Let’s hear it for the ladies!  Between Jimmy’s podcast work and some stuff I needed to get done for my contracting gig, we only squeezed in three rounds on Tuesday, but the girl in the group (Jimmy’s wife Christine “Ice Queen” Moore) claimed victory for the last round of the day.

11:45 AM
Tom: -9
Jimmy: -2
Christine: even par

1:15 PM
Tom: -7
Jimmy (playing with a stitch in his side): +1

5:30 PM
Christine: -5
Jimmy: -3

After Christine’s dramatic victory (she pulled ahead of me with an eagle on #18), Jimmy and Christine took us to Famous Dave’s BBQ Restaurant for a rib dinner to celebrate our anniversary — 14 years now for Chareva and me.  On the way in, we saw this sign.  My fellow grammar grumps will recognize that some guy named Famous BBQ Taco owns brisket, pork and catfish he’s willing to serve to us.



6 Responses to “Let The Games Continue, Day Four”
  1. steve says:

    Famous BBQ Taco is brisket * port * or Catfish

  2. Linda says:

    Well, however anything is spelled or what the grammar is, Happy Anniversary!! This is wonderful and you two are a great couple doing much good!!

  3. Nikki says:

    Congrats on your anniversary.

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