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Random thoughts that don’t belong in a From The News post:

Safe Starches Didn’t Cause Weight Gain

When I wrote a series of posts explaining why I was moving more towards a Perfect Health Diet, I said I’d report back if I gained or lost weight as a result.  I haven’t gained or lost, so I’ll report that instead.

I was at 198 lbs. when I started adding some safe starches back into my diet some months ago.  I was at 198 lbs. when I went to the gym last week.  So while I know from experience that keeping my carb intake at or below 100 grams per day level prevents me from gaining weight and makes it easier to lose weight, it’s simply not true (at least in my case) that the fewer carbohydrates we eat, the leaner we will be.  Below a certain level, there are no additional benefits for me that I can see or feel.

I don’t consume 100 grams of safe starches every day, by the way.  Some days are almost zero-carb because I just happen to have a taste for meats and vegetables.  Sometimes I have a potato with breakfast or dinner, sometimes I don’t.  Other days I’ll end up having a potato with lunch and another one with dinner.

Tonight’s dinner was two cheeseburger patties (from a grass-fed cow), broccoli with butter, and a medium potato with butter and sour cream.  My glucose peaked at 130.  Not bad.  Potatoes are on my menu, but rice isn’t.  I’ve found that it doesn’t take much rice to push my glucose over 200. Since I find rice basically tasteless, that’s not a good tradeoff.

Exercise Didn’t Cause Weight Loss

When Dr. Mike Eades told me during the making of Fat Head that exercises like walking, aerobic dancing, etc., don’t induce weight loss, I couldn’t believe it.  He sent me links to some research to overcome my resistance.  I’ve since read quite a bit more on the subject.  Yes, we’d all like to believe an hour on the treadmill helps burn away the fat – because by gosh, it just feels like that kind of effort should be rewarded – but it simply isn’t the case.

Here’s a recent example: when I weighed myself at the gym before Jimmy Moore’s recent visit, I was at (surprise) 198 lbs.  During his visit, we walked 27 miles in six days.  (I consumed my normal diet that week, by the way.)  I went to the gym the Sunday after he left and found that I weighed … wait for it … 198 lbs.   All that walking, no change whatsoever.

I still can’t believe all the hours I wasted on a treadmill back in the day …

Comedians With Asperger’s

Since I’ve been both a comedian and an indie filmmaker, some young comedians sent me information about a documentary they’re producing – which I found intriguing because all four of them have Asperger’s.  Here’s the trailer:

They’re asking for donations to cover post-production costs.  (Yeah, I know all about those costs.)  I just made a donation.  Please consider doing likewise by visiting their IndieGoGo page.

Wow, that’s a lot of eyeballs

Speaking of indie films, when Fat Head was released in 2009, one of the clips I put on YouTube was an edited version of the section titled Why You Got Fat.  I haven’t checked the stats in a long time.  Take a look:

Nice.  Very nice.

Chicken-Killer Stew Part Duex?

What was once Sara’s flock of 25 chickens is now a flock of 20.  The raccoon that ended up in our stew pot killed four of them.  Something else nabbed another one last night.  Chareva noticed the tarp over the top of the hoop-house had been ripped open, apparently so some critter (most likely another raccoon) could grab a chicken and pull it out between the bars.

So she spent a good chunk of the afternoon covering the hoop-house with wire mesh.  I did my part by re-baiting my raccoon trap.

Come on, Rocky Raccoon, I double-dog dare you …


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After reading about my experience gutting a raccoon and making Chicken-Killer Stew, a friend of mine promised he’d try to find this cookbook and send it to me.

I bet Granny knows how to make a good possum pie.


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10:55 AM
Tom: -8
Christine: -4
Jimmy: -3

Jimmy is still playing with a painful stitch in his side, probably a muscle strain resulting from trying to throw a 600-foot drive a couple of days ago.  His driving distance has gone down, so he’s relying on long approach shots (and he’s very good at those) to stay competitive.

1:30 PM
Jimmy: -4
Tom: -4

Jimmy discovered an important lesson.  Thanks to the stitch in his side, he’s not trying to kill his drives.  So in throwing drives that felt  to him like maybe 60% of full power, he tied his best score of the week.  His drives aren’t sailing quite as far, but they’re consistently down the middle.   When he throws too hard, he usually hurts his score with two or three wild drives per round.  Meanwhile, I missed a birdie putt on 18 because I was so close to the basket (about 10 feet), I didn’t think I could miss and got way too casual about lining up.  That’s my lesson for the day: always line it up.

3:30 PM
Tom: -7
Christine: -3
Jimmy: +1

 6:30 PM
Tom: -3
Jimmy: -1

Okay, I admit it:  we’re both starting to wilt a bit in the heat and humidity.  Not much zip on our throws.  Tomorrow is supposed to be in the 70s, so that should help.

8:15 PM
Tom: -8
Jimmy: -1

Dinner, some rest, and shade in the pastures as the sun dipped behind the trees helped.


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Let’s hear it for the ladies!  Between Jimmy’s podcast work and some stuff I needed to get done for my contracting gig, we only squeezed in three rounds on Tuesday, but the girl in the group (Jimmy’s wife Christine “Ice Queen” Moore) claimed victory for the last round of the day.

11:45 AM
Tom: -9
Jimmy: -2
Christine: even par

1:15 PM
Tom: -7
Jimmy (playing with a stitch in his side): +1

5:30 PM
Christine: -5
Jimmy: -3

After Christine’s dramatic victory (she pulled ahead of me with an eagle on #18), Jimmy and Christine took us to Famous Dave’s BBQ Restaurant for a rib dinner to celebrate our anniversary — 14 years now for Chareva and me.  On the way in, we saw this sign.  My fellow grammar grumps will recognize that some guy named Famous BBQ Taco owns brisket, pork and catfish he’s willing to serve to us.




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Sorry for the slow replies to comments.  Our internet has been off-and-on (mostly off) for several days.  The cable guy will be here tomorrow to check it out.

Jimmy and I both had errands to run today, plus it was beastly hot, so we only got in three rounds.  But the good news is, he finally beat me.  Now that he’s crossed that hurdle, I predict he’ll do it again without waiting another 13 rounds.

11:00 AM
Tom: -6
Jimmy: -2
Christine: even par

3:00 PM
Tom: -9
Jimmy: -2

8:00 PM
Jimmy: -4
Tom: -3
Christine: -1


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Nothing to do with health or nutrition …  just some stuff that caught my attention while I was surfing and cooling off between rounds of disc golf.

The last time I checked out Fat Head on YouTube was a year or so ago, when someone alerted me to the version uploaded by Gravitas, thinking perhaps it was yet another pirated upload.  (It isn’t.  Gravitas is our digital distributor, and they pay us for their YouTube version.)  At that time, there were just over 100,000 views.  Here’s what I saw today:

Suh-weet!  More than 300,000 views and counting.

When I put on my grammar-grump hat, you can bet on me making a serious typo in the same post, so go ahead and start pointing those out now.  Go ahead, I’ll wait …

… Okay, that’s long enough.

Anyway, I understand when, say, someone who runs a grocery store makes a grammar goof while painting a sign.  I don’t like it when I walk into a Kroger and see that tomato’s are on sale, but I don’t grind my teeth about it.  But it annoys the @#$% out of me when people who are (supposedly) professional communicators haven’t mastered elementary-school grammar rules.  Take a look at this ad, which was produced by Canon International, the camera company:

Now take a look at this paragraph from an article on CNBC:

That sound you hear is me grinding my teeth.  It’s means it isIts is possessive, as in hers, his, its.  The ad should read Photography At Its Finest, and the CNBC article should read … before it’s too late.

These are mistakes in basic grammar committed by people who get paid to write for a living.  And by the way, nothing makes it into print without at least one or two editors giving it a look.  When I worked at a small magazine, two editors approved and initialed every article before it went to the printer.  For an ad, the client and the creative director also have to approve.  So multiple pairs of eyes failed to spot those mistakes.  I guess that’s what happens when people from the MTV generation grow up and take jobs in the communications field.


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