Well, this is embarrassing.  I was a guest on the 2 Keto Dudes podcast back in May and completely forgot to post about it.  We talked about a few subjects, but mostly about the Fat Head Kids book.

It’s doubly embarrassing I forgot about the podcast, because hosts Carl Franklin and Richard Morris are two of my favorite interviewers.  They’re smart, they’re funny, they do their research before tackling a topic, and they ask great questions.  Sorry, gentlemen.  I can only plead distraction, since I was going a little nutty at the time trying to finish a version of the Fat Head Kids film.

In case you don’t already know, the 2 Keto Dudes are putting on the first annual Keto Fest in New London, Connecticut, starting July 14.  I’d like to be there in person, but I used up most of my vacation days for the low-carb cruise.  However, I’ll be there in spirit.  They’re showing Fat Head in a theater during the festival.

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  1. Mary Anna says:

    Hadn’t heard about Keto Fest! We live in the next town over – and the theater they’re showing fathead in (The Garde) is spectacular. We’ll miss most of it, unfortunately (we’re headed to New Hampshire through the 15th), but maybe can catch some of the Sunday stuff.

  2. Firebird7478 says:

    Cool interview. I saw the same thing with my great-nephew a few years ago that you saw with your daughters on your cross country trip. We took him to his cousin’s hockey tournament. Well behaved for most of the weekend. His cousin’s team their team meal at the Olive Garden. He’s downing the garlic bread and gets a personal pizza for dinner. We go to the rink and he cannot sit still for the game…very “rammy” as my mother use to call it. He even went so far as to see if he could squeeze a quarter between two panes of plexiglass along the boards. I told him several times to stop. He laughed and the quarter slipped out of his hands and onto the ice, where the referee found it and tossed it onto the players’ bench. The kid was insistent that he get the quarterback but he lost that argument.

    Needless to say he crashed and crashed hard afterwards. His mom is reading Fat Head Kids so hopefully they will make some dietary changes soon.

    • Tom Naughton says:

      I’ve seen a couple of studies — probably back-channel funded by the sugar industry — that claim sugar doesn’t affect kids’ behavior. Any parent who’s been paying attention knows better.

  3. Linda says:

    This was a great podcast! After listening to it, it sent me back to the book to re-read parts of it. I keep doing that anyway. After reading all the technical books, Grain Brain, et al, this is truly my favorite! Can’t wait for the movie!! Maybe, at 70, I’m a kid at heart!

  4. Trevor says:

    Well, I’ve been reading various papers wondering why our obesity rates suddenly skyrocketed after 1980 or so. Most of them seem to be that we suddenly started eating too much and decided to sit on our lazy asses instead of exercising.

    It mentions that we’ve increased our calorie intake, but makes little mention as to why. Not one of them have mentioned that it started skyrocketing shortly after we were given guidelines for low-fat, calorie restricted lifestyles. The instant I saw that, it immediately came to me, but those who are considered experts in their field don’t even consider it.

    We’ve been following their guidelines despite their claims to the contrary. I grow up in a generation where it’s considered appalling to drink whole milk, for example. Even if a lot of us have stopped trusting the USDA and similar organizations, we still seem to believe what they say just because we’ve heard nothing else for the past forty years; it’s not something you disregard overnight.

    Red meat consumption has fallen by 30% and growing; even that doesn’t take into account that a lot of what we do eat is considerably leaner than what our parents and grandparents ate.

    I can’t help but remember one of Michael Crichton’s lectures where he said this (paraphrasing): “Consensus isn’t science. Science isn’t consensus. Great scientists became that way precisely because they broke with the consensus.”

    • Tom Naughton says:

      I remember that quote from Cricthon. I wish he were still with us.

      • chris c says:

        I had a similar one but can’t remember where from

        “Education teaches you what questions NOT to ask. The failures become scientists”

        Couldn’t play or download this in the UK. Is it a state secret or just covfefe?

  5. Zachary says:

    Great interview but way too short. I could listen to your interviews for hours!

  6. Thanks Tom,

    Yep, we’re going to turn New London ketogenic for the weekend.

    We’re all looking forward to watching the FatHead movie on Saturday evening in a room full of people who all get the joke. I expect that rascal Ancel Keys will get properly boo’ed.

  7. JIllOz says:

    HI Tom,

    I’ve bookmarked this podcast for a bit later, looks good!

    Thought you’d enjoy this piece I just found:

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