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We have quite a few items that must be delivered to our distributor by the end of this week.  A trailer was one of those items.  I hadn’t created on yet, so that was my weekend.

You wouldn’t believe how much head-scratching work is required to go through an entire film and pick a mere two minutes to capture the essence of it … or least entice people to watch it.

Anyway, here it is.  If all goes according to plan, the film will be available in December.


9 thoughts on “Fat Head Kids Trailer

  1. Bob Niland


    Well, that should be enough time to render synchronized commentary tracks, the theatrical cut, the censored for network TV cut, the director’s cut, the art director’s cut, the Making Of FHK documentary, and the Making Of The Making Of.

    If you have to send it out to the MPAA, don’t be surprised if it comes back rated:
    {for Heretical}

    And do squeeze in a revisit of the original: Fat Head 2018, the SuperSized Director’s Cut

    1. Tom Naughton Post author

      For The Making of Fat Head Kids, I’m going to stand in front of a camera and say, “My wife drew a bunch of cartoon characters and environments in Illustrator, then I animated them in After Effects. The end.”

      Fortunately, Gravitas doesn’t require an MPAA rating.

  2. Watsong

    Having watched the trailer, I immediately felt that an excellent educational computer game could be made. You could even make use of many of the same artworks your movie already has.

    Nowadays, a great many developers use Unity (https://unity3d.com/unity), the bulk of which is free for commercial use. Games up to AA grade have been made using it. As have many many low budget “indie” games. I strongly recommend Unity as a rapid development IDE.

    Children love to play computer games. And repetition assists memory formation. Children might, for example, learn from the game that Corn Syrup is bad, because collecting it with the Nautilus just adds too much energy and little else to the ship. Throw in stat’ screens and things like end of level “Your favourite food was:”. Levels could consist of varying starting out ship configurations representing fat, thin, diabetic, etc people. You have to survive and maintain a good ship status, (a.k.a. bodily health), for the duration of the timer.

    1. Tom Naughton Post author

      I appreciate the suggestion. Chareva has mentioned the possibility of a game, and I know next to nothing about gaming. I’ll give Unity a look.


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