Since my last post raised a hubbub and, of course, prompted more online temper-tantrums from the half-baked brains at Julian Bakery, I’m going to share a few more observations about Mr. Collins and Mr. Squealer, then get back to more important stuff.

I’m not going to link to their videos or posts, by the way.  Some of you have already found them and left your own comments – at least until the open and honest Collins and Squealer stopped allowing those comments.  If you want to find their garbage online, I’m sure you can.  I’ll just recount some of their predictable excuses, counter-attacks, whatever you want to call them, and respond.

Here’s my favorite:  Why would anyone take weight-loss advice from a comedian?

Har-dee-har-har!  Comic genius.  That line just never gets old.  I’m sure it will be every bit as funny the next thousand times as it was the first thousand.

(Oh, and the barely-literate Mr. Collins  — who “rights” his own books and who called me a coward for attacking him from behind a computer after he attacked Jimmy Moore and Diane Sanfilippo from behind a computer — also called me an idiot.  Now that is comic genius.  I’m still laughing.)

In the past few years, I’ve posted plenty of letters (many including dramatic before-and-after photos) from viewers expressing their eternal gratitude to the comedian.  I’ve received way more of those letters than I’ve posted.  Some of the letters were so sincere and expressed such heartfelt emotions, I was choked up after reading them.  Those are the people who matter to me.  One of those letters outweighs a thousand snarky comments from internet cowboys who think they’re either being funny or are going to wound my ego with comments like “Oh, yeah, a comedian.  Some expert, huh?”

But what the heck, I’ll deal with the issue at hand, since Mr. Collins and Mr. Squealer raised it again.

Okay, boys, you got me:  I don’t have a university degree in health science, or nutrition science, or whatever degree would be considered an official qualification.  But that is a strange criticism indeed coming from the two of you, since you don’t either.

Mr. Collins earned degrees in criminal justice and forensic science, according to his bio.  So he’s a trained cop.  That’s every bit as relevant to health and nutrition as my degree in journalism.

Oh yeah, great idea, get your diet advice from a cop.  Don’t they all eat donuts?  Har-dee-har-har!

Now of course, Mr. Collins may know a ton about health and nutrition.  But if he does, he learned it outside the university environment – just like I did, and just like a lot of other bloggers and authors did.  Even the doctors who know what the hell they’re talking about when it comes to nutrition will happily tell you they didn’t learn what they know in med school.

But the real impressive credentials here belong to Mr. Squealer.  Because, ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Squealer achieved his lofty position in life by having the good fortune to be born to a mommy who started Julian Bakery many years ago and then made her son the CEO.

Oh yeah, great idea — get your diet advice from a member of the lucky-sperm club whose mommy started a bread business and then turned it over to her precious little boy!  Great qualifications, there, Dude!  Har-dee-har-har!

Once again, Mr. Squealer may actually know a lot about nutrition.  But if so, he has no official qualifications, and having your mommy make you the CEO of her company is no more relevant of a background than traveling around the country doing shows in comedy clubs.

Oh, but wait … Collins and Squealer already explained in Mr. Collins’ barely-literate post why people should listen to them and ignore people like Jimmy Moore and Diane Sanfilippo.  Here’s the reason:

Just look at us.  Look at our pictures!  It’s obvious we know what we’re talking about, because we have abs!

Uh-huh.  So does this guy:

That’s my son Zack, and he’s always had those abs.  He had those abs when he was living on pizza, potato chips and Coca-Cola.  (He’s since cleaned up his diet.)  He had those abs when he tried and failed to gain weight by massively overeating.  (He was trying to get heavier while playing power forward on his high-school basketball team.)  His mother (not Chareva) had that same ridiculously-low level of body fat even when she developed the very bad habit of drinking a helluva lot of beer every day.

Some people are lucky like that.  They were born to be lean.  The difference is that Zack has the intelligence to realize that just because he’s cut, that doesn’t make him an expert on how to lose weight.  His advice (since he has a nice, self-effacing sense of humor) would probably be something like, “It’s easy.  Go out and inherit my mother’s genes.”

Oh, but wait … in Mr. Collins’ barely-literate post, Mr. Squealer assures us he found the answer to his own (ahem) weight problems, lost the weight, and has kept it off for three years.  And by gosh, he’s willing to post pictures to prove it.

I included two of those pictures in my previous post:

Like I said in that post, that sure doesn’t look anything like a 33-pound weight loss to me.  That looks like the difference between sucking some air into the belly in one shot, then tensing the abs and employing better lighting in the second shot.

But perhaps I was unfair.  Mr. Squealer actually included three pictures.  Here they are:

His body isn’t at the same angle in the middle shot, but the other two are pretty much straight-on.  Since Collins and Squealer like to have fun with photos, I had some fun myself — the difference being I’m not going to tell any lies while having fun.

I took those two pictures, put them in Photoshop, and resized them until Mr. Squealer was the same size in both shots.  (I matched top of the head to belly button, and also made sure his nipples were the same distance apart in both shots.)  On the “fat” Mr. Squealer shot, I drew a red line just below the belly button and just touching the edges of his waist.  Then I copied the red line to the “lean” shot.  These lines are exactly the same width.  You can download the picture and measure yourself.  Here’s what we’ve got:

My, my, my, isn’t that strange?  Mr. Squealer claims he was 220 pounds in the “fat” shot and 185 pounds in the “lean” shot.  The guy lost 35 pounds – nearly one-sixth of his entire body mass, you understand – yet his waist doesn’t appear to have gotten any narrower as a result.  Oh, but he knows all about weight loss, because he used to be fat and had to lose 35 pounds.  Just ask him.  Honest guy like that would never lie.

If those are before-and-after shots of a man who lost 35 pounds, then I’m the King of England.  So I’ll just come out and say it this time:  Heath Squier is lying about his weight loss.  He’s probably just sticking out his belly a bit in the “before” shot.  I’d bet you dollars to donuts (and you can keep the donuts), he’s never been fat a day in his life.  If he has been fat – really and truly fat — he can post pictures to prove it.

So Mr. Squealer’s qualifications come down to being born 1) naturally lean, and 2) to a mommy who started a bakery and was willing to make him the CEO.  (Given his recent behavior, that might prove to be a bad decision.)

But you wouldn’t want to take advice from a comedian … har-dee-har-har!

Oh, I’m sorry … an overweight comedian!  That’s the latest topper on the hilarious joke.

You see, in addition to showing up in comments and threatening to find me at a conference someday and commit some kind of physical violence for calling him an a-hole (proving that he’s very gosh-darned proud of how he put his life on line to protect my freedom of speech while in the military – just ask him), Mr. Collins added a comment on one of his videos describing me as another low carb failure who can’t even stay below 200 pounds.

Fascinating.  In a reply to one of his barely-literate comments on my previous post, I suggested to Mr. Collins that if someone calls you an adolescent, an asshole, a fraud, or whatever, it’s not a good idea to prove him right with your next response.  I guess he didn’t get the concept.  Because I basically called these guys liars in my previous post, and he responded by telling a lie in public.

Where on earth did he come up with the (ahem) fact that I can’t stay below 200 pounds?  I’ve never said that.  No one else has said that.  The scale doesn’t say that.  I was just at the gym today.  That’s the only place I weigh myself, because we don’t have a scale at home.  I was at 196.  I’m pretty much always within a pound or two of that number, sometimes a little above, sometimes a little below.  And I wouldn’t panic if I did weigh 200 pounds.  In fact, I posted a picture of myself awhile back and noted that it was me at exactly 200 pounds.  Here it is:

Good grief, what a fat comedian!  Is he taking over for Louie Anderson?  Har-dee-har-har!

I’m 55 years old and spent most of my life as a fat guy.  Now I’m not a fat guy.  I’ve gone from this …

… to this.

The towel shot, you may recall, was taken on the morning of my 55th birthday.

In other words, unlike Mr. Squealer, I actually was fat and then got considerably leaner.  I didn’t have to stand in front of a mirror and suck in air and puff out my belly to produce a “before” shot where I look sort of, maybe, kind of, a little bit fat – and then lie about my weight loss.  I was the real deal.

So if I’m a low-carb failure because you can’t see all my ab muscles (which weren’t visible even when I was a rail-thin 10-year-old), I’m fine with that.  I’m not really concerned about the opinions of a couple of dumb-jock types who have no flippin’ idea what it’s like to actually be a fat guy struggling to lose weight.

And speaking of the dumb jocks … their explanation of the “2009” Jimmy Moore picture that was actually taken in 2013 is that it’s no big deal and was probably an honest mistake.  And then, to prove once again that he’s barely literate, Mr. Collins claimed that in my post, I said the picture maybe was from 2011, or maybe from 2012, then decided it was 2013.  Must’ve been tough getting through cop school without being able to comprehend plain English.  I explained, in clear and unambiguous language, why the picture couldn’t possibly be from 2011 or 2012, which means it was from 2013.

But let’s analyze that “honest mistake” excuse, shall we?  How was this honest mistake made, exactly?  What series of errors caused Collins and Squealer to believe that picture was taken in 2009?  The only place I can find that picture online is on Jimmy’s site, where it’s clearly identified as being from 2013.  If you don’t actually know when a picture was taken (and you’re not a dumbass), you find a way to verify the date.  When I found the picture of Diane Sanfilippo I posted, I not only made sure it appeared in a collection of pictures taken at Paleo FX 2014, I blew it up in Photoshop and checked the date on the badge.

And like I said in the post, that picture took only seconds to find.  But Collins and Squealer claim it was really, really difficult to find recent pictures of Diane, ya see.  Uh-huh.  That explains why so many people responded by quickly finding recent pictures of her and posting them on Facebook.

So that claim was clearly a lie.  Mr. Squealer’s claim that he was 35 pounds heavier in his “before” picture is clearly a lie.  Mr. Collins’ recent claim that I can’t keep my weight below 200 pounds is clearly a lie.  So since lying is what habitual liars do, I’m going to step out on a limb and declare that the “honest mistake” about the date on Jimmy’s picture is a lie.  The dumb jocks just didn’t think anyone would bust them on it.

And speaking of Jimmy … yes, he looks heavier in his AHS 2014 picture.  He’s probably gained back some weight since losing the 80 pounds.  According to the dumb jocks, this means nobody should listen to him about how to lose weight.

But since the dumb jocks claim to know everything there is to know about nutrition and health and weight loss (they have abs, after all!), they should know damned good and well that if you spend decades being obese and then lose a massive amount of weight, your body will always fight to regain the weight.  A person who loses 100 pounds to end up at 240 has a totally different metabolism and set-point than someone who peaked at 240.  That’s why nearly everyone who loses weight on The Biggest Loser gains most of it back.  That’s why in diet studies, losing just 10% of your body weight and keeping it off is labeled as “success” — and most people in diet studies fail to achieve that success.

The tendency to become obese is largely genetic.  So is the tendency to be lean and cut.  That’s why twins who are separated at birth and raised in different families still end up having remarkably similar physiques.  That’s why my son Zack was lean and cut on a totally lousy diet and is still lean and cut on a much better diet.

Unlike Collins and Squealer, Jimmy was born into a family of very fat people.  (And I’m pretty sure his mommy didn’t start a bakery she could have him run later so he could think of himself as a successful businessman and expert on nutrition, but I’ll confirm with Jimmy.)  Jimmy’s mother had bariatric surgery, for pete’s sake, and still managed to become obese again after initially losing 100 pounds.  That’s his genetic background.

Yes, Jimmy’s weight has gone up and down.  He will be battling that genetic burden (not to mention the damage he caused himself when he was drinking 12 Cokes per day in his thirties) for the rest of his life.  But battle he does.  For years, he weighed more than 400 pounds.  If he’d just gotten down to 360 and stayed there, he would have been a “success” by diet-study standards.  But he got down to 220.   Then he slowly drifted back up to over 300.  Then he shifted his diet again and lost 80 pounds.  Now he’s gained some of that back.  I suspect he’ll lose it, but let’s suppose he doesn’t.  Let’s suppose he ends up at 250 and stays there.

That would still mean he’s more than 150 pounds down from his peak weight.  It would still mean he’s shed nearly 40% of his peak weight – in a world where most obese people can’t lose 10% of their peak weight and keep it off.  Ask any obesity researcher how he or she would feel about a protocol that allowed people to lose 40% of their initial weight.

So if the two dumb jocks/adolescent bullies who think they know everything there is to know about weight loss (because they have abs!) are so cock-sure about their expertise, here’s how they can prove it:  stop making idiotic videos that attempt to fat-shame people who dare to report that Julian Bakery bread spikes their glucose just like any other bread or is the target of an FDA action.  Stop making more videos and posting more barely-literate comments to justify your adolescent-bully behavior.

Instead, take that awesome expertise of yours, go find some seriously obese people who weigh 350 pounds or more, and coach them into losing so much weight, they look like you — with abs!  Show us what real expertise can accomplish.   Or hell, just coach them into losing 100 pounds and keeping it off.  Show us how you – not some fat comedian and certainly not Jimmy Moore – have the answer these people need.

Because based on what I’ve seen so far, if I were 100 pounds overweight and my choice of a weight-loss coach was either an empathetic, kind-hearted guy who’s actually lost more than 150 pounds and understands the struggle … or a dumb jock who engages in internet fat-shaming and has to puff out his belly to make his naturally-lean body almost look a teensy bit fat, I’m going with the nice guy who’s been where I am – even if he still weighs 250 pounds and I can’t see his abs.

144 Responses to “A Few Final Thoughts On The Half-Baked Brains At Julian Bakery”
  1. Gilana says:

    I will consider myself a success when I can maintain a 10% winning average against Jimmy in scrabble.

  2. Christine says:

    I’m one of those many people whose life was changed by your movie, Tom. I was never obese, but I did lose 20lb by changing to LCHF. And your film sent me down an entire road to learn more about nutrition and biochemistry, and to share what I’ve learned with my family. So I’m indebted to you, a mere ‘comedian’.

    So these dudebro internet bullies with their scam bread can go suck a lemon.

    • Tom Naughton says:

      Now and then people ask me if I miss working as a comedian. The answer is yeah, sometimes — but nobody ever wrote to me after a standup show and thanked me for changing his or her life.

    • Bret says:

      Same here, Christine. I was fortunate enough to have avoided the metabolic derangements that produce overt problems, such as obesity, but I was heavier than I needed to be. Now I know about all sorts of stuff–paleo, the gut microbiota, and its relatives/components such as resistant starch.

      If I had not stumbled onto this interesting-looking movie called Fat Head on Netflix, I likely never would have learned about any of that stuff. Certainly not for a long, long time.

  3. Tammy says:

    Thank You ! This should shut them up. Unless they’re completely hopeless AND clueless.

    • Tom Naughton says:

      Naw, it won’t shut them up. They’re both too friggin’ stupid to realize when they look like a-holes. They’ve proved that several times lately.

      • Tom Naughton says:

        Told ya it wouldn’t shut them up. See the latest gem from Mr. Collins in later comments. They’re predictable, if not very bright.

  4. Tom Welsh says:

    Hi, Tom! That “comedian” crack was a low blow – overlooking that it’s an extra accomplishment you have, which doesn’t prevent you from knowing a lot about nutrition.

    My favourite comeback to comments like that:

    “Darwin didn’t have a degree in biology.
    Newton didn’t have a degree in physics.
    Archimedes didn’t have a degree in math.
    Freud didn’t have a degree in psychology”.

    The list can be extended more less limitlessly.

    • Tom Naughton says:

      Yup. Franklin and Edison had almost no formal education whatsoever.

      I’m about to head off to the programming job … Oh yeah, great idea, let a comedian code a complex system for you — har-dee-har-har!

    • If I ever get back to that notion of Andy and I doing a nutrition series podcast (either on our own or through someone who offered to do the hard work), I had started writing the “disclaimer” that neither Andy nor I had been professionally trained in nutrition. Then I started listing all the other things I’ve also done for which I had no formal training. Programming, writing, teaching (including grad-school level classes at a local Uni), comedy, video production, interviews, etc, etc.

  5. Paul says:

    Relentlessly logical as usual Tom! Great post

  6. Kristine tomaszewski says:

    This is the best dam response I have ever read. You and Jimmy are the real deal, real people who have lived it and succeeded. Thank you for standing up to the bullies.

  7. Walter Bushell says:

    Has anyone shown that people who lose substantial weight are better for it (aside from mobility issues)? Last time I checked they hadn’t found enough people who had taken off 100 pounds and kept it off for like 10 to 20 years to run a test.

    See the study would have to follow people for 10-20 years and have on arm lose the 100 pounds and the others not and note deaths, heart attacks, hospitalizations and other real endpoint . Probably couldn’t get the study past ethics.

    Oh, and not to mention the skinny fat. Dr. Lustig has stated that 40% of “normal weight” people are actually fat and that glucose fat is not detrimental but fructose fat is

    • Tom Naughton says:

      It would be very difficult to get a group of people to lose 100 pounds and keep it off long-term, because that’s a rare accomplishment.

    • Bryan Harris says:

      What is glucose fat and what is fructose fat? And how can I tell the difference? Where can I find out a little more regarding these topics? I always thought fat cells only hold fatty acids.

    • Smudge Martens says:

      You may have mistakenly interwoven the concepts of fats and sugars in this statement:

      “Oh, and not to mention the skinny fat. Dr. Lustig has stated that 40% of “normal weight” people are actually fat and that glucose fat is not detrimental but fructose fat is”

      Bob Lustig says that sugar (whether conventional sucrose/table sugar or HFCS) contains two substances: glucose, which is directly utilized by the body and fructose, which must be processed by the liver. He believes that fructose is a major contributor to FLD (fatty liver disease), insulin resistance and a driver of metabolic syndrome.

      In regards to types of body fat, Dr. Lustig believes that subcutaneous fat is healthy and, among other functions, is an important component of the endocrine system; whereas, visceral (belly or organ) fat is a major contributor to metabolic syndrome. He refers to people of apparent normal weight who have large deposits of visceral fat as TOFI (Thin on the Outside, Fat on the Inside).

      I hope that clears up the issue.

  8. Walter Bushell says:

    Evidently you haven’t bought donuts lately neither have I. “Dollars to donuts” odds are not that one sided nowadays. Last time I was buying donuts they were over 50 cents each, when I was in high school they were 5 cents each.

    Nowadays they are pushing the 1 dollar limit and some are no doubt over that mark.

  9. carole says:

    Beautiful, thoughtful post. The paragraphs about Jimmy’s losses/gains was beautifully written by a wonderful friend. It made me reexamine my own “failure” at weight loss, to see that I HAVE maintained a good loss, and that I am merely struggling with a damaged metabolism. Bless you, Tom, you skewered the creeps at Julian’s in the best way: knowledge, good writing, humanity.

    • Tom Naughton says:

      They deserve all that and more. They deserve to have their careers tank as a result of their adolescent-bully tactics.

  10. Matic says:

    I don’t think the tendency to become obese is (necessarily) largery genetic. The set-point/leptin thing is caused by lifestyle choices. Still, never-been-obese people probably can’t relate to someone who’s been obese and is trying to lose weight permanently. Guess we need comedians for that heh.

    • Tom Naughton says:

      Even before processed grains and sugars came along, there was always a small percentage of the population who suffered from obesity. It ran in families and showed up even in twins who were raised separately.

  11. Firebird7478 says:

    “Oh yeah, great idea, get your diet advice from a cop. Don’t they all eat donuts? Har-dee-har-har!”

    Maybe gluten free and from Julian’s Bakery.

    BTW, I never heard of them until this discussion came up.

    • Tom Naughton says:

      And that’s why they’ve made such a dumb move with all this. People who never heard of them before are getting their first impression, and it’s a very bad impression. I’m wondering what the hell they were thinking. Before they produced those idiotic videos, it would have been a good idea to ask a simple question: will this increase our sales, or cost us sales? If they think their fat-shaming, attack-dog approach will increase their sales, they are seriously delusional. Those tactics will not convince anyone who was avoiding their product to start buying it again, but will very likely convince some current customers not to give these assholes any more money.

  12. Be says:

    Never mind the big lie – processed food is not Paleo, let alone low-carb.

  13. Clint says:

    A comedian can’t know anything else but comedy? I’ve self studied nutrition for the past 3 years (thanks to You Tom), and I’m a graphic artist, so I can’t give nutrition advice? Well, I can draw you a picture about it, lol! Thanks Tom, much rather take advice from a comedian than someone that bakes wheat/carbs. A comedian puts a nice humorous spin on the facts and a smile on my face!

    • Tom Naughton says:

      I’m going ask my mom if she’d consider starting a bakery and then turning it over to me so I can be a nutrition expert.

  14. Guy T. says:

    Waist size notwithstanding, the “before” Squealer picture looks to have a mild case of man-boobs, which are hard to hide (I speak from bitter experience). I don’t know whether it would account for 33 pounds (or as I think of it, 11 large packs of ground beef), but if the moobs are real and not a trick of the light, then there was at least some extra fat on the rest of him too. Not trying to defend his overall behavior, just saying I think there is some actual fat loss depicted in those photos. Maybe not enough to make you King of England, though.

    • Tom Naughton says:

      I think you’re looking at the softening effect of bad lighting. He also has his arm pulled back in the second shot and both arms raised in the third, which would tighten the skin around the pecs. He may be a few pounds lighter in the second shot, but there’s no way in hell he lost 35 pounds and showed so little change in his physique.

  15. Gary Collins says:

    Your ability to tell only your small piece of the story never ceases to amaze me. You are like listening to one of our glorious politicians today. Mr. Naughten, you failed to mention my multiple certifications to include being a Master Level Personal Trainer and having an A.S. Degree in Exercise Science. Not to mention decades as an athlete, and working one on one with people, not just blogging about my self-proclaimed expertise like yourself. Of course, spending nearly a decade doing investigations for the US Dept of Health and Human Services and Food and Drug Administration, gives me zero experience knowing what goes on the inside. Funny, it was in the same place where you gleaned my other credentials, and educational background. Then you go on to make fun of my career in law enforcement, absolutely pathetic. You are a small pathetic person who only wants one thing…attention. Honestly, why are you even in this battle to begin with? Of course it brings you more attention that you so badly need…remember folks make sure to hit that donate button! By serving my country and doing the hard and patriotic duty that you obviously would never do, then making fun of it, shows what you are all about. Why not posting my before and after pics? They are in the same place you took Heath’s, oh that is right because I’m wearing a military uniform, and actually look like I follow what I preach. Damn those stupid facts getting in the way again. You see how we respond to your post’s ourselves, and not send our little bloggers and trolls over here. It speaks volumes about who, and what you are as person. I honestly feel sorry for your followers, getting horrible advice from a horrible person. Making us out to be the bad guys, because we finally respond to, in Heath’s case years of underhanded and dirty attacks. I have invited many of your cronies on my show, and now have invited you on to The Primal Show multiple times, to have a real discussion. Amazing how you all stick to your blogs, and have your bloggers do your dirty work instead of coming on a show or forum outside your little network. I guess it is easy to look so smart when it is always a one-way conversation. Needless to say the opportunity to be a man and have real conversation always stands, but it appears that just isn’t your style.

    • Tom Naughton says:

      Geez, Gary, every time I think my estimate of your intelligence couldn’t possibly drop any lower, you pop up again and lower it by a couple of IQ points. I said I don’t have a university degree in health or nutrition and that my knowledge came from outside the university environment. So did yours. An AA in “exercise science” is a laughable qualification for understanding the metabolic challenges faced by someone who once weighed 400 pounds — but of course, if you believe a college degree proves expertise, then I presume you’re on a low-fat diet rich in whole grains, since that’s the people with degrees in nutrition recommend. They’re qualified, ya know.

      I saw your “before” picture, genius. You were wearing a shirt, and much of your upper body wasn’t even visible. If that’s supposed to be you as a fat guy, then it’s every bit as convincing as Mr. Squealer’s “fat” picture. But if you want to share your dramatic comeback from being a fat guy with the world, please do so. I’m sure you have lots of pictures of yourself with a big ol’ belly you can post.

      Decades as an athlete (and I’m sure genetics didn’t help you there at all), later making a pathetic attempt at fat-shaming people who told their readers they don’t recommend Julian Bakery bread … so my description of you as someone acting like a dumb jock picking on the fat kid just doesn’t ring true at all, does it? Good lord, you’re a dumbass. Every time I put an insulting label on you, you rush in to prove me right.

      By the way, Gary, were you fat during your “decades as an athlete”? You must have been, because you’re now insisting you have some dramatic before-and-after shots showing your transformation from fat guy to lean guy, but I simply refuse to deal with them. So do share. Send me a picture of you as a fat guy during your decades as an athlete, and I’ll post it … unless you took a break during those decades as an athlete to become a fat guy for a few years.

      As for making fun of your military career, again, perhaps you should take a refresher course in reading and comprehension. I respect military service. But I don’t respect jock-bully types who pound their chests about how they put their lives on the line to protect freedom of speech, then issue a threat to someone who engages in speech they find offensive — because that would make you an illogical, insincere dumbass, Gary. And that’s what I was addressing: your hypocrisy, not your military service.

      And yeah, Gary, having a donate button on my blog so people who want to support my work can do so … well, that really undermines my credibility, doesn’t it? As opposed to, say, selling a low-carb bread product. No financial incentive at work there. Once again, I am stunned by your inability to recognize when you’re being a hypocritical, illogical dumbass — even though you keep doing it.

      And while I realize you have difficulties comprehending plain English, if you read my posts again and perhaps have someone explain them to you, you’ll see that I have dealt over and over with your “facts.”

      Underhanded and dirty attacks … aw, poor Mr. Squealer. Poor Mr. Collins. Shame on people, picking on a couple of classy and honest folks like yourself — who would never, ever attack someone from behind a computer. Gosh no, you waited until you could call Diane Sanfilippo “chunky” to her face, like a real man, didn’t you? You waited until you could call Jimmy a fraud in person, didn’t you? You would never, ever do your “dirty work” online.

      But of course, it doesn’t surprise me you think you’re both the victims and the good guys in this dust-up. A-holes pretty much always think they’re the good guys. That’s why they keep acting like a-holes.

      Why am I in this battle? Because I saw a couple of dumb jocks/adolescent bullies/dishonest dumbasses trying to fat-shame a woman who isn’t fat and a guy who has waged a battle against his genetics for years. I thought someone besides the targets of your ham-handed attempt at fat-shaming should call you on it. So I did. As for having bloggers do my dirty work … uh, which bloggers would those be? Who’s doing my dirty work for me, Gary?

      Seriously, Gary, I don’t need help looking smart when dealing with you. You keep putting your general idiocy on display, both here and in your YouTube comments, and by this point a sculpture would look intelligent by contrast. So it’s not a one-way conversation. You have your own sites. You can converse all you want. I encourage you to do so, because every time you open your mouth (so to speak) in this brouhaha, you make yourself look even worse. You’re just too dense to recognize that.

      And no, I have zero interest in gracing your show with my presence. I don’t hang around with assholes, bullies, dumb jocks, fat-shamers, frauds or semi-literate jackasses. I have better things to do with my time and energy.

    • Bryan Harris says:

      “Mr. Naughten” -> Should be “Mr. Naughton.”

      “knowing what goes on the inside.” -> Should be “knowing what goes on on the inside.”

      • Tom Naughton says:

        There are other examples in his comments, but if I started pointing them all out, I wouldn’t get any work done this week.

        • B35 says:

          I suppose also it’s better just to let those mistakes lie, these rebuttals Julian bread is making is just embarrassing enough

          • B35 says:

            Also, he might try to blow up a photo on Photoshop, send it to you, and then you post it and he uses it as a counter argument that he was fat.
            Just calling a possible bluff.

    • Galina L. says:

      Did you present the whole story ? For example did you mention that Tom is the author of the “Fat Head” movie and received substantial amount of letters with success stories ? Did you mention his life occupation as “comedian” only?

      • Tom Naughton says:

        Well, people like Gary seem to think people hear the word “comedian” and interpret it to mean “someone who doesn’t know anything except how to be funny.” The irony here is that comedians — at least the ones who don’t rely on f-bombs or what we in the industry call “dick jokes” to be get laughs — are a highly intelligent group. People with average intelligence can’t write comedy. There’s too much creativity and abstract thinking involved. The comedians I met on the road were, almost without exception, highly intelligent, very mentally active, and very well-read.

      • Galina L. says:

        sorry ,the auto-correct turned “author” into “anther”

    • Stephen says:

      I ride with a lot of fast athletes, and no one ever talks about special diets. The skinny ones and the super fast ones never say they’re avoiding white potatoes, or legumes. Some eat healthy, most don’t. No one talks about crazy magic diet spells. (Like eating a legume makes them blow up.)

      Gary, post your Strava, or join me on a ride anytime:

      I like your videos when they say it’s really simple to eat healthy. Then you go on about how legumes are horrible. That’s silly.

    • tony says:

      Hey Gary, does this mean you are still going to stalk and beat up Tom?

      • Tom Naughton says:

        Yeah, Gary is so upset about me comparing him to a dumb jock picking on the fat kid, he’s decided to call me a fat comedian and then hunt me down and smack me. Then he’ll go “right” about how he was willing to put his life on the line to protect my freedom of speech.

        You can’t make this stuff up …

    • AJ says:

      Gary says “I guess it is easy to look so smart when it is always a one-way conversation.”
      Really Gary??
      Is that why you keep deleting all the unfavorable comments from all your social media platforms?
      Like this one of mine you deleted “Gary, what are your qualifications for dispensing health info? Alleged former FDA agent isn’t any more of a qualification than a kid working at GNC. I saw through you schtick on Jack Spirko’s show a year ago. Tear everyone else down in the paleo movement so you can gain market share. The market now sees through your game. 99% of the people following paleo had never heard of you until now…and now you’ve burned that bridge with these childish unnecessary games Mr. Special Agent!!!”

      Why delete it?
      What are you hiding Gary?
      Please “be a man” Gary and let all opinions flow, not just those that benefit your agenda.
      What a phony!!

      • Tom Naughton says:

        Considering that I’ve allowed and even encouraged Gary to keep defending himself and attacking me here in the comments section, I can’t figure out what his definition of a “one-way conversation” is. Seems to me we’ve gone back and forth several times here. And unlike him, I’m not deleting any challenging comments.

        The reason it’s easy for me to “look so smart” while debating him is that he keeps making stupid arguments while trying to defend a stupid strategy that is clearly backfiring. It’s just stunning to witness. These guys shoot themselves in the foot, then shoot themselves in the other foot, then figure the best way to stop the bleeding is to keep pulling the trigger.

        I’d almost develop a smidgen of respect for them if they’d just acknowledge that their attempt at fat-shaming Jimmy and Diane was a dumb mistake, take down the videos and the post, and promise not to resort to personal attacks ever again.

        But they won’t — because that kind of mea culpa isn’t consistent with the dumb-jock/adolescent-bully personality.

        • B35 says:

          When the facts are not on your side, you resort to name-calling and logical fallices to get your point across. Sometimes it’s just better to be humble and admit that you are wrong

        • Dave says:

          “I’d almost develop a smidgen of respect for them if they’d just acknowledge that their attempt at fat-shaming Jimmy and Diane was a dumb mistake, take down the videos and the post, and promise not to resort to personal attacks ever again.

          “But they won’t…”

          ‘Mistakes Were Made But Not By Me.’ That sounds like a book I read somewhere. When someone like Gary has invested so much into a certain course of action, it becomes very difficult to admit error, issue apologies, and make amends.

          • Tom Naughton says:

            I highly recommend that book. And yes, Squealer and Collins are acting like case studies of people who can’t just admit to a mistake and keep making it worse as a result.

    • Bubbles says:

      Google “Streisand effect”. Seriously.

      You’re here babbling as much as you want, and then crying that Tom is having “a one-way conversation”? Are… are you on some kind of illicit drugs? You make absolutely no sense.

      • Tom Naughton says:

        Keep in mind Mr. Collins and Mr. Squealer were unable to find recent photos of Diane Sanfilippo, so I don’t think they know how to use Google. You may have to spell it out for them.

    • Firebird7478 says:

      How the hell did you pass the psyche eval at the police academy? Who administered the test, the black dude that makes all those sound effects?

    • Firebird7478 says:

      BTW, when you say serve your country, you do know that means protecting the interests and resources of the bankers, oil barons and big business (military-industrial complex) in the name of “Spreading democracy”?

      • Tom Naughton says:

        Easy, there. Lots of lots people (including my nephew) enlist because they’re patriots.

        • Firebird7478 says:

          Uncle is a retired Air Force Captain who did two tours of duty in Viet Nam. Part of his job was notifying the families of the deceased under his command.

          My nephew is a former Marine who fought in the latest Gulf War and had his picture on the cover of Time Magazine.

          I have no issue with anyone joining the military or the police if they feel that is their calling. What I don’t like are rah-rahs like Gary who demand respect and reminds us that he did what we “didn’t have the nerve to do”.

          My friend is 50 years old, a former Marine and is struggling mightily with PTSD and is experiencing first hand the incompetency of the VA. He has never done the “rah rah” thing and has come to realize that what my original statement, much to his dismay, is more accurate than it is.

          • Tom Naughton says:

            I’m with you. The Older Brother’s Middle Son (Ranger school grad, two tours in Iraq) called me to tell what he though of Mr. Collins’ apparent belief that serving in the military exempts him from criticism from us mere civilians. He was also not happy at all about the implied threat and issued a counter-threat I won’t repeat. Anyway, he said his response to Mr. Collins’ attitude was captured perfectly by Tom Cruise’s character in “Tropic Thunder.” Here’s the scene — the relevant portion begins at 1:25.

  16. Theresa S says:

    Thank you. Thank you for your honesty, your advocacy and especially your movie. I am over 2 years into a completely changed life after adopting a LCHF lifestyle. I have maintained a nearly 80 lb loss for over a year and plan to continue. Your movie helped me to get my young, brilliant, obese son on board. Very little else had ever worked, except short periods of shameless bribery. 🙂 Your intellect, science, and humor spoke to him in ways I could not. He still struggles. He still makes questionable food choices… but now he KNOWS better, and when he chooses, he DOES better. You have made a difference in our family’s life, and I for one, hope to share the gift. Thank you.

  17. Crystal says:

    Thank you so much for standing against fat-shaming attacks. And thank you for helping me put into perspective my own journey. I have lost 120 lbs and over the course of the summer have put some back on. Working on taking it back off now. This burden of damaged metabolism and fatty genetics gets very tiresome when smug know-it-alls who have absolutely NO IDEA what it’s like to gain weight on 1000 calories a day automatically assume you’re a fatty because you simply eat too much and sit around all day. But at least I can hold my head high – so far I’ve beat the statistics – 4 years and 100 pounds lost and kept off. That last 20 just won’t stay gone at least so far.

    Thanks, Tom

    • Tom Naughton says:

      Thank you, Crystal. I just received one of those “you changed my life” emails this morning. That’s what happens what a mere comedian makes a film offering what Mr. Collins is convinced is horrible advice.

  18. tony says:

    Mr. Squealer’s did lose 35 pounds. It’s just he lost them from his brain.

  19. Phillip says:

    In some countries comedians are highly sought after.

  20. Craig Rich says:

    I can say without a doubt that I owe a comedian so much for educating me about nutrition. I always believed fat was evil and the only reason I wasn’t losing weight was because I just didn’t cut enough fat and just didn’t have the proper will-power to struggle through. Now I’m so much healthier thanks to watching “Fat Head” and now I’ve educated myself so much all because of Tom the comedian.

    As for that picture of you pulling the hen house: I remember first seeing that and thinking “who is that 20-something year-old Tom has doing manual labor for him.” I seriously thought you guys had hired some young man to help you out because you literally look fitter than anyone I know over 50, and equal to most young people in their prime.

    Finally, if Squealer wants to prove he was once 35lbs over-weight, just show more pictures to prove it. I have all kinds of pictures of myself that show how I’ve been over-weight for decades. I bet if we saw his, we’d all see a jock who is obviously lean and fit. Camera tricks do wonders when you’re trying to look a certain way, but pictures taken at parties or events don’t lie because you aren’t trying to lie.

    Thanks again for all you do Tom. The education is the best, but the entertainment is awesome too!

    • Tom Naughton says:

      Well, Mr. Collins managed to find a picture of himself where you can sort of see part of the shirt from his military uniform, so that’s all the convincing we need to believe he was a fat guy — during the decades as an athlete that made him a nutrition expert, of course.

      (Hey, wait a minute … if being an athlete makes you an expert in nutrition, why the heck did the athlete spend all that time suffering through life as a guy who was so fat, the military ordered him to wear a shirt? I’m starting to think Mr. Collins may not be logical.)

  21. Craig Rich says:

    Oh, one more thing. In the “before” picture, you can see Squealer/Squier’s oblique muscles and a decent amount of abdominal muscle definition; it’s just shaded by the light. Also, no love handles. Even people who have abs tend to lose love-handles last as it can be a more stubborn fat deposit. So that’s even more evidence that the pictures are a fraud. I have big muscles, but they are covered in fat so you don’t see the definition very well. I can see muscle definition in his abs, obliques, and pectoral muscles. He’s just using the shadowing in the camera and pushing his stomach out to hide the definition, but it’s there. Show me a fat person without love-handles and ab/oblique definition and I’ll believe these are real.

    • Tom Naughton says:

      I pointed out the defined obliques to Chareva when I first saw those pictures. I’ve never, ever seen a person with any noticeable fat on his or her body who had those. In fact, I’ve seen lean people with flat bellies who don’t have defined obliques. Squier is lying about the 35 pounds, pure and simple, so he can market himself as someone who successfully lost significant weight.

      • Firebird7478 says:

        “I would like to be the first man in the gym business to throw out my scale. If you don’t like what you see in the mirror, what difference does it make what the scale says?” – Vince Gironda

  22. Donald says:

    Hi Tom,

    So sorry to hear that your ex-wife was a big drinker. I’ve had a very similar situation as you. My wife and I had a son together, and her drinking only got worse and worse as he got older. I’m now remarried and doing great (and paleo :)), but my relationship with my son has been strained.

    All the best,

    • Tom Naughton says:

      Hi, Donald — Sorry to hear you went through that. I was never married to Zack’s mother. Long story, but the brief version is that I didn’t know about Zack for years and only got to know him when he was already a young adult. It’s amazing how much of the personality is inherited, however. He has many traits and even some quirks that are obviously from me.

      Her drinking and other bad habits took a toll and she died around age 49. It’s a shame.

      • B35 says:

        I am sorry, that does sound kind of terrible for both you guys, life can sometimes be like that, but it is always important to keep on

  23. Greg Labuz Sr says:

    I lost 100# in 7 months and another 20 in 2-3 months, doing Paleo- kept it off for better than 34 months now- started at 305+ went to 185 in about 9 months- overshot the mark a little, at (6′ 1″, age 54)- and gained back about 6-8#, weightlifting for 2+ y now- feel great and fit and happy.

    Thanks SOOO) much for Tom and The Fathead Movie and reading Gary Taubes. The book was a XMAS gift from my younger son, Dan and who also had me watch his own DVD of Fathead- It took a couple years to take root in me- but I’m sold on it for sure now.

    Had my lipids done last winter and the doc mentioned I have the “highest HDL # he EVER saw in his practice”. My numbers for LDL, Trigs and fasting sugar were excellent too. Doc also told me that my Framingham risk score dropped, like a rock- and (forgot exactly what app he used)- but he plugged all my #’s and family history stuff to some app on his iPhone- and told me my “medical age”, or something like that changed from -11 years to +12- so Fathead movie and Gary Taubes added 23 years to my life!

    My weight fluctuates from 189- 194 for the past two years. I feel incredible and again Thank You Tom, from the bottom of my “healthy heart”- Greg

    • Tom Naughton says:

      Thank you for letting me know, Greg. Like I said in the post, the kind words from people like you are the reason all the insults in the world coming from people like Mr. Collins have no effect — other than producing an occasional chuckle, of course.

  24. Paul B. says:

    reference: “another low carb failure who can’t even stay below 200 pounds.”

    I’m 6’1″, and I hope to never be below 200 pounds. I currently weigh 225, and I’m actively trying to gain weight. I have no desire to be scrawny. I’ve been scrawny, and I’ve also been skinny fat, neither is acceptable to my goals.

    After watching Fat Head, I weighed 219. The least I have weighed the past couple years is 204. But at 220, people would ask me if I had lost weight (since seeing me at 204). Bodyweight is a metric, but not the goal… not mine anyway. I will take today’s 225 over my original 219 any day of the week.

    (FYI, since cleaning up my diet, now eating mostly fat rather than mostly grains, I finally got the energy to pick things up and put them down… thus my desire to grow.)

    • Tom Naughton says:

      Focusing on the scale can get ridiculous indeed. When I left high school, I believe I was around 155 pounds, but I had a fat belly and little muscle. (I was also only 5’8″ at the time.) I’m 40-45 pounds heavier now, but in much better shape.

      My goal is to eat right to stay healthy and work out (along with work on the farm) to stay strong. The number on the scale is only mildly interesting to me, which is why I don’t own a scale.

  25. BEN says:

    are we allowed to post links?

    If so:

  26. B35 says:

    Also I have found that sometimes peoples bellies will look a bit bigger after a huge meal because of the amount of food in their stomach, that could also explain the “miraculous” 35 pound weight loss.

  27. Colby says:

    Hmmm. I first heard of Gary on the Fat Burning Man podcast. It was interesting because he talked the entire show about frauds selling crappy supplements through their blogs and Amazon. He described how easy it was to subcon out manufacturing supplements. When I checked out his website I was shocked (not really) to find he was one of those guys selling crappy supplements on a paleo blog. I should also mention he bragged about his credentials as an investigator, but he obviously didn’t do nearly the investigation work you did about Jimmy, Tom. Great job. By the way, Fat Head is what started me on my weight loss and health journey in 2011. I went from 204 lbs with poor blood work results to 163 with blood work that blows my doctor away. Guess I’d better start eating paleo bread so I can get even more ripped! Anyway, I owe you tremendous gratitude, Tom, for sparking my own health transformation.

    • Tom Naughton says:

      Wait … Gary sells products?! Well then, that’s worse than a donate button. He has no credibility at all.

      As for his investigating skills … I can’t help but wonder why he didn’t look at those pictures of Mr. Squealer and and say, “Uh … Heath? My investigator’s eyes tell me this doesn’t look anything like a 35-pound difference.”

  28. Craig says:

    Speaking of credentials, Sean Croxton actually has a fitness/nutrition college degree. And he always talks about how he got his real education from Amazon after trying to be a personal trainer and realizing how miserably all the information he learned in college fared when applied to real people.

    • Tom Naughton says:

      Of course. So much of what is taught in college health and nutrition courses is just plain wrong, the health and nutrition coaches who are actually doing some good in the world learned the useful information elsewhere.

  29. Todd says:

    You are very persuasive with your writing Tom. I just realized that I was almost as mad yesterday about a bread maker as I was about the IRS scandal. 🙂 I know this is easy for me to say, but I’d love to see you do more documentaries. Are there any in the works? I would buy it–any topic.

    • Tom Naughton says:

      Oh, I’m still waaaay more pissed at the IRS.

      Chareva and I working on a book for kids that will have a companion DVD. Not quite a documentary, but we think it will be fun.

      • Todd says:

        But Tom, as a tech guy like me you know how easy it is to lose data. Just sneeze and it goes away forever. People will believe that, right? lol. Even my non-techie friends ask if they are serious.

        Oh, btw the computers of all our key people who had evidence crashed. The darndest thing. They were eating low carb Julian bread at the time of the crashes too.

  30. Bill says:

    Watched Fat Head a few years ago. Been paleo, low carb, since reading Ray Audette’s book in 1998. Hell, I’ve fluctuated between 218 and 165 over the years. The 218 was when I started. Down to 175, up to 190, down to 160. Hell, I am 52 years old and look better than most 25-year-olds, at 169#. The 218 was when I was eating bread. Have never tried their crap, use as a sponge bread, though. Love the rant. You sound like me after a few Jim Beams. Keep it up. I would love to hear a Dennis Miller rant on this.

    • Bill says:

      Forgot to mention, I lost 48# in 5 weeks just by eating real food. After several days I actually dropped 1.5# every day. I weighed every day and it was 1.5# drop (after I peed in the morning). .5# bacon and 4 eggs for breakfast, ribs for lunch, if I was hungry, steak for dinner. Not much of a rabbit. Salad is only good if I have a hankerin for bleu cheese.

    • Tom Naughton says:

      For the record, there was no Jim Beam or any other liquor involved in my writing process.

  31. Justin says:

    Thank you Tom, for putting all the hard work into explaining things so simply that any alternate explanation would seem illogical. I always admire your ability to do that. In the rare occasion that I find myself trying to defend my own nutritional beliefs, I often will accidentally bring up a “point” that is unnecessary and has holes in it. No matter how many scientific and accurate things I had said up to that point, my stance immediately becomes less convincing after something like that comes out of my mouth.

    Also, about the photos that these Julian guys dug up, if you ask anybody who knows me in person whether my weight looks any different now than it did 10 years ago after my initial weight loss, they would almost definitely say “no”. However, if someone decided to scour my Facebook page trying to find a recent photo that makes me look fat, I guarantee that they will be able to. The wrong shirt, combined with the wrong lighting, combined with the wrong pose, combined with the wrong climate, etc., can make all the difference.

    • Tom Naughton says:

      Sure, and the celebrity tabloids count on that. Catch some star in bad light with bad posture or whatever, and we get the “[Insert Star Name] Weight Gain Scandal!” headline.

  32. Cary L says:

    Unequivocally the best post you’ve written on this blog. A million thank-you’s for fighting the good fight and doing so with equal parts humor and intelligence.

  33. Tom,

    I watched your movie when I was in my first year of graduate school majoring in public health as well as finishing up my internship to become a registered dietitian. It changed my life. I have lost 25 lb, reversed my rheumatoid arthritis, my daughter’s autism and this whole journey started with YOUR movie- none of my education helped me personally.

    • Tom Naughton says:

      Thank you, Komel. That is outstanding news about your daughter.

      (Too bad I’m just an overweight comedian, or I might have actually done you some good.)

  34. Gary Mannheimer says:

    Over two years ago, I read Gary Taubes, and then happened to discover Fat Head when I was browsing videos on Amazon. Your movie is an excellent, easy to understand overview of much of what Taubes discusses.

    I reduced my carb intake by reducing the amount of sugar and grains in my diet, and I increased the amount of healthy fats that I eat. It’s still a work in progress, as most things are.

    I went from 213 lbs. to 183 lbs. (I’m 5’10”). My weight loss was similar to what Mr. Squealer claims. I don’t have before and after photos, but my weight loss is very obvious around my abdomen. I lost 2-3 inches from my waist, and my belly no longer hangs over my pants, as in your own before photo.

    These days, I get the most useful information from your blog, Chris Kresser, and Mark Sisson. Keep up the good work, and don’t let the idiots affect your blood pressure.

    • Tom Naughton says:

      Thank you, Gary. My blood pressure is steady as a rock and usually in the 110/75 range. Must be the fact that I love salt on my food.

  35. Namu says:

    It’s a bit sad that you had to do this. You’ve already given these wankers too much attention…

    • Namu says:

      Also, like many other grateful thinking adults, your movie started my own journey to health and leanness. I was long obese in 2008, then saw your movie, decided to try and replicate your “fast food diet” experiment (successfully: I lost 5 pounds effortlessly), went low-carb then paleo/primal and never looked back ever since I went back to my high-school-athlete weight (+ cured sleep apnea, cold sores, reversed onset of arthritis and eliminated GERD). All thanks to you !

      You’re the kind of person people think of when they say they believe there are angels out there in this world, simply helping.

    • Tom Naughton says:

      Yeah, but in this case, I believe the wankers deserve the attention — as in, “Hey, everybody, please take note: These are the wankers you’re supporting if you buy Julian Bakery products.”

  36. David says:

    Is the guy claiming that eating the Julian bread enabled a 33 pound weight loss for himself? (or that a 33 pound weight loss makes him an expert, and you should buy his bread because of that reason?) I’m just trying to grasp the logic behind the claims.

    Based on your 55th birthday picture, I think you could play the lead in the next Abe Lincoln movie.

    • Tom Naughton says:

      Well, I have to strain my normally-logical brain into an odd shape to do this, but here’s the point the dumb jocks thought they were making (and boy, is this some marketing genius!):

      “Jimmy Moore says our low-carb bread isn’t really low-carb and raises his blood sugar as high as any other bread. But as you can see from these pictures, Jimmy has gained weight since 2009, whereas we’ve gone from fat guys to super-lean guys with abs, so this proves we’re nutrition experts and Jimmy isn’t. And that proves Jimmy is wrong when he says Julian Bakery low-carb bread isn’t low-carb and spikes his blood sugar. So you should listen to us and buy Julian Bakery low-carb bread.”

      I know, I know … you’re sitting there thinking “How could they POSSIBLY be so deluded as to believe anyone would look at those pictures of Jimmy and leap to the conclusion that Julian Bakery’s low-carb bread doesn’t actually spike blood sugar like Jimmy says it does? Those are two totally unrelated issues.”

      Well, here’s how deluded they are: They posted this obviously fake comment on their video:

      Bravo. Its about time the truth was acknowledged. Time to get myself some Julian Bakery Bread.

      The truth has come out, so now I will buy your bread. And these unbelievably dense, dumbass jocks apparently believed the viewing public would buy this bulls### … as opposed to, say, concluding that we’re watching unbelievably dense, dumbass jocks pick on someone who doesn’t deserve it.

      Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the dumbass jocks thought this was an effective PR strategy. If they haven’t realized by now that it was an incredibly stupid move, then they’re bigger idiots than I imagined — and that’s saying a lot.

      • David says:

        OK Tom, thanks for breaking this down. I don’t eat bread much anyways and certainly would never buy this product now. I did enjoy your verbal jousting in this kerfuffle.

        • Tom Naughton says:

          I don’t know if their bread tastes good or not. Even if it does, I hope a lot of people who’ve been buying it decide they won’t reward the adolescent behavior of the owner by buying it ever again.

  37. Let’s see if we can engage Heath Squier and his Julian Bakery in a conversation addressing the POISONING OF DIABETICS and the lowcarb community with his SmartCarb breads from 2009 thru 2013. Heath would tell you to go see his interview with Gary Collins last year and brush his hands together and BOOM-just be finished with it. Well, it doesn’t work that way Heath. I told Heath 2½ years ago I was going to try to bring him onto the radar screen of the FDA and by dang I did it. It appears you may now be there permanently.

    We also might like to know what job Heath Squier had prior to his joining The Julian Bakery in 2009. I bet that might be a “revealing” conversation.

    To read the complete story of this man, his company, and the havoc they have caused please see

  38. Marty says:

    Thank you so much for shining a light on these assholes. I actually bought their product when I first went paleo and it horrible. Late and moldy. I contacted them but never got a response and I’m angry to this day that I didn’t do a chargeback. They deleted my feedback when I left comments on the Julian Bakery facebook page. I wish someone would have warned me about them before I ordered. I share my experience with anybody that will listen and cannot wait to see these guys go out of business. Thank you again and I will be hitting that donate button just as soon as I submit this comment!

    • Tom Naughton says:

      Well, Mr. Collins and Mr. Squealer can attribute all the negative publicity to underhanded tactics, unfair attacks, blah-blah-blah, but I think what we’re about to see is the market and the Wisdom of Crowds working as they should — by putting these a-holes out of business.

      And if my posts contribute to that outcome, I’ll be a damned proud overweight comedian.

  39. Lesley says:

    I was told by my doctor that I had very high cholesterol and that I needed to lose about 25lbs….he proceeded to give me a box set of info books about eating low fat and how to reduce my cholesterol — found out from YOUR vid by one of the doctors interviewd, that it doesn’t matter a wit about cholesterol for women – because it contributes NOTHING to heart disease for women; that the bigger problem was sugars and carbs that contributed to heart problem. I’m not obese by any stretch but based on the US guidelines I am, but since I am Canadian I guess that isn’t a factor (j/k) – anyway I became MORE concerned with my carb and sugar addiction than anything else and worked on ways to eliminate those food groups when I stumbled upon your vid….and OMG!! with your vid and with my Atkins book I have completely eliminated them from my WOE and I have never been so happy, healthy and addiction free in my life!
    THANK YOU so much for your vid, your candor and my new life as a fat/protein/green veg eater – my cravings for garbage are gone and grain products no longer have anything to do with my life! ♥
    Please keep spreading the word and I will continue to spread your vid and message to everyone I meet who has concerns! Cheers!!

  40. AJ says:

    Thank you for being as far as I can tell the only one in the Paleo community that actually called out theses dicks and stood up for Diane and Jimmy.

    The silence from the community is a little disheartening.

    • Tom Naughton says:

      I don’t know; maybe a lot of them simply weren’t aware of it.

      The jackass antics of Squealer and Collins pissed me off for a few reasons. One, of course, is that I consider Jimmy a dear friend. I’ve gotten to know him very well, I know how much childhood abuse he endured, I know how he’s worked to overcome it, I know what a big heart and gentle nature he has, and frankly, I am sick and tired of seeing dumbasses spew venom at him every time he gains some weight. Let one of these assholes switch genes and metabolisms with him for a year and see what awesome abs they’re able to maintain.

      Another reason is that I was also a fat, weak kid, and I had to put up with jock-type bullies myself. So needless to say, bullies and fat-shamers piss me off.

      Finally, they’re just @#$%ing liars. They’ve never been fat, never had to struggle with weight loss, and to pretend they have their own b.s. fat-to-lean stories is an insult to those of us who actually had to work at it.

  41. mrfreddy says:

    “Juilan Fakery” seems like a better name for their operation.

  42. Tim says:

    I just donated $20 just because in some remote way it might upset this Bakery goober.

  43. Troy Wynn says:

    Wow. What a marketing plan. “insult potential customers who need your product the most” I suppose if you have abs, you should not be in the marketing business.

    A bit of advice for those who are new to low carb (real food) nutrition. Forget about trying to emulate bread, or any wheat based food products. Eat really clean for a while, lose body fat and get dialed in. Wheat type foods and sweets are the very problem you (we) need to address, so don’t dick around trying to replicate them. The internet is full of recipes trying to do just that. Here’s what happens: you continue to crave the very foods you are needing to avoid. My 2 cents.

    By the way, as a disclaimer: I have abs. I don’t eat wheat (2 years now), watched fat head a couple of times, and I don’t eat seed oils. Thank you Tom

    • Tom Naughton says:

      Thank you for reading and contributing to the discussion.

    • Firebird7478 says:

      That’s the vegan way. We won’t kill an animal because it is unethical but we will go to the ends of the earth to find some chemically enhanced soy product that tastes just like that animal we refuse to kill.

  44. Bonnie says:

    Gee, Tom, I sure wish I were as “fat” as you! Since I started at well over 200 lbs (& have the pics to prove it), my before & after pictures are fairly dramatic – but only with my clothes on! I have 20 lbs to lose to get to my goal weight, but I’m realizing the scale is not what I want to go by. Without clothes I look pregnant – which would be miraculous at my age 😀 – and that’s the part of me that really needs to go. As I’m over 60 & allergic to exercise, I think getting rid of that belly & love handles is going to be a slow job.

    Being diabetic, I want to thank you for going after Julian Bakery. Selling fake low-carb products to diabetics is really, really low.

    • Tom Naughton says:

      Thank you, Bonnie. If I can stay this “fat” for the rest of my life, I’ll consider that a victory. Good luck with your ongoing weight loss, and remember not to beat up on yourself if you don’t meet a particular goal. This is about health. Weight loss is a nice side benefit.

  45. Let’s see if we can engage Heath Squier and his Julian Bakery in a conversation addressing the POISONING OF DIABETICS and the lowcarb community with his SmartCarb breads from 2009 thru 2013. Heath would tell you to go see his interview with Gary Collins last year and brush his hands together and BOOM-just be finished with it. Well, it doesn’t work that way Heath. I told Heath 2½ years ago I was going to try to bring him onto the radar screen of the FDA and by dang I did it. It appears he may now be there permanently.

    We also might like to know what job Heath Squier had prior to his joining The Julian Bakery in 2009. I bet that might be a “revealing” conversation.

    To read the complete story of this man, his company, and the havoc they have caused please see

    Tom Naughton says:
    September 5, 2014 at 3:18 pm
    If — and please note I’m saying IF, because I don’t know — but IF they knew their bread spikes glucose like any other bread and nonetheless decided to sell it as low-carb bread to diabetics, that is about as low as you can get.
    deborahkrueger says:
    September 5, 2014 at 5:32 pm
    Trust me, they did know. I sent the results of my lab tests to Heath and he continued defending and selling them until the FDA stepped in. In all they were producing 21 breads of which none are currently being made. My first contact with Jimmy was exactly this issue and he wrote a very long post about.
    Please read my whole post and see what else Mr. Squealer has done and you will understand why I call him the Bernie Madoff of the low carb scam artists.

  46. Tracey says:

    The thing that nobody has mentioned, and likely because it’s obvious (and sort of a “duh” thing), is that through EVERYTHING Jimmy has done, he’s done so in the public eye. He doesn’t blog sporadically. He doesn’t leave and come back. He’s there. ALL. THE. TIME.

    I have great admiration for anybody who does what he does and makes it so public. He’s stumbled, he’s fallen, he’s gotten back up, and tried something new. Who do you know in the public eye that does that? Very few people.

    Now, lest you think I’m a huge Jimmy Moore fan, I’m not. I admire the guy and think he’s very dedicated to what he’s doing but I’m not a fangirl for him. I rarely read his blog. I don’t generally keep up with him but I know that when I do it’s going to be 100% real and honest. Because that’s who he is. He represents himself in the most honest and true way a person can. He bares his soul (and bod) for the public and has no shame about anything. I love that about him. I love that he keeps on trying and he hasn’t given up. It’s so very easy to give up when you are obese. It’s so easy to become discouraged and angry. But he keeps going.

    For that, I will forever be grateful to him for being that motivation to those who struggle.

    Having lost 150 pounds and kept it off for 5 years, I know how hard it is. I had a form of bariatric surgery which, please do not say is the “easy way” or I will find your house and beat you. It’s not easy. It is something I use to keep the weight off but all the work? That’s done by ME. It’s done by my efforts, my research, my tests and experiments. It’s all me.

    I digress.

    Thank you for posting all this Tom, it’s been eye-opening.

  47. David says:

    Sorry, I had to come down here and post this! Hoop house chicken tractor! You are a wonderful fellow!

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