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A reader sent an email to let me know Fat Head is now available on Amazon Prime.  So if you’re a Prime member (I am and enjoy the huge library of free movies and TV shows) and haven’t seen the film, time to grab that remote.

You may be wondering who Peter Paddon is and why he’s listed as a star.  Apparently the metadata picked up his name from the cast list I submitted to our distributor.  Peter was a co-worker back when I worked for Disney.  I needed someone for that “guy recognizes himself in a newscast about obesity” scene, so I kind of apologetically explained it to Peter.

He laughed and said (in his classy British accent), “Don’t worry about offending me.  I know I’m fat.”  He volunteered to come to work the next day wearing a very recognizable shirt.  We went outside and I videotaped him walking down the street.  Then we found an empty office with a sofa and a TV for the “Holy @#$%, that’s me on the news!” scene.  He made me laugh out loud with the first take, so that’s what ended up in the film.

Cheers, Peter, wherever you are.


13 thoughts on “Fat Head on Amazon Prime

  1. Tanny O'Haley

    When looking for it make sure you use fat head as 2 words. There is another fathead as one word that costs.

  2. Bret

    Thanks for passing the word, Tom. Watched it earlier today. Just curious, how was it conducting all those street interviews? Did you have to be aggressive to get folks to talk to you?

    1. Tom Naughton Post author

      It’s probably like the deal our distributor had with Netflix, a flat fee for x number of years.


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