8 thoughts on “Update: Fat Head On French TV

  1. gallier2

    Oh, not much luck, it’s not on a mainstream channel. It’s on several cable providers and on the b

  2. gallier2

    Sorry, sent before finishing.

    the biggest SAT TV provider. But it’s a start. Unless people are as obtuse as my squash buddy, it should get repeated later on the more main strea channels.
    As for my Sqush buddy, it was disappointing to see how he didn’t get the importance of being righteous with your experience, what Spurlock didn’t do. My friend gave me all the tired lines you had to respond to in all the comments on youtube, it was funny and sad at the same time, because he has an IQ of 150, is a math genius, highly intellectual computer engineer. Stop must go.

  3. Felix

    Cool! Do you know if it will be available in Germany any time soon?

    Nothing that I’ve heard about. Some countries require dubbing instead of subtitles, so it adds to the expense for the distributor.

  4. Sylvie O

    If it’s been dubbed in French, then it’s likely to be shown in eastern Canada at some point. Will keep you posted if I hear anything.

    Thanks, let me know. There’s some kind of DVD deal happening in Canada, too; don’t know if they’re dubbing it.

  5. Didier D

    I only saw the end… But it was very interesting.
    Let me know if you find a dvd in French…

    I’m hoping that happens soon, or least a download version.

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