A Cool Gift For Cool Moms

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It’s November already, so I’m sure by now some of you are asking yourselves the same question you ask every year:  What the @#$% am I going to get my mom for Christmas?

Allow me to offer a suggestion:

No, I’m not offering to sell my wife.  She’s modeling our latest Fat Head wearable product, the Cool Moms Cook With Butter apron (which she also happened to design).  Here’s the close-up view:

The apron is a nice holiday red, and it’s made from stain-resistant cotton twill.  There are two front pockets and a pen pocket – so Mom can keep a notebook and pen handy, thus making it easy to write A dozen boxes of Kerrygold on the grocery list.

Like with our Wheat Is Murder t-shirts, postage for shipping overseas is more than double the cost of shipping within North America, so if you order from outside the U.S. or Canada, please click the order button for overseas shipping.  (Unlike with our Wheat Is Murder t-shirts, we didn’t have to take a wild guess about how many to order for each of several sizes.  The aprons are one-size-fits-all.)

Shipping time within the U.S. should be 3-4 days.  Based on what people told me about the t-shirts, I’m guessing shipping to places like Sweden and Australia will be more like 2-3 weeks.

The cool mom in our house has already informed me she’s keeping the apron she modeled.  No problem; I hope we sell out this batch and have to order a LOT more.

Here’s the link to the Fat Head online store.


18 thoughts on “A Cool Gift For Cool Moms

    1. Toni

      I second that, Lynn. I thought it was a photo from a catalog or something until Tom mentioned it was his wife. Pretty lady!

      1. Daci

        How about the apron in another color,like blue, brown or green with “cool people cook with butter.” You could also have t shirts with this on it too.

        BTW, going off topic, have you heard about your body reacting to sprouted grai8ns not spiking blood sugar and being treated as veggies? Just curious.

        1. Tom Naughton Post author

          Given what’s happened to grains, I don’t care if they’re sprouted or not. They’re off my menu.

  1. Jim Butler

    Love the pic with the Vermont Castings woodstove in the background. We heated our home in Mass with that exact stove for about 16yrs.

    Great apron, and great idea 😉

  2. Bill

    I just ordered one for Paula. She’ll be the coolest mom around!

    I’d give Chareva a “hubba hubba” but Paula will read this and smack me in the head again.

    Thanks, Tom, we both appreciate all you and your family does.


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