Meet the Experts

“If you were obese and you died of a snakebite, they [the CDC] would say it was your obesity that caused your death, not the snakebite.” ~ Eric Oliver, PhD, author of “Fat Politics.”

“What happens when you’ve eliminated most of the true epidemics? You start to come up with metaphorical epidemics:  epidemics of smoking, epidemics of obesity.” ~ Jacob Sullum, Reason Senior Editor, author of “For Your Own Good.”

“The cholesterol theory is totally and completely wrong.  It was made up out of whole cloth and then pushed.” ~ Mary Enig, PhD, biochemist, author of “Know Your Fats.”

“The USDA food pyramid isn’t about health. It’s about selling agricultural products.” ~ Mary Dan Eades, M.D., co-author “Protein Power” books.

“We’ve never had these [corn oil and other processed vegetable oils] in the human diet before, in the entire history of the world.” ~ Sally A. Fallon, President, Weston A. Price Foundation.

“Your grandmother knew that potatoes and bread were fattening. We all knew it, until modern nutrition told us otherwise.” ~ Al Sears, M.D., author of “The Doctor’s Heart Cure.”

“The amount of blood sugar in your bloodstream, if you have normal blood sugar, is a little less than one teaspoon. Three hundred grams of carbohydrates [The FDA's suggested daily intake] converts to a cup and a half of sugar.” ~ Michael R. Eades, M.D., co-author “Protein Power” books.


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