I was invited to attend the first annual KetoFest in June and would love to be there.  I was the guest on a 2 Keto Dudes podcast with the organizers, Carl Franklin and Richard Morris, last September.  I enjoyed their show very much.

Unfortunately, KetoFest takes place right after the low-carb cruise, and I won’t have the vacation days from work to spare.  I’ll be there in spirit, though. They’re showing Fat Head as part of the festivities.

The organizers have a KickStarter campaign going, so check it out.  I just made my contribution.

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  1. Walter Bushell says:

    April Fools?

  2. Thanks Tom – It’s going to be a very close run thing.

    The feast at Carl’s place is all sold out. Still have plenty of tickets for Social Saturday and Science Sunday. We’ve also sold about $600 in t-shirts and $1,700 in non-reward donations so a lot of people who can’t make it are helping us out.

    We’re almost 75% funded, and just 7 days left to go.

    If KetoFest.com is not fully funded it won’t happen, and all monies refunded. If it is funded … we’ll all make history.

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