6 thoughts on “On ‘The Brazilian Health Nut’ Podcast

      1. Walter Bushell

        A book is a huge project. Writing a book with a full time job and a family AND a blog is beyond my imagination. Particularly since you are tying to write a book doctors can understand.

  1. Firebird

    I believe that is the first time you mentioned that the intent was originally meant to be a documentary on fat people. I was always under the impression that the original intent was to respond to Spurlock.

    1. Tom Naughton Post author

      The first idea was a piece about how we treat fat people in modern society. That led to me watching Super Size Me, which led to me deciding I wanted to make a documentary pointing out the bologna in Spurlock’s film, which led me to do a lot of research into diet, which led to the second half of Fat Head.


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