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The title of the post says it all.  I’m reading and replying to comments, but it will be the weekend before I have time to post anything.  We’ve got some tight deadlines at the programming job on a big-ass project with multiple moving parts.  I’ve been working loooooooong hours, weekends included, to make sure my part is done on time.

At least they pay me well for my efforts.

Now back to work …


12 thoughts on “Swamped

    1. Tom Naughton Post author

      It ebbs and flows around here. Usually it’s easy enough to keep up. We recently had some “special” projects (meaning upper management came up with them and wanted them done yesterday) interrupt the big-ass project I was already on. So now I’m behind. I’ll get caught up, but it’s going to take another week or two of pedal-to-the-metal programming.

      1. Bob Niland

        Tom wrote: «…meaning upper management came up with them…»

        Or they decide, well into the project, to completely change the web framework to one that key coders don’t know. I just had a freelance neighbor resign from what might have become a doomed assignment over that particular PHB whimsy.

        But hey, it’s not {entirely} like the the good’ol days of making actual machinery, where you’d be up all night, in the box car, on the way to the trade show, applying lead-based paint to the demo unit, by oil lamp, and touching up mistakes with a bit of carbon tet.

  1. Beatrix Willius

    I’m expecting progress on your spring project when you are out of the swamp. The sister and me moved about 20 metric tons of grit and dirt in about 20 days. Manually.

    Those last minute project are never a good idea.

    1. Don

      “Last minute projects are never a good idea.” My wife claims if it weren’t for the last minute, I’d never get anything done!

  2. Nurse Dave

    …Codin’, codin’, codin’,
    Keep them fingers codin’,

    Glad I’m not in the biz anymore.

  3. Dianne

    And I don’t suppose pedal-to-the-metal programming leaves you feeling dog-tired satisfied, either. Hope you can find some time to enjoy your farm soon.

    1. Tom Naughton Post author

      Good timing (or bad, depending on how you look at it): it’s been rainy the past few weekends, so working on the farm wasn’t an option.


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