16 thoughts on “Even Vegan Animals Aren’t Vegans

    1. Walter

      You can if your colleagues write a paper using your notes. A hippo killing and eating a researcher would be worth a paper by itself.

      “We found his DNA in the hippo’s stool.”

  1. Kelly

    We know a horticulturalist at the local zoo. He told us the Orangutans regularly catch and eat a pigeon or dove. The zookeepers do their best to keep this from the public.

      1. Patrik

        Exactly Tom. We have a strong correlation here. None of the endangered spieces are following dietary guidelines. Time to make a study and a news headline “Scientistst say: Spieces are becoming endangered because they don’t follow dietary guidelines.”

  2. Desmond

    Referring to the last 30 seconds of the video, I wonder if coprophagia as a way to source B12 would be considered vegan? Sort of like milk and honey, it does involve consuming an animal product.

  3. Oliver from Germany

    I was aware of meat-eating deers and hippos, but rodents? That one surprised me.

    After seeing this I offered a small piece of cooked duckmeat to my rabbits out on pasture (in a mobile tractor). Who knew, one of them went crazy over it, devouring it without hesitation! The others were very interested, but only

    It´s so weird seeing these little “herbivores” eat meat. I really enjoy watching them eat the pasture and seeing the cellulose getting transformed into edible meat for myself 🙂 but watching them eat meat was kind of a mindf#?k.

      1. Walter

        The Vegan Mind Control apparatus will not be pleased about this. The apparently have enough effective propaganda to keep this information suppressed.

        I remember a video of chimps killing off another group and taking their territory and eating at least the males. The narrator was surprised that the conquering chimp ate the losers and asked “Why?”.

        My first thought was “It’s Meat, you idiot!”

        1. Tom Naughton Post author

          It probably had something to do with privilege. I believe that’s the explanation for almost everything these days.

  4. Walter

    It seems to me that if all these Vegan animals go for meat when they can get it, and I can certainly testify that mice go for bones in a big way after the minerals and belike the fats and proteins of the marrow.

    I shall forward this to my vegan friends.

    Thanks, as always for your posts.

  5. chris c

    Little known fact – seed eating birds like finches and buntings are genetically adapted to be so. Yet most of them feed insects to their young, as they need the fat and protein to grow. The few species that feed their young on seeds are much slower growing and spend much longer in the nest. Something vegan parents should understand.


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