The (Brief) Farm Report: Cabin Cruisin’

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I’ll be brief. Saturday was a perfect day for working outside: 65 degrees and partly sunny.  So Chareva and I made more progress on finishing Sara’s cabin. The side walls cover the corner gaps for the front and back walls, so I was extra careful cutting the planks.  I intentionally made each cut a little too long, then shaved the plank once or twice to get a tight fit in the corners.  That mostly worked.  In the few places where it didn’t work, we’ll make good use of some wood filler.

Afterwards, we locked down a couple more chapters of the book, which is coming along nicely.


10 thoughts on “The (Brief) Farm Report: Cabin Cruisin’

  1. Jason Bucata

    Hmm, no insulation? Is this kind of building not worth the bother or expense of insulating?

    Or since there’s no active A/C for the summer, maybe you want it uninsulated to keep it from getting too hot… I lived in a house where it got too hot because it was over-insulated for cold winters, but had no A/C… ugh.

    Still, it seems odd to have all that air gap back there with no pink stuff (or purple, nowadays) to fill it with…

      1. Jason Bucata

        Evidently I did… hashtag #oops

        I was distracted by the pictures… yeah, that’s it… the pictures… oh, hey, there’s a roll of insulation in that picture… um… I was distracted by the words… yeah, that’s it… the words…

  2. Amy

    I LOVE this. Had to go back and read all the cabin posts from the beginning. My oldest daughter wants to build a tiny house for her senior project. Since we homeschool we can incorporate all of the process into her education, building and design skills/research, writing and documenting on the whole project, budget skills, etc. I admit to being the biggest influence as I am completely enamored by the tiny house movement. The more we talk and plan for hers, the more our other children are making their own plans, even to the point of making tiny? scale models with legos. I love the cabin cash idea and also that your wife gave her birthday to the project. Thank you for sharing your family life with us.


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