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Actually, it’s two brief progress reports.

After some initial feedback from our local expert on books for kids (our daughter Sara), Chareva and I put the book through another round of edits.  Chareva altered some graphics Sara thought might be a bit confusing, and I rewrote some sections to explain the same concepts in fewer or simpler words.  That’s why I haven’t written a post in nearly two weeks.

I’m pretty sure the book is about 95% ready at this point, but we still have to create the copyright page, the table of contents page, etc.

As I mentioned in my first post of the year, I managed to gain 12 pounds during the holiday season, thanks largely to indulging in too much good booze.  I weighed myself at the gym today (we don’t have a scale at home), and I’m happy to report five of those pounds are now gone.  I just had to get back to doing what I know works for me.

I’ll keep you posted.


25 thoughts on “Progress Report

  1. Linda

    As usual, I’m a little late, but Happy New Year to you and your wonderful family. I, too, fell into the category of weight gain over the holidays, but I know it was intentional. I decided to eat certain things, “drink” certain things, and it showed up with an eight pound gain!! But, then I’m much shorter than you and it shows up as a lot more visually than I’m sure it does on you! So far, going back to what I know works has rendered a five pound loss, so I’m not worried- just wish I wasn’t one whose weight reflected such a short (two week) lapse!

    I’m looking forward to the new book also. Keep at what you do! It’s inspiration to me on an almost daily basis!!

        1. Tom Naughton Post author

          I wasn’t a fan of Trump, but watching the snowflake lefties lose their sanity in public has made me glad he won.

          1. Daci

            I am a snowflake leftie.
            Nice to meet ya.
            Actually,I don’t call people lefties or righities,I just call them people since we are all in this shitstorm together.

  2. Bob Niland

    re: …rewrote some sections to explain the same concepts in fewer or simpler words.

    Well, don’t take too long. Today’s government grade school victims are getting less and less literate with each graduating class.

    If you don’t get it out during this school year, it might have to be rewritten again, and entirely in emoticon.

    1. Tom Naughton Post author

      Definitely through Amazon to start, and we’ll set up pre-orders when we’re closer. The book will be ready before the film, and I don’t want to hold up making the book available. I still have to figure out the various delivery platforms for the film as well. We’ll certainly have a blu-ray DVD available with bonus tracks, but I suspect a lot of people these days prefer a digital purchase.

      1. Bob Niland

        re: “We’ll certainly have a blu-ray DVD…

        Erm, those are different formats. Unless the higher resolution is required, DVD should suffice, region-free for widest sales, 29.97 fps 720×480. Pressed BD introduces DRM complexitie$. BD-R may yet have video format limitations.

        re: “…I suspect a lot of people these days prefer a digital purchase.

        Yes, if the customer has a reliable internet connection with ample bandwidth, which doesn’t describe my connection at the moment. I know AMZN does print-on-demand. Do they also offer burn-on-demand?

        1. Tom Naughton Post author

          I’d rather go with high resolution. Not much of a price difference at the plant where we have the Fat Head DVDs done. Is there a reason not to offer blu-ray?

          Not sure if Amazon does burn on demand.

          1. Bob Niland

            re: “I’d rather go with high resolution.

            In that case, offer media. Although many can’t stream SD, many more can’t stream HD (or can, but it’s getting down-sampled and compressed to SD quality levels, thus disrespecting the creative vision of the producer☺)

            re: “Not much of a price difference at the plant where we have the Fat Head DVDs done.

            Then go BD, region-free if possible (and that might hinge on any licensed content therein, if any).

            re: “ Is there a reason not to offer blu-ray?

            If it’s mastered and pressed, probably not. My experience with BDs is that they are glacially slow to load compared to DVD, but I’ll bet that this is due to the [ab]use of artsy-fartsy Java controls on the media. If you minimize that, I’d expect it to play acceptably promptly on a modern player.

            Now it is the case that some households do have a DVD player, but don’t have a BD player (or do, in their game console, but don’t know it). Depending on cost/price considerations, you could consider a dual-format edition. Back when I was buying media more often, I would routinely buy such bundles and give the DVDs to relatives.

            re: “Not sure if Amazon does burn on demand.

            Back in the early days of BD, BD-R was resolution-limited (to 720 if I recall correctly, another literally half-vast attempt to control copying). I don’t know if that’s still the case. I imagine that other readers of your blog have some experience with this. My deep insights into video formats pretty much expired with LaserDisc (you don’t need to offer LaserDisc, or 3D, or 4K, or HDR☺).

            1. Tom Naughton Post author

              I appreciate the info. I make a blu-ray disc each year of the family videos and it loads quickly enough, so yeah, we’ll skip the fancy-pants controls.

  3. The Intelligent Omnivore


    Such a great project and something that is so needed in this country!
    Looking forward to the release.



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