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Sorry to bug off for an entire week, but it’s one of those pedal-to-the-metal situations at work.  And to make things worse, the insomnia bug hit this week.  It’s been awhile since I’ve dealt with that one.

So I’ve been writing code in the wee hours, catching a bit of sleep in the late morning or afternoon, then getting back to it.

I hope to return to something like a normal schedule after the Super Bowl — go Peyton!


9 thoughts on “Work, Work, Work

  1. Dan

    Hey Tom,
    I hope you are managing to keep up with the primal endurance program you recently blogged about. I started at the same time you did, using the stairwells in my building at work, and breaking up my aerobic exersize into 4-5 chunks through the day. Plus a half hour walk at lunch. How is it going with you? noticing any benefits yet to working out in the 55-75% heartrate zone? Would love to hear an update!

  2. Dianne

    Sorry the insomnia bug bit just when you’re up against it at work, but hopefully it will go away soon. We’ll keep checking for new stuff, but in the meantime I’m still reading through all the archived posts and comments (started with the first in March 2009 and have now reached October 2013 — still a ways to go but learning lots), so I, at least, will not be bored.

    Take care.

  3. Tom

    Hey Tom, do you have a source for the Nutty Crunch bars? I looked and found all sorts of recipes called that, some Nabisco crap and so forth. I couldn’t seem to find what you’re referencing.

      1. Tom

        My bad, I didn’t see that it was an embedded hyperlink. I had a stroke last month and some of my cognitive skills still need a little work.


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