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It just so happens that some videos caught my attention, so I thought I’d share.  The first one is a TedEd video about simple and complex carbohydrates created by Dr. Richard Wood, director of the Center for Wellness Education and Research at Springfield College in Massachusetts.  (In my speech on diet and the Wisdom of Crowds, he’s the guy introducing me.)

Very nice.  Short and sweet — pardon the pun.

The second is part of an interview Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt conducted with me on last year’s cruise.  As I’ve mentioned before, Dr. Eenfeldt is now dedicated to educating people about diet and health full-time.  He closed his medical practice and has a production team cranking out lots of excellent material.

You can watch the video here.  If you join Dr. Eenfeldt’s site, you’ll also have access to all the videos and materials his team produces, including the full version of our interview.

The last video didn’t exactly catch my attention, because I created it.  At the end of each year, I put together a family DVD.  This is the video that shows our big spring project and trying to rustle the hogs.


25 thoughts on “Weekend Videos

  1. Don in Arkansas

    Through your blog & videos I feel almost part of the family. Thanks for that, Tom. It’s hard to believe how big the girls have gotten in such a short time. Your place is getting more and more functional as a homestead operation. Most people don’t realize how much physical labor, not to mention $$$, goes into turning a place from a wilderness area to a place like yours. I too live ‘out from town’ so I am in a position to appreciate your labors. Good job.

    1. Tom Naughton Post author

      I didn’t know how much physical labor would be involved when we bought the place. I also had no idea I’d come to enjoy it.

  2. John C Lewis

    So pleased you posted the video “Life on the Fat Head Farm, 2015” here. First looked at it on youtube where comments are disabled. A joy to watch Tom. Thanks. Here in Iowa My farm is covered in snow – tonight (minus) – 10 and wind. By mid week it’s back to temps in the upper 20. So it’s hitch up the horses and time for sleigh rides. In 90 days – time to buy feeder pigs and spring lambs. My best to your family Regards: john

  3. Linda

    What a great 2015 video! It made me cry! Chareva is the woman I was going to be when I retired from nursing. If it weren’t for statins, I would be out there on my own property- it’s hard to rustle anything on a walker. And what a wonderful life for your girls! The music also was so nostalgic to me! Thanks for pointing me to Dr. Eenfeldt’s site I joined and have already spent time watching videos. Keep up what you do- you are an inspiration to many!

    1. Tom Naughton Post author

      I’m so sorry the statins did that to you. That’s why I’m determined to spread the word about the damage they cause.

    2. Woalter Bushell

      At least they are not in the suburbs which have the disadvantages of the country and the city and the disadvantages of both.

  4. Maki

    There isn’t even much difference in whole wheat, and white bread in GI, adding fat significantly lowers GI. Everything else has a very minor effect. (I don’t count fiber as carbs since they aren’t a problem at all, they don’t significantly lower GI either).

    Maybe I am crazy but I did test very hi fat diet, eating at least 0,8g of fat (wanted 1 but it wasn’t practical) per 1g of carb, and despite eating allot of kcal, and not low or even medium on carbs I actually had lost some weight (got bored with experiment after 4 days), so it is well possible that the results were due to variance but i did loose 100-200g a day despite making sure that i was overeating kcal every of those days. I wasn’t eating only healthy foods either. (just within reason mostly healthy, no trans fats)

  5. Chris

    Do you use a certain program to make your family video. I would like to start doing that I just don’t have a lot of knowledge on making videos. Thanks in advance.

    1. Tom Naughton Post author

      We have the full Adobe Creative Suite. I use Premiere for editing video, Audition for balancing sound (when necessary) and Encore for authoring the DVD. I believe Adobe also offers free Express versions of some of their applications, but I can’t say how many features are stripped out. Probably quite a few.

      Macs and PCs both come with simple video editing software that might do the trick as well. It just depends on your needs.

      Either way, definitely get started now. If you let that video footage pile up year after year, you’ll probably never get around to doing anything with it.

      1. Woalter Bushell

        Yes, any project can only be started now. I have resolved to start projects in the future and it is impossible to start projects in the past.

  6. Anne Marie

    Tom, loved the video and love your work. Thanks to you and Dr. Eendfelt for bringing a sense of humor to a often dry subject. We live in the suburbs with just a few hens, but our dream is to buy a few acres and have more of a homestead like yourself. Well done!

  7. steveb

    Thata carbohydrate video is great!

    But the part at the end where it says to cut All carbs because it may lead to insulin resistance doesn’t seem to follow from the first half of the video. The first half says carbs can be simple or complex, and even ‘resistant’ to breakdown.. yet the conclusion is cut out all carbs? Also isn’t the insulin model not perfect:

    btw, do you watch the youtube channel ‘growingyourgreens’? he’s got lots of good videos!


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