen noodles to settle it. Now, I know how wrong this is. Hell, this family practically survives on pasta… That’s going to change, immediately.
    Thank you for making this film, and I hope you make more like it. I don’t really care so much for painting the government out to be an evil uncle Tom that wants to involve itself in and control every aspect of our lives, though. I think you nailed it best when you said things like this are the work of the agricultural industry.

    The real problem is the agriculture industry and the federal government colluding. There’s quite a revolving door between the two. USDA officials go work for the industry, industry officials go work for the USDA, back and forth, over and over. They may as well be a single organization.

    I predict if you cut out the grain foods, your stomch problems will go away. I’ve seen it happen many times, including my own experience.

  34. Jason Pry

    Just finished watching the movie, as I see most of your posters have done. I thought I might write my own two bits of sense on this (or is the word, non-sense?).
    I was raised on hot dogs, hamburgers, and various other burnt meats. I was healthy. Not because a doctor told me so, because we didn’t have money to spend visiting doctors, but rather because I could run around laugh and play and not be found wheezing in the corner desperately seeking an oxygen tank. I estimate this as a healthy lifestyle.
    I’ve known many people over the years to take diets, even some radically removing meat (which in my own personal “book” is one of the deadly sins). I myself joined my wife for the O2 diet, but found I only liked the parts where I was eating an actual breakfast and getting shrimp and salmon at high frequency.
    Your documentary, though I don’t personally like the tones that are set off at points, was pointed, I believe, in the right direction.
    My problem with “eating healthy” in most diets is the cost. To make ends meet, you have to eat ends meat. But ends meat isn’t exactly where your end is met. Be responsible, be able to say no, and be-gin eating. Not every American can afford the foods you ate during the course of your documentary, beginning and end. And so we make do with that we have, but even still we can’t eat 3 tons of ramen, or 1 ounce steak a day. Balance. And I believe this is what you were saying (though mayhap I am wrong, it seemed you were making more of a point then a diet with the movie, which is just as well). Balance your intake and your exercise (I don’t like this word, I should like to say physical activity). I have been known to eat large amounts of food and do little movement for a week, and when I was living in my van, I had only a big can of peanuts and water while I was running 5ks every other day for a week.
    Neither was balanced. But I lived. And I will continue living, as long as the government doesn’t keep shoving their hands in my wallet/stomach/etc.

    In ending this run-on of run-on sentences, I wish to say this. Back in those times where people were healthy eating animal meats and the like as you have described in your own way, there were no gyms. The hunters of yesteryear didn’t have dumbbells and they could still chase down wild animals until the animal died of exhaustion. You should have mentioned that in your documentary. People can’t be lazy and have their cake to, then sue Sara Lee for making them fat.

    It is unfortunate that refined carbs are usually the cheapest calories.

  35. Sam

    Ok, so im 15 and my health teacher made us watch supersize me. We just found fathead on instant today and we loved it. My mom is on the atkins low carb diet. She has never felt better.

    Any chance your health teacher would show Fat Head in class?

  36. Katie

    My husband came home in the middle of this, and watched the end. He usually hates when I watch shows like this, but he enjoyed it so much that he is planning to watch the whole thing this weekend. Left you a positive review on Netflix, but it hasn’t posted yet. Keep up the good work, Tom. I’m working on my husband to stop taking his statins now.

    Thank you for the positive review. Dr. Kendrick’s book “The Great Cholesterol Con” is outstanding if you want your husband to understand cholesterol and statins.

  37. Newly Housewife


    First off you did a superb job with the film (which I found through Netflix).Bravo.

    Secondly, you keep mentioning how the best diet is a low-carb diet. I’m a visual person and must admit I tuned out a little when you started to talk about how bad bread is. By the standards in the film, what should the food pyramid ought to look like?

    Thirdly, if a low-carb diet is best–why does my trusted doctor keep telling me otherwise? Is it all just because of the drug companies he gets free food from, or is the entire teaching field corrupt?

    Your doctor no doubt means well and is telling you what he believes is correct. Most doctors receive very little nutrition information in medical school, which kind of surprised me, but that’s what the doctors I’ve interviewed all told me. Quite a few doctors have come around to recommending low-carb diets, but the big organizations behind the low-fat campaigns — the AMA, the American Heart Association, etc. — can’t admit they were wrong, even though the evidence shows they were wrong. Their reputations would be sunk, and they’d probably be at risk for class-action lawsuits.

    I believe the best diet is what’s commonly called a “paleo diet” these days. That means mostly eliminating the foods that are new to the human diet. No sugar, no grains, no processed vegetable oils. (Coconut oil and olive oil are fine; they’re not chemically extracted and have been in the human diet for a long, long time.) My one non-paleo food group is dairy (cream in the coffee, cheese on the burgers), but I don’t eat much of it.

    Mark Sisson’s book “The Primal Blueprint” does a good job of explaining why paleo diets are what humans are meant to consume.

  38. wade

    Found your movie on Netflix and really enjoyed it. The presence of actual evidence and genuinely humorous presentation was absolutely refreshing. Watching you pick apart causation and correlation was a thing of legend. So when can I expect Fat Head 2?

    No plans for Fat Head 2 at this point, but you never know.

  39. Michael A.

    I feel kind of weird. I have never visited “activist” sites like this before. I know you are probably rolling your eyes right now, but this is a little exciting and daring for me, really!

    Now for the reason I decided to open this new chapter in my life, “Exploring and COMMUNICATING with the Fringe Element”…. I watched your documentary early this morning as I was awake because of a gall bladder attack and couldn’t sleep (what the Gall Bladder has to do with anything below, I don’t know! It just sounded mellow dramatic or something). As soon as you made it obvious you were going to slam “Supersize Me”, you had me won over as a fan. I didn’t care if you started talking about curtain rods after mentioning your lack of enthusiasm for it. This may sound weird, but after watching the suckyoumentary “Supersize Me” I wanted to do two things: 1) Stick my hand down his throat to help him barf, 2) See someone do a piece exposing the shortcomings in logic for his film. Thank for at least doing the second wish!!!!!! I do kind of wonder if you are planning Fat Head 2, the helping him barf would be a neat thing to include!

    Your film was refreshing and troubling at the same time! Refreshing in what the messege and information enlightened my mind to and troubling for the same reason. I just picked up 4 boxes of girls scout cookies from my niece, what to do???? Donate it to the local homeless society? The fat poor people always like cookies, right?

    With all that being said, I woke my wife up early this morning because I really wanted her to see this on Netflix before our 4 children awoke. We both know we need to get our health in order and have been really trying to change our “normal” diet to a healthier and less caloric laden burden. Our attempts at increasing the pasta and decreasing the beef stroganoff has not been seeming to help much. It kind of sounds like the “eat a healthy bagel” to hold us over till dinner isn’t to sound of an idea. Listening to your take on nutrition theory really makes sense, but it really turns what I know to be guiding principles upside down. I have absolutely no faith specifically in the USDA(because of a prior fiasco on our farm growing vegetables for Whole Foods in St Loius) or any of our Govt for that matter. But you just crumbled my Pyramid of Reality. I am a home builder and if the foundation is bad you either tear everything down or spend more time and effort proping it up to build a new foundation. I am not one to shy away from a challenge but this is one heck of a challenge to face.

    My wife and I haven’t been this taken by a new avenue of reality since we learned how to program our first remote control! That’s saying something, trust me!

    Thank you very much for your efforts to bring your reality to so many! This is the kind of thing that will get you on Oprah W.!!!! Not sure that would be a good thing, but neat nonetheless.

    I look forward to understanding more and reading several of the books you have referenced! As an animal scientist from Mizzou ( Yes now turned home builder) I have a really keen interest and love of animals, both on my plate and in my pasture. This is going to be an interesting ride!

    Thank you again for taking such a risk on putting the time and effort into this documentary…A+ Stuff! Oh yea, funny also!

    I’m glad you enjoyed the film. When I saw Super Size Me, it made want a Big Mac.

  40. Harry

    I found your blog after watching the film on Netflix. I heard about the movie from the “Livin’ La Vida Low Carb” podcast. Great movie. I’ve lost 65 pounds by cutting out carbs and never felt deprived. The impetus was (what else) a diagnosis of diabetes. All of my blood work improved, as did my blood pressure and blood sugar. I’m convinced low carb is the way to go and it makes a lot of sense.

    I wish that I had known before I was diagnosed what I know now. Now I understand perfectly why I was always hungry no matter how much I ate. Of course, I was suffering from the delusion that I needed to eat more whole wheat and less fat and, of course, get plenty of vigorous exercise. Naturally, that was just flooding my system with insulin. How many more will follow the same path and never get a clue? In fact, most of the dietary advice from the American Diabetes Association is insane. I had one diabetes educator tell me that a carb is a carb so I could consume my carbs in Oreos if I wanted. Really? And they recommend carbs as part of every meal.

    I’ve got to say though that before I saw the movie I didn’t see how low carb was going to fit with eating at McDonald’s all the time. Of course, now I do see.

    You certainly have to make some adjustments to eat low-carb at McDonald’s, but it can be done.

  41. Eric in Nh

    I just watched the movie on netflix.
    You did a good enough job I also went to your web site, and ordered a copy for my friends who do not have netflix to see.

    I enjoyed Supersize me very much but you would have had to be blind to not see the outcome before the movie started. Pure entertainment, unfortunately also misleading by design.

    I cringed as I watched the movie talk about feeding children cereal with low fat/skim milk as our children’s doctor had just tried to convince us to do just that. To two healthy almost underweight kids.

    keep up the good work!

    Thank you. Your kids are lucky you know better than to give them lowfat milk.

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