It’s My Birthday Again? Already?

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Geez, time flies.  Blink twice, and it’s another birthday.

In two years, I’ll be 60.  I remember when 60 sounded old.  Maybe it is, but I predict I won’t feel old.  I’m 58 today, and I feel better than I did at 35.  No arthritis in the shoulder, no psoriasis on the back of my head, no bouts of mild asthma, no gastric reflux, no belly aches, no restless legs or mysterious backaches at night.

I should probably send Morgan Spurlock a thank-you card.  Super Size Me annoyed me, which inspired the idea for Fat Head, which led to me learning a lot more about diet and health than I’d ever planned to know.   None of this — the film, the blog, the little farm in rural Tennessee, the upcoming book — was what I envisioned 20 years ago, which just proves the universe had better plans for my life than I did.

We had the family celebration on Saturday night.  Tonight I’m just going to kick back and watch Monday Night Football and enjoy feeling alive and healthy and optimistic about the next 50 years.


26 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday Again? Already?

  1. Dianne

    Here’s wishing you a very Happy Birthday, Tom, and many more to come. If you do send Morgan Spurlock a thank-you card, tell him thanks from me, too. If his silly movie hadn’t inspired you to learn so much about diet and health, and then to pass it on to the rest of us, I would be a lot more ignorant and a lot worse off than I am today.

  2. Linda Riddle

    Happy Birthday Tom! This is also my mother’s birthday! I was just sitting here at the ‘puter musing on different things about her since she passed away on the tenth anniversary of 9/11 (her B’day was 11/14/1920.) Then I saw your birthday, and it was great to see! My mother, although from a totally different generation (she died at 91,) could actually think for herself, and drew conclusions about the government similar to yours, much to my father’s rigid chagrin! Just thinking about your blog and what you do kept my day of remembrance on a high point!

    Oh, and BTW, you’re just a kid! In less than two months I’ll be seventy!! Yikes! I’m not seventy on the inside! I feel great on the inside and outside!

  3. Tom Welsh

    Many happy returns, Tom! And many thanks for all the good you have done in the world with your movie and your blog. There are quite a few experts on LCHF, and more every year – but when I am looking for a simple, easily-understood explanation of some complex issue (or maybe just a frank admission that there is no explanation) I come to your blog.

    I recently reached 68 and I have similar reactions: “when am I going to get old, the way 68-year-olds were when I was young?” Not any time soon, I hope. Bring out the bacon omelettes, the venison steak, the aged cheeses and the good red wine!

  4. Tom Welsh

    Oh, maybe I should also mention that our family has adopted “Follow the money!” as one of our best-loved in-jokes. It really does have a great deal of explanatory power.

  5. Thomas E.

    Happy Birthday Tom!

    Thanks again for all you do. It is very much appreciated! Hope you enjoyed the game.

    Go Cowboys BTW, I know, game from Sunday, but it was a good one.

    Cheers, Thomas

    1. Tom Naughton Post author

      That was a good one. So was the Patriots/Seahawks game. I like games that are still in doubt with a minute to go … although I was delighted to see the Titans jump way ahead of the Packers.

  6. Mark S.

    Happy Birthday! Back in 2011 I saw your title on Netflix many times and thought ‘what a fool, Baloney is bad for you’… Once I watched it I did not believe it until I started researching all of the participants in the film. Then I watched the Super movie and thought what a tool. Then I watched Fathead again and was hooked. At the time I was a vegan for about 6 months and gained weight and I new that was not the answer. I took your advice and I been a low carber ever since. I’ve recommended your move to many friends and coworkers but only have a few that have come around and wised up. Thanks for all of your efforts and website articles. Thanks for all you do! I look forward to your book. I’m sure I’ll be spreading you book around too. Pay it forward…

  7. Glenn

    Well, Happy Birthday!!!! You’re just a wee bit older than I, and I feel, and perform, as well, or better, than I did in my 20s and 30s. Here’s a little birthday gift. I just read this, so it’s on my mind and i can’t resist sharing.
    I’m not sure how links work here, so I hope it works okay. All about how kids that drink whole milk are leaner. Who’da thunk? I really like the 3rd to last little paragraph, but then they end up hedging a little in the last 2. I’ve been telling the wife and kids to feed the younguns whole milk for some time now, and I’ve finally got the wife using it regularly, though she uses it mostly to make kefir. I’ve even got them eating the fat on good cuts of meat, and cutting way back on the breads, grains, and sugar (that was a tough one for me). It took awhile, but evidently there is hope for everyone…

    1. Tom Naughton Post author

      There have been several similar studies now. Give it another 20 years and several more studies, and the USDA may finally allow whole milk in schools again.

    1. Tom Naughton Post author

      Well, that does it. I’m going to go there every day and stuff myself like crazy, then blame him for making me fat.


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