On The Cellular Healing TV Podcast

I was recently a guest on the Cellular Healing TV Podcast with Dr. Daniel Pompa. We talked about the Fat Head Kids book, of course. You can watch below or visit Dr. Pompa’s site — which I suggest you do, because there are many excellent interviews to watch.

I enjoyed this interview very much. Dr. Pompa and producer Meredith Dykstra had obviously read the book and thought quite a bit about it before having me on. Their questions were great.

Sorry about the looking-down angle. I thought it was an audio podcast until right before we started.  The camera on my Mac refused to cooperate, so I had to step over to my Surface Pro pad, which was sitting on another desk.


5 thoughts on “On The Cellular Healing TV Podcast

    1. Tom Naughton Post author

      I’m pretty sure I’m not in Utah. I’m also pretty sure I only have one wife, although she has enough talent for two.

        1. Tom Naughton Post author

          She was quoting me. It’s a line from my author’s profile on Amazon:

          Tom now lives on a small hobby farm with one wife, two daughters, two dogs, one cat, and dozens of chickens.

  1. Malaena Medford

    Someone told me the calories in/calories out thing, and it didn’t make sense when I was 12. At 30, attending University for health and nutritional sciences, I was presented this by my vegetarian nutrition teacher (snark snark).

    I am a very stubborn person. I can also be a snot and comedian.

    I upped my calories to 5000+ calories a day in fat and moderate protein (animal products as a majority) with carbs only in leafy greens, if at all. I rapidly lost 10 lbs in that one week I did this experiment, and lost a bunch of pants that won’t stay on my butt anymore.

    Someone recently told me it was because I just didn’t go over my caloric requirement.

    Here’s the problem. 5000+ calories is not my requirement, and neither is 1500. I did both to see what would happen, and lost weight with the 5000+ as well as or more so probably because virgin coconut oil and raw butter promote weight loss in studies. According to CICO I should have been severely hypocaloric on 1500 due to weight loss from 5000+ and I should have wasted away to anorexic status. I did not. Calories did not matter. I was not active, I was sedentary with weight lifting. That right there convinces me it’s a load of bologna.


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