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Well, one of the nice things about having a book released is that I get to be a return guest on podcast shows I enjoyed the first time.

Back in November, I had the pleasure of talking to Brian Williamson on his Ketovangelist podcast show.  The book was rounding the bend towards completion at the time, so he invited to come back after the release.

You can listen to the new episode here.


2 thoughts on “On The Ketovangelist Podcast

  1. Samuel Justus (Heero Yuy Parallax)

    Dear Mr. Naught on,

    I was reading “Keto Clarity,” and decided to post quotes of it on an All Meat Diet Facebook group I am apart of, Principa Carnivora. I did this because some people in the group were recommending a protein intake I found Excessive for everyone, although it might work for some: 2g/kg of body weight. Several people responded that Jimmy Moore, who wrote the book is Obese on such a diet and that he does not know what he is talking about when it comes to metabolics. They explained that anything less than 2g/kg would result in muscle loss regardless of what Moore was claiming. They even posted a photo of a very Obese Jimmy from, they stated, 2017. I had shown a picture of him at a conference in 2015 and he did not look anything like the photo they posted in terms of weight.

    I know that you do not like refuting so called “idiots” because you have a “life.” I understand. But these people are very nice and many are former vegans. I simply wanted to know if you would give a brief response or link to an answering article and post it here. I ask you this not only because you are respected by them (I have posted from your blog and the leader even shared it a second time with the group and Facebook at large, it was the post about the vindicated Low Carb Diet Doctor) but also because I have seen you a dress comments such as the ones above when made by advocates against low carb living on this blog. Please dont call them idiots. They are well intentioned, even if they are wrong or not.

    I love you as I love all beings.

    Samuel Justus (Heero Yuy Parallax)

    I real


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