Chareva The Snake Handler On ‘Inside Edition’

Before The Older Brother tells more family snake stories, I thought I’d step in to mention that the most recent family snake story has gone national.  I got a phone call yesterday morning from someone at Inside Edition, asking if they could use part of Chareva The Snake Handler on the air.

Chareva’s out of town at a 4-H camp with the girls, so I asked myself, Would Chareva want to be shown screaming and picking up a snake on national TV?  Well, of course she would.

So I granted permission, which led to this video being aired on Inside Edition yesterday.

Then the same someone at Inside Edition called and asked if Chareva would mind doing a quick interview for today’s show.  So I asked myself, Would Chareva want me to agree to an interview on her behalf so she can talk about screaming and picking up a snake on national TV?  Well, of course she would. 

So I set up the interview time.

I’m not a total idiot, of course.  I managed to reach Chareva at the 4-H camp and inform her of the interview.  The connection was bad, but I’m pretty sure she and the kids at camp were involved with some kind of hole-digging project, because I caught the words “big clod” a couple of times.  There’s a lot of clay in the Tennessee soil.

Anyway, the interview is set for today after Chareva and the girls return from camp.  It should air on today’s episode of Inside Edition.  Set your DVRs.


11 thoughts on “Chareva The Snake Handler On ‘Inside Edition’

  1. Firebird

    Perfect time to plug “Fat Head” and your upcoming book. That audience needs to know who you and Chareva are and what you do.

  2. j

    Lol very cool ..and yea, hopefully leads to more Fathead exposure

    Side note: snakes are Not slimy…darned reporters (eye roll)

  3. ngyoung

    What brings that over the top is you laughing in the background. The freak out at the end is the cherry on top.

    1. Tom Naughton Post author

      Couldn’t help myself. When she kept up picking up the snake and then dropping it to scream, it was worthy of a scene from a Farrelly Brothers movie.

  4. Kfalbrec

    How about that coincidence of the girls mentioning snakes during their segment on the cruise interviews video only to find one making a home in their bedroom when the family returned.


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